Sex and Psycho-Cybernetics

Photo used by permission of Henry Garciga
Photo used by permission of Henry Garciga

Imagining success can improve your sex life . . .


The book, Psycho-Cybernetics, has been around since 1960, the dawn of the computer age more or less. Perhaps the ultimate self-help manual, this book is designed to help people change their self-image by using positive imagination - in a sense, reprogramming their brains as if it were a computer, so they can help themselves get a new job, get along better with people, improve relations with the opposite sex or simply change whatever they think needs changing.

Cosmetic surgeon, Maxwell Maltz, wrote this book because he noticed that many people who had cosmetic surgery were still unhappy with their appearance. In many cases, they also needed to change the “mental picture” they had of themselves.

Maltz’s analogy of the mind being a kind of computer is an apt one. Naturally if you want to change what the computer does, you have to alter the program. This change becomes possible when people imagine themselves succeeding in particular situations. If you want to impress someone, it would be helpful if you imagine yourself doing whatever you think needs to be done to accomplish this goal.

Maltz says that the human mind doesn’t know the difference between actual experiences and vividly imagined visualizations. This is a profound possibility. Just think of it! The brain may not know the difference.

So if you want to become a suave, debonair bon vivant, using what Maltz calls the “Theatre of the Mind,” you need to project this self image into your daydreams, mentally practicing the positive, while minimizing the negative. If you’re worried about women laughing at you, don’t let this happen in your mental playacting. Or if one of them does laugh at you, make sure your reaction is an appropriate and positive learning experience.

Women can use the same mental imagery to change their self-image as well. If you want to be the most alluring and interesting woman at parties, then reprogram your brain for success. Or, if you’re having trouble with your husband or significant other, then imagine yourself relating in a more effective and harmonious way.

Better sexual relations can be accomplished by everyone too. Simply let positive visualization show you the way to sexual inventiveness, freedom and bliss.

Maltz maintains that once these mental exercises are performed on a regular basis, the brain will eventually do what it can to accomplish these goals in as little as 21 days.

Psycho-Cybernetics and other “old” books such as The Power of Positive Thinking and How to Win Friends and Influence People have been helping people realize their potential and attain goals for many decades now. The current crop of pop psychology gurus or mavens will pretty much tell you the same things these three books tell you. So rather than spend lots of money on expensive seminars, courses or DVDs, buy instead the book Psycho-Cybernetics.

It’s worth a try!

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anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 7 years ago from New York

It's all in the mind they say. Very well carved out hub. Such topics are my personal favorites.

Owenyoyoyo profile image

Owenyoyoyo 6 years ago from Leeds, England

Ahh this book; it won't leave me alone! Its like the universe keeps prodding me to read it. I should take heed. I first heard of it when I was discussing Mind Control by Jose Silva with someone. What do you think to that book/system?

Kosmo profile image

Kosmo 6 years ago from California Author

Back in those days I read lots of books on mind control, self-help and mystical stuff, but I don't recall anything by Jose Silva. Of course, there's always the Internet-----! Should I look right now?... Thanks for the comment. Later!

Owenyoyoyo profile image

Owenyoyoyo 6 years ago from Leeds, England

Yeh man give it a look. Some of the concepts resonate quite well with me (some of the other stuff about ESP* is a bit out there however). I've found it pretty helpful - I might give it another read through soon actually.

*Which he defined as Effective Sensory Perception.

Abdul Rahman Daud 3 years ago

Awesome synopsis write up……I would give my thumbs up for this posting. I have always been a fan of Dr. Maxwell Maltz and the author has done justice to the works of Dr. Maltz. I would definitely recommend other hubbers to read it as well.

Kosmo profile image

Kosmo 3 years ago from California Author

Thanks for the comment, Abdul! This article hasn't gotten much attention, but I've always thought it deserved much more. Later!

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