Saving the Coral Reefs

Coral Reef

Coral reefs are composed mostly of the skeletons of dead corals. The stony corals contain calcium carbonate and calcareous, red and green algae. They are formed beneath the surface of the water. The beaches where we stroll are supported by coral reefs. Extreme temperature and salinity can cause coral reefs to expel their algae. This means losing their food supple and capacity to grow.

Corals are often used as aquarium decoration. They are food to some fishes, they provide home for microscopic algae and other small marine creatures. They are source of income and corals can be made into jewelry and home décor. They are tourist attractions. Tourism can be based on diving, fishing and boating in the reef waters.

What causes the destruction of the coral reefs? There are various causes of reef destruction. Some of the most common causes are as follows:

a.       Massive bleaching of corals

b.      Storms and earthquakes

c.       Anchor dropping

d.      Dynamite fishing

e.      Growth of coral-eating starfish

f.        Throwing of industrial chemical waste in rivers

g.       Large collection of corals for aquarium decorations.

The following are needed to be done in saving the coral reefs:

a.       Educate the people on the importance of the coral reefs.

b.      The government must issue guidelines on how to save the coral reefs.

c.       Join programs and projects designed in taking care of the coral reefs

d.      Report companies polluting the aquatic environment.

e.      Organize school science clubs whose aim is to protect coral reefs.

f.        Refrain from throwing garbage in rivers and seas.

g.       Limit the use of corals in the aquarium.

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