Science Fair Projects, Grade One To Seven

Science fair projects, grade one to seven needs to increase in difficulty a little each year. By grade five you can really start to expect good scientific method from the kids. Still, all science fair projects, grade one to seven needs to be fun if it is going to serve any purpose. Elementary school kids needs to find out exiting things to make them exited about science and to instill in them an eagerness to explore.

Here is a fun science fair project that can be part of a series of experiments to show the power of energy. On it’s own it is not enough for a science fair, but if combined with a water wheel it will be a very visual and exiting experiment for the little ones. Smaller kids do have to do this science fair project under adult supervision though, as a lot of cutting is involved.

What you need for this science fair project:

  • A large plastic soda bottle (in the photos you will see we used a small bottle, it worked but not as well as a large bottle would)
  • 2 Wide drinking straws
  • A pair of scissors
  • Plastic sticky tape
  • Thin string
  • Water

What you have to do:

  1. Cut off the bottle’s top with the scissors
  2. With your pencil (we used a pocket knife and it worked) poke holes around the base of the bottle
  3. Cut the straws, push them through the holes and secure them with the sticky tape.
  4. Now you have to poke three holes around the top of the bottle.
  5. Cut three equal lengths of string.
  6. Tie them through the holes in the top.
  7. Tie these strings to one long string.
  8. Hold the turbine over a tray or go outside on the grass like we did so as not to make a mess.
  9. Fill the bottle with water and notice how it starts spinning as the water squirts through the straws.
  10. For a good science fair project, grade two or three it is a good idea to take photos of each step for your display, it will of course be even better if you can make a video of the end result.

Of course this is only the experiment as such. For a good science fair project you will need to explain the concept of energy and how it can be captured to make something move. It will also be necessary to give examples of how it is used in real life and to show some photos of the uses. Get a good science fair e-book to show you exactly what is expected of you.

On the photos our cat Wittekat is supervising us!

Here Is Another Example Of Science Fair Projects, Grade One To Seven

What you need for this science fair project:

  • A large plastic soda bottle
  • The wire from the bottom of a wire hanger (ask an adult to help you)
  • Scissors Craft knife
  • Cork
  • String
  • Sticky tape
  • A small weight
  • A jug
  • Water
  • A large plate or a shallow bowl

How to do this experiment:

  1. Cut of the top third off the soda bottle
  2. To let the water out you have to cut a small hole in the bottom piece near the base of the bottle
  3. Now you have to cut a V-shape on each side of the rim (opposite each other)
  4. Get the help of an adult to push the wire through the centre of the cork to make an axle.
  5. Using the top third of the soda bottle, cut six small curved blades to fit on the cork
  6. Get the help of an adult to cut six slots with your craft knife.
  7. Push the blades into the slots to make the water wheel
  8. Now you have to carefully rest the axle in the v-shape slots
  9. Tape a piece of string on the end of one end of the axle and tie your small weight to it
  10. Now you fill your jug with water.
  11. Place your water wheel on a large plate or shallow bowl to prevent a mess.
  12. Pour the water on the wheel so that it hits the blades.
  13. As your wheel turns it should lift the weight.
  14. Once again a photo of each step is a good idea as well as a video of the end result.
  15. Make sure you know exactly why it happens and once again show photos of examples where this form of energy is used in real life.

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Hendrika 7 years ago from Pretoria, South Africa Author

Hi autumn, I'm sorry you do not like this. Please give me feedback on how you would like me to improve it. I'm open to all suggestions.

angel 6 years ago

this does not even HELP ME!

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Hendrika 6 years ago from Pretoria, South Africa Author

Sorry it does not help you, try one of the science fair ebooks, maybe you will have more luck with them

sereena 6 years ago

the experiments are very fun to do.

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i love doing projects and this was very nice.

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Hello,Jessica. why did you not like it.

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Hi,Erica. I am sorry you did not like this website.Maybe you could try another website,it may have what you want.

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I am glad you like projects like these,Jessica.

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I love,love,love,love,love projects.

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Hendrika and Sereena are very helpful with people who do not like projects.

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To Hendrika,

I like your comments.

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To Erica,

I appreciate you for liking Hendrika and my comments.\

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CHIRAG MEHTA 6 years ago

Please show some experiment without water.

Noot 6 years ago

i love science fair! i just hate it when u cant find a topic

ralf 6 years ago

can anyone help me?

i am a 7th grader that needs to do a science experiment that has to start with "to determine the effect of ____________ on __________" that would be amazing if anyone could help!


raofl 5 years ago

im not to big on doing science fair projects but when i came here, im found some pretty good stuff.

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Hendrika 5 years ago from Pretoria, South Africa Author

Thanks raofi, I am glad I could set you thinking

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Hi I love this

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this website is good but I don't lik it cause they don't hav much info

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