Schooling after cancer


Married for 22 years, I am a stay at home mother with three kids and am also currently home schooling two of the three.

The beginning of higher education

In 2011, I was diagnosed with stage 0 breast cancer...It was found with my first mammogram and no bigger than that of a grain of salt...I was livid because I wanted to start back to school and finish my education, but when I finish surgeries and 6 rounds of chemotherapy, began my IT degrees. First was my applied science associates in Network System Administration. The second a software development degree. Below is my journey

higher education

In 2012 I began my IT journey at ITT Technical Institute in Madison, Alabama. I started the Network Systems Administration (NSA) degree. This degree took me seven quarters to complete. Upon finishing the NSA Applied Science Associates, I then began my Applied Science Software Development Degree which took me roughly a year to complete and graduated in 2015.

beginning of a milestone

used a phone app to make the picture
used a phone app to make the picture
Me about to go to class
Me about to go to class
Me in lab for software development
Me in lab for software development

Education continued

In March of 2016 I plan on starting a business associates so in hopes and then hope to follow up with a bachelors in software development


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