Setting Up the Behavior Classroom For the Oppositionally Defiant Child


When looking at creating a classroom for the emotionally disabled or the oppositional defiant child, one must look at the classroom as a symbol of both safety and danger. The classroom for the behavior challenged child is wrought with dangers, but also is a safe haven for them in the mist of their emotionality during the classroom day. The classroom should be fitted with a timeout room so the child may use the room to escape the pressures of the educational bombardment they are receiving or that the room should be used as a place for quiet contemplation after being redirected and not following directions.

The room should also be furnished with furniture that has few sharp corners so in a fit of rage the child cannot hurt themselves. All sharps, including scissors, letter openers, and even though stapler should be removed from the teachers desk so the child in a fit of anger cannot pick them up and harm themselves or others. Any hard or heavy objects such as a coat rack, tables, or chairs that could be thrown should be bolted to the floor or at lease restrained to the table by a constricting cable.

The classrooms should have only one exit and entrance. This will help the teacher prevent the child if they are apt to run from the room and it will also discourage entry or exit from other students coming into the classroom during an explosive situation or in a case where distraction could cause a classroom meltdown. The classroom should be fitted with shades so that during appropriate times the shades can be drawn and the room can be darker for the student of feel more at ease


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