Second Grade Online Math Games

2nd Grade Math Help

Online math games can make learning fun! Some children have no problem learning their math facts from basic flashcards (addition, subtraction), but others struggle, and need additional sources to make the learning fun.

Here is a list of several online math games to help make learning math facts and other second grade math skills fun. Some online math games ask for a registration, but most of the online resources selected here will let you play without it. Here is a list with links to the games:

Ant Parade is a fun interactive math help site where second graders can help count out the ants for a parade. Students get practice in skip counting, counting by two, three, and five. You just click the red arrow to get started.

Counting Money, is a money math game that shows your child a selection of coins and asks them to add up the amount. Just click the yellow arrow to activate the control.

Leon's Math Dojo is a favorite online math game for boys. Just select the math level your child needs practice on, and click to get started. There is a registration screen, you can choose register, or just give it a try by clicking on the maybe later button. Your child gets math problems with a choice of 4 answers. If they get the correct answer, the bell rings, and the lizard does a karate move. Your child can choose from timed drills or just practice.

Fraction Match is a memory math game, and fraction practice all in one. This online resource requires an active X control. Click on the squares to uncover fractions and their corresponding example. If you get a match a portion of the picture is revealed. Match all of the fractions with their examples in as few moves as possible.

Count Us In Games- is a series of online math games. Each game is designed to teach your child a particular math skill, such as addition, subtraction, measuring, time, or fractions. There are fifteen games in all. The site also has a download feature if you would rather play the games offline.

Kidport lets your children practice their math facts. From addition, to subtraction, and multiplication your child can get back to basics with this math game. The site contains three different levels of addition, two levels of subtraction, and one beginning level for multiplication.

Any of these second grade math games can be a great resource for extra math practice, or to make learning more fun and interesting. Check them out with your children, to see which ones they like the most.

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