Science proves the Bible is TRUE - OCEANOGRAPHY paths, currents in the ocean

Ocean life - reef and fish
Ocean life - reef and fish

The Word of God, the Holy Bible told us the secret of the seas, it is in Psalm 8 verse 8.

A long time ago Benjamin Franklin and others had an idea about the Gulf Stream. They believed that the Mississippi River poured into the Gulf of Mexico and caused the Gulf Stream. That was not true, The Bible told us the secret of the seas it is in Psalm 8 verse 8.

underwater photo
underwater photo
ocean floor
ocean floor

“paths of the seas” These four words from Gods word, The Holy Bible, gave Matthew Fontaine Maury a revelation, it sparked in him a notion that there were paths, now known as currents in the sea.

Psalm 8:8 (New International Version)

8 the birds of the air,

and the fish of the sea,

all that swim the paths of the seas.


Psalm 8:8 (King James Version)

8 The fowl of the air,

and the fish of the sea,

and whatsoever passeth through the

paths of the seas.

Psalm 8:8 (American Standard Version)

8 The birds of the heavens,

and the fish of the sea,

Whatsoever passeth through

the paths of the seas.







God is REAL the experiment

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Every night before you go to bed, thank Him for something. Just one thing. Always be honest with Him because He already knows everything.

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ALSO - God is REAL - testimonies.

These are the testimonies from real people who have been touched by a real God. In other words, people who have been healed and helped by the God of the Holy Bible. The creator of all there is including SCIENCE! Click on the link below to read some testimonies!

jelly fish photo
jelly fish photo

U.S. Navy officer and Christian.

Matthew Maury is known as the father of OCEANOGRAPHY.

There was a man named Matthew Maury. Matthew Maury was an Officer in the U.S. Navy. Matthew Maury, at the age 19, joined the United States Navy. He served as a midshipman on board the frigate Brandywine. In his first 9 years Matthew Maury made 3 three long voyages, one to Europe, then one around the world, and finally he sailed to the Pacific coast of South America. After his third voyage Matthew Maury married Ann Hull Herndon

Matthew had an accident and injured his leg and was no longer considered fit for sea duty.

He was still in the U.S. Navy and became the Superintendent of the Naval Observatory and head of the Depot of Charts and Instruments. This is where Maury studied thousands of ships' logs and charts.

Matthew became sick, almost unto death. Matthew being a Christian, asked one of his daughters to read to him from the Bible. His daughter read to him from Psalm 8:8 as she spoke the words from the Psalm,

... whatsoever passeth through the paths of the seas’

“the paths of the sea” Matthew repeated it out loud. He knew God’s word was true and if God said it, it was REAL.

"the paths of the sea, the paths of the sea, if God says the paths of the sea, they are there, and if I ever get out of this bed I will find them." Were his words when he heard them real aloud by his daughter.

"... whatsoever passeth through the paths of the seas". Maury knew that if God’s Word said there were ‘paths’ in the seas, then there must be paths. Matthew Maury did get well and he set out to find them.

As he studied old ships’ logs and charts, a picture began to form in his mind, that there were indeed secret rivers that were flowing in the oceans just as God had told him in Psalm 8:8. If there were rivers, currents flowing within the oceans that meant, a ship sailing with the currents and not against them could considerably reduce the time it would take for a ship to sail from one destination to another.

Using old ships’ logs and charts Matthew made new charts of ocean and sea currents. Matthew Maury also got an idea on how he could determine the speed and direction of the ocean paths aka currents. Maury used drift bottles, that he set adrift in the ocean. These drift bottle had weights in them that causes them to float just below the waters surface. This would insure they were not be affected by the wind. Inside these drift bottles Matthew Maury put notes. They were instructions to those who would find the bottles. Maury asked that the bottle be returned to him and that the place and date of which is was found would also be provided. Matthew was able from these bottles and studying old ships’ logs and charts to develop his own charts of the ocean currents aka “paths of the seas”

In 1855, Maury wrote the first textbook on modern oceanography,

The Physical Geography of the Sea and Its Meteorology.

"Pathfinder of the Seas,"

Matthew Fontaine Maury was nicknamed "Pathfinder of the Seas," his faith in God and The Holy Bible, proved that by following currents ships could cross the ocean in fewer days than ever before. His charts showed sailors how to use the ocean's currents and decrease the length of ocean voyages while saving lives and ships. This was so significant that using the new route and the paths mapped out by Maury it saved sailors, merchants and ship owners of the United States over two million dollars a year, and ten million dollars a year for Great Britain. In 1853 some merchants and other business men of New York presented him with items of silver in the amount of $5,000. Columbia University made him a Doctor of Laws in 1854 . Then in the next year a New York firm named one of their fastest ships after him; and a few years later he received a signed letter from 363 men in different parts of the country, it was a letter of appreciation.


Matthew Fontaine Maury (1806-1873) US NAVY

Something to Think About:

"Our planet is invested with two great oceans; one visible, the other invisible; one underfoot, the other overhead; one entirely envelopes it, the other covers about two thirds of its surface."

Matthew F. Maury
From The Physical Geography of the Seas and Its Meteorology, 1855



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hanging out profile image

hanging out 5 years ago

All good inspiration comes from God. He knows everything about this planet and equally everything about the people on it. Since he knew about the currents of the seas he knows about our veins and arteries!

vbianchi profile image

vbianchi 5 years ago from Dallas

I like your view of the Ocean through the Bible. Your pictures show the beauty of our Lords creation.

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