Rural life advantages

So many advantages, so great all of them

Here is a list with the advantages that the rural life gives you, so take a good look on it, it may convince you that this lifestyle is great and made for you!

·         Having garden. This isn’t only a great place where you can relax and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee with your family, friends, neighborhoods; but it can also be your productive area. So if you have a garden, you can plant vegetables, whom planting and taking care of them it fun, relaxing and you will use them for your kitchen!

·         Safe environment. This is a great advantage of rural city. The number of crimes, the violence was always lower than in the city, and this makes the rural area a safer environment for your children to play, for you and for your family from many points of views.

·         Cheaper lifestyle. Beginning with the price of the houses, the market’s prices and the needs, living in the suburbs will help you with the savings. And with a little experience and help, you will find out some great ways you will increase your savings.

·         Friendly neighbors. Those women across the street may seem to gossip a lot, but once you are friend with them, you will understand that gossiping is just a refreshment of news, local news! You will be able to have dinner parties, parties for your children, cocktail parties, or whatever you want. You will also have the possibility to spend your time worthy by joining into a gardening club or lecture one.

What can I tell you more? These are only a few advantages from my point of views, because I’m fascinated about the rural lifestyle and since we live here, I have time for really important things in the life and I appreciate more every little thing. What do you think?

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teeeheee profile image

teeeheee 6 years ago

I agree. I'd love to live in a rural, then again city life isn't that bad.

onegoodwoman profile image

onegoodwoman 6 years ago from A small southern town

As a young girl, I could not leave the "farm" soon enough....

I have spent most of my adult just trying to get back to it!

I envy those who are satisfied from the beginning.

Great Hub.

EmmaWilson profile image

EmmaWilson 6 years ago Author

For sure, the ones who were fortunate enough to experience rural life at it's best, will love it when they are there and miss it once they leave it.

Best wishes!:)

neo.r 4 years ago

the rural life is less stressful than the urban i prefer to live in the rural and enjoy my humanity with nature.

bianca 3 years ago

Great Info!, but not exactly what i was looking for, but thanks

diaspryo 3 years ago

that is great actually you tried to answer one of the question i had and now i can live in the rural area peacefully.

ruth 2 years ago

rural life is just the best

xxxxx 2 years ago

very intresting!

maroon 5 2 years ago

I agree with your opinions

2 years ago


ss 2 years ago

Better life

kishan bisht 23 months ago

Rural life is best

xyz 20 months ago

This is the wonderful life

kells 17 months ago

Its a great life indeed

Bas 12 months ago

Ur so geneous



Tara 6 weeks ago

Rural life is the best......

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