Saddam Hussein and School Rhymes

In Bernard Shaw's play "The Man of Destiny", in which Napoloean says: " an Englishmen is never in the wrong. He does everything on principle. He fights you on patriotic principles; he enslaves you on imperialistic principles; he robs you on business principles; he supports king on loyal principles and cuts off his head on Republican principles" Now USA has managed to sentence Saddam Hussein to death on the principle of War on Terrorism. On the same line, I want to rewrite some of the school rhymes on the principle of updating. If you can forgive UK and USA, why not me?


Have you any plans?

Yes sir yes sir

Three more still

One for Saddam Hussein

One for Iran Nation

And one for the little Korea

Who shows Atomic Mania!


Sad sad Saddam Hussein

States President caused the pain

All the drama went in vain

Sad sad Saddam Hussein


Bush Bush Go away

Saddam lost all his gay

Iran is on your way

Bush Bush Go away



abi 10 years ago

its very nice .

NOIDIAN profile image

NOIDIAN 10 years ago

May be adopted in Iraq schools very soon

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