Science proves the Bible is TRUE - Mountains

God has prepared something good for us.
God has prepared something good for us.

Are there mountains at the bottom of the sea/ocean?

Yes there are. Isn’t it interesting that a long time ago, before we had submarines and could actually go to the bottom of the ocean, the Bible told us that there are mountains at the bottom of the ocean/sea? It is in the story of Jonah.

Have you ever heard of Jonah and the BIG FISH? A lot of people use the term whale. That is not what the Bible says. It says BIG FISH, not whale. Why is this important? Many people, know that a whale can not swallow a human. Whales have something called baleen and eat plankton. Now there are some really big fish, some fish, so big that they could possibly swallow a human.

In the Bible God tells Jonah to go to a city called Nineveh. The people of Nineveh may not have been the best, but God loved them.

God loves us all, that is why he sent Jesus, "For God so loved the world, that he gave is only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." John 3:16

God wanted Jonah to take a message to the people of Nineveh. Jonah does not want to go to Nineveh, Jonah does not love them and he decides to go the opposite direction. Jonah is on a boat traveling to the other side of the country, when a really bad storm comes. The other people on the boat prayed to their gods, these were idols, gods made of wood, silver and stone. They asked Jonah to pray to his God. Jonah knew why the storm was so bad, it was because of him. He told the others on the boat the storm was so bad because of he did not do what God had told him to do and then he told them they had to throw him overboard, cast him out into the ocean, in order to save them selves. They didn’t want to throw Jonah over, and Jonah did not jump himself, but believing they were going to die, they did cast Jonah overboard, right then a BIG FISH came and swallowed Jonah. Jonah spent three days in the belly of the BIG FISH, he prayed to God and Jonah tells how he was taken to the mountains at the bottom of the sea! God hears Jonahs prayers and has the BIG FISH vomit Jonah onto dry land, and guess what? Jonah goes to Nineveh.

You can read the whole story in the Bible for yourself. Its in the book of Jonah.

You can also read more about Jesus in the Bible.

Try the God is real experiment go to


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sajijolly rourkela 4 years ago

Yes !! in this sinful world a loving invisible heavenly father is exists, who prepares to take his church (the believers) to heavenly Manson with new heavenly body through his son Jesus Christ (the word of God)..

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