The right side of the brain  houses our soul, not the Solar Plexus as experts first thought!
The right side of the brain houses our soul, not the Solar Plexus as experts first thought!


We have been taught that the soul or spirit is located in our solar plexus, at least that is the majority rule in that subject. Until now. I believe, from studying and learning more about the brain, that our soul or spirit resides on the creative right side of the brain not the Solar Plexus. That's what makes us tick, the soul of anything we do comes from that side of the brain.

We know that there are two sides to most everyone's brains. One is the logical (left) side and the other is the (Right) creative side. I'm not counting frontal lobes or intricate nerves and cells of the brain, just the simple theory of Right Side/Left Side of brain and where I believe the spiritual soul resides.

Let's start with the first truth of this: There are two sides of the brain and each is responsible for certain feelings, emotions, logical thoughts, movement and more. Take a look at the different sides:

LEFT BRAIN FUNCTIONS: Logical, detail oriented, the facts #1 rule; words and language present and past math and science can comprehend and knows the ordered pattern of perception and the reality of the name on based forms strategies that are usually practical and safe!

RIGHT BRAIN FUNCTIONS: This side is where the soul dwells, because of the feeling of the "big picture" oriented and creative imagination. The rules of symbols or creative shapes and images is apparent, plus there's future philosophy & religion with a very special compartment where perception knows the object function fantasy where the soul thrives most! There is also impetuous risk taking there.

I've watched many bio's on people that have come back from being clinically dead. They tell of a slight awareness of floating through a white light. That white light is merely the split from the Right (creative) to the left (logical) side of the brain when God's hand comes and takes our soul to him. We do not go to a heaven like you see in the movies, but rather your soul (depending if you were good or bad) will either be driven across the two sides of the brain, then God's hand takes it to the "Light Side of God!" Then again, there's the other side I call "the underbelly" of God, or in simple terms "HELL"!

If you are a 'Charles Manson' type then you go to the dark side of God, and using Manson as a prime example... His soul will be dragged so hard across his brain that when he gets to the bright light he most probably will see a blood-red color, which signals that he is going to be on the dark side of God. And any human being would not want what is waiting for them there.

Manson will be forgotten by God for doing anything, and that includes any good deeds Manson might have done or thought about. God hardens the hearts of those who remember the man, or any evil man for that matter, including Adolph Hitler, who has become nothing more than a distant evil memory, something to not remember, not so much as to ever allow it to happen again, but more so to punish Hitler's soul, which is now trapped forever and forgotten by God. Hitler's family bonds have tried erasing his existence, not the events of those days, which won't be forgotten!

These evil men's souls will dwell on the dark side of God, they are torn away from their Earthly beings, their bodies feel the burning as their souls are 'laid to rest' in a silent hole alone and weeping for eternity.

These bad souls are forced to recall every bad thing every one in the world has done, and can be akin to the stories of Atlas carrying the burdens of the world on their souls, yet forgotten for any good they may have had in their intentions.

All evil souls will have their own cell to live out the rest of eternity forever, and it's not like a jail cell. Charlie Manson's soul will hear NOTHING, see NOTHING nor Feel NOTHING. It will be his last aware thought when he dies eventually, that is why he tries so hard to stay alive. He knows now, and on occasion Manson probably feels his soul starting to tear itself away from it's receptor -- the right side of Manson's brain! The soul normally will feel that sensation after it enters the black hole between the left and right sides of the brain. But all Manson will feel in his last human awareness is acid against his energy forces of evil that mankind like him become.

But back to where the soul resides. We all have one of these souls, only one, not 9 lives like a cat, just like we have 1 mother and 1 father. People who were close to death but were brought back talk about the white light, the sensation of being pulled toward it, when in reality their souls are being dragged across their brains. I've read countless articles and seen many documentaries and movies, plus have read many 'a kindle on death, God and dying. And I truly believe that the only thing that sits in our sternum or above it, is bone and ligaments, not our spirits.

When we sit quietly and think to ourselves, our thoughts are sensed at the top of our heads, or in our minds, which most things are located in our heads, that encases our brains. When we think or talk, we do not see or speak through our chests or above the Solar Plexus. So it is only natural to think that the soul resides in the right side of the brain, the creative side of the brain. The logical side (the left) just hides the facts from us until the very last second before we can either get revived and brought back to light from drowning or a fire, or possibly a gun shot wound, or even a stroke or tumble in the street.

The logical side of the brain will retain the memory of the episode, unless we end up on the light or dark side of God. I, myself, plan to end up dwelling in the light side of God, where I will feel a slight floating sensation. I will not have the same mind power because the logical side is destroy when the body dies and our soul is given extra time to have God's hand practically pull it over the brain and into his energy, where it becomes fluffy energy.

Many years ago I went to visit a friend whose family lived in Monterrey, Mexico. They allowed me to take horse riding lessons, which were about 4 times harder than what I was accustom to back in the States. My first day, the horse teacher ran me through mostly jumping and galloping for about 2 hours. Once I got back to the home I was staying at, and took a shower. I practically collapsed on the soft bed and fell in to this strange sleep, but a strange light feeling of fatigue, almost like a tickling on my brain assailed me, but I could control it. Every time I would take a big breath, I felt my body floating up as I closed my eyes. It was wonderful sensations even better than an orgasm. And I could feel the air change, my ears slightly popped.

It was like my brain was trying to pull my soul toward God's hand, but he would not accept it, so I was left in this wonderful feeling of floating between the two parts of the brain, left and right! I fought whatever was making me stay at a certain level, and every time I did fight it, I would start to wake up and float down to more logical thinking, thus ruining my trip to the light side of God. Maybe I could have lightly stopped breathing or even had a heart attack from the exertion of horseback riding.

I finally awoke feeling a bit sad. But I felt refreshed and had dinner with my friend's family, then retired right away to try and procure that same feeling. I could just barely do it. I have an entry in my Diary of those days and I mention the feeling and draw it on the page like a diagram.

The next day, I rode again, and it was just as hard as the last ride. I was still sore and a bit out of it, but I managed to do the 3 foot jumps, and fast paced riding, yet grueling run this instructor was putting me through. I remember racing back to my friend's home, showering and jumping into the bed again. I felt the floating feeling, but not quite like before. I could feel it and knew what it was, but could not quite grasp it and embrace it like I so did want to do!

Instead, my friend came into the darkened bedroom and seemed to think I'd lost my mind. I went to dinner, and could smell the thick steaks the cooks were preparing. It was then I realized that God didn't want me with him just yet. I had a life to live and am still living it. When I went home from my time with the Spanish family, I tried to relax when I went to bed normally at home, and for awhile I was able to use my creative side of my brain to recall the grand feeling of floating up, having my soul caressed by God. But soon the feeling turned back to the restless sleeping I'd always experienced.

I have no real proof except what my mind says to me, and how my brain figures out what God is, how this God works, and if indeed our souls are taken and yanked through our brain, rather than above the Solar Plexus as is written in many books, then it can be so.

I remember a kid's tune I heard once, "Rock my soul in the Bosom of Abraham, Oh rock my soul in the Bosom of Abraham, Oh rock my Soul!" If you study the Bible closely you'll notice that many things have been removed or shortened, or just taken out all together, for us to wonder, "What the .....?" Okay, riddle solved, In the Bible song they are really talking about God, not Abraham. So we go to God to take our souls away with him when we pass.

How can you "logically" explain that when many pass away who believe in God, usually they'll see the white light, and that is the split in the brain?. The soul goes across it like covered wagons going cross a raging river. Depending on your creative side and your imagination, your logical side may put the scare into you as your final awareness as a human being in a human body is blown out like a candle when the soul passes from the creative side of the brain to the left side, where God is meeting you to take you to his light or dark side, which means there is no Hell, or Devil. God is Good, God is Bad, God is all things.

If you try and take your own life, you will see all of this. My own father told me many times that when we died, we just went to sleep and that was that. Well, when he took his own life after 4 attempts, he must have found out for himself as his soul floated to the bumpy dark side of God for leaving us like that, my 2 older brothers and younger sister, plus mother and I. When I think of my father now or try to conjure up his image now, all I see is darkness, his soul is ashamed living on the dark side of God for the deed he did.

When you get surgery and have to be put under, you can see the things I am telling you about here. As long as God allows you to be brought back to talk about them, you will remember like others who have been in accidents, or came close to death in some form.

Even before the surgeries opened my mind up to this theory, I can recall myself as a baby lying in my crib. Suddenly I felt my body start to spin around like a a wheel. I remember being afraid to open my eyes. Then I forced myself to open them, and I fell back into the crib.But before that, I managed to float down the steps and into the den where my father played Gin Rummy with his friends. I could explain the look and color and rooms of the home even though my parents never told me about it. As stated, my creative side was developing faster than my logical side so the soul could fly in and out. This only happened 2 times to me as a baby.

I have had a few surgeries in the last 5 years, as well as procedures that I had to be under for. I decided to try and retain my awareness so the first time I just tried to think of Jesus protecting me. They put me under. And there I was sitting at a piano playing. There was a tall boy behind me, which later I knew was the image of Jesus.

By the next procedure, was much longer, I conjured up a man I'd not seen in many years. He had died in a car crash 10 years prior. This guy was my college sweetheart, my first love. I'd held a torch for this man for almost 30 years. The nurse said to me, "Count backwards!" Instead I said the name Brad Boyers over and over. Everything went white. I was standing in a huge cavern underground. There was my first love standing up on a huge marble block. Oh, it was him. He looked down at me with empty eyes and asked,"who are you?" I awoke knowing what it meant, what he was saying, he didn't remember me in the other world. But I had my closure.

As time passed I started to get these strange thoughts about the days he and I were together in college. I remembered feeling a strange, distant feeling when I came back from Thanksgiving break 30 years ago, only to have to leave again by the end of December to graduate early and head out to California.

The figment came from my logical brain, which remembered the dream, but my creative side made my love for my collage flame burn brighter, After a few hours of thinking of that dream, I realized he never really loved me, He loved the sex we had back then. Everything started to fall into place finally. I recalled that at that time in collage, he lived in the same room as another boyfriend I was with the semester before! Back then, before meeting him, I dated a lot of the guys on that same floor in college, one after the other, so I'm sure there was 'boy talk' going on about it.

And toward the end of my last semester, his first, this lover of mine met a big mouthed Jewish guy named Harry who was turning my flame's cute head away from me, probably telling my lover about my past antics at the college, seeing as I was a senior and this guy had just entered the college as a Freshman.

Back then, my love blinded me to it. He knew it, but didn't have the heart to tell me, and he was sort of into the sexual aspect of our fling too. It was exciting, and I saw so much more. It took a long time for me to realize it, not even after some guys heard I was taking a shower with him in the boys shower room. Suddenly the curtain was pulled and 'flash' went the camera, with the whole floor of college guys leering and laughing. My lover stood there doing nothing. I wish I could have seen it then. He never stopped them, nor warned me. By that time, after Thanksgiving break was over and we were back in each other's arms, he could have warned me. Well, he didn't bother.

But flash forward 30 years to the the dream I had during the surgery. It opened my eyes to my soul, and to his. God showed me kindly and slowly so that I would be not so devastated that I could not get out of the negative situation I was in when I came to California.

If I could just see though all the love and passion I felt, maybe I would have realized that my lover was starting to want to let me down slowly, but was a coward and just let us run our course in his own logical mind. He was only 18 then, me 21!

I wanted him to come to California with me, follow my plans. I should have known then when I went to his home and he never took me anywhere in the daytime. Only at night, and never to a restaurant, movie or hang-out. Just drive around, park behind The School For The Deaf, and have sex in the back of his father's car. Then drive back. Meals were at his home with his parents and brother, his sister was suspiciously absent.

Later I figured out that this guy had a girlfriend in the town, whom he'd been seeing for 7 years, and was best pals with his sister, but didn't want to give me up just quite yet. When he did, it was a rude awakening over the phone to my roommate at that time, begging her to tell me to find another guy and he was getting married!

Even that didn't really help me come to any closure until I started to think about how the brain works when we pass away, not more than two months ago. It all hit me like a flash of lightning. Then the other things about him came tumbling out and I realized that his sister (who once called me a "freak alert") was not home that week I stayed at his parent's home 30 years ago, because her best friend was supposedly the girl my true love was to be with, marry and live happily ever after.

It took 30 years for me to see it so clear when his family and friends decided to sign up for Facebook and I could see how much the sister, the widow wife/girlfriend from his town, and the mother of my love looked, they could have been triplets. Now I know more than ever about things. The brain, the soul, the lover in college and many other things in the puzzle of life.

Now I know the soul resides in the creative side of the brain, hidden away so we can't sense it, unless you are Bipolar or have some related mental problems. Some say that if you were hit in the head a few times as a child before the age of 5, like I was, that it could open certain 'doors of perception' for you. It won't help your popularity, but at least you should not be afraid when death knocks on your brain. Make sure it's the creative side, and PLEASE, leave the Solar Plexus alone!

Feel free to comment. Thanks. Peace. See you, hopefully on the light side of God!

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