Shaikh ul Islam Allama Tahirul Qadri

Shaikh ul Islam Allama Tahirul Qadri

Allama Tahirul Qadri is the man that Pakistan awaited to appear and lead it. The following extract is taken from my book Shia Culture and quoted here for the pleasure of the reader:

‘Astrologer Ishaq Noor is a prominent astrologer of Pakistan. His prediction on 27 October 2012 in the programme ‘Ab Kya Hoga’ of Shamista Rahman on Zem TV was that the position of the planets predicts (using his Vedic astrological logic) that since Rahu is in Scorpio and Jupiter is in Aeries the election in Pakistan due in March - April 2013 will not take place till November – December 2013 and that PPP will be in winning position and Mr Zardari will remain at the helm of affairs in some form or other. But he sees a strong man emerge in Pakistan from somewhere. And he predicts by August 2013 the terrorism will finish in Pakistan.’

Pakistan today is led by an unseen force of dismay. The gun-toting Taliban are controlling Pakistan from the front and the media and political parties, including the judiciary without spine in their back are unable to resist them and all of them inclusive of the PPP are towing their line. The situation is pathetic. But here comes the strong man- Sheikhul Islam Allama Dr Tahirul Qadri with a backing of 4 million devotees and the strongest component of them are the Shia Ulema in their modest white Amama and black authoritative Amama and each excelling each in knowledge and piety. May God bless Allama Tahirul Qadri in what he is going to do; he needs nation’s support and good wishes from all Pakistanis for the love of their nation, peace and religion.

On the 23rd of December in his speech in the massive gathering at Lahore, Pakistan has yet seen, this voice for the poor trodden and oppressed class in Pakistan said. ‘He wants Pakistan what Quad-e Azam Mohammad Ali visions. He wants Pakistan of Quad-e Azam, with Unity, Faith, and Discipline. Where the Mosques and Imambargah are safe and churches are safe. He said he wants end of terrorism and Pakistan to attain its international status. He said he wants elected members come not through purchase of votes but for their virtue see able and realisable. If this Aalim succeeds in his errand he will create a state that was in the time of Hazrat Ali, where piety ruled not terror.

This is the kind of Pakistan we want to be delivered to us and it is nothing short of a revolution that will bring back this Pakistan to its people. The Media, the political parties and judiciary have all joined hand against this strong man. There are prejudiced journalists and biased analysts who are blaming him that he is carrying somebody else’s agenda. They are loyalists of the Taliban under duress or by willing consent and do not want a change occur, since they have formed a picture of Pakistan under Taliban rule and are afraid of justice which will be brought by Allama Tahirul Qadri. The following lines I wrote on 8th of January on my face book page which is reproduced here:

‘Tahirul Qadri will bring good. I have feeling two things will happen: A moderate course for the destiny of Pakistan will be chalked out, extremism and Talbenisation will be checked and Shia killing will stop. And Sunni Fiqah might be revised to bring Adl – Justice in the fundamentals of faith. I wish Allama succeeds.’

Agha Murtuza Pooya is Vice President of Allama Tahirul Qadri’s Minhajul Quran International and Senior Vice President of Pakistan Awami Tahreek and founder and owner of Newspaper Muslim, and his services are phenomenal and he takes up Shia cause on nearly every forum. He is scholar and son of late Aayetullah Agha Hajji Mirza Mahdi Pooya Yazdi 1899 – 1973, died in Karachi. Agha Pooya came to attend a Majlis that was being addressed by Ayetullah Aqeelul Gharvi in the Babul Murad Centre in London in October 2012 on the occasion of the Roz-e Ghadeer-e Khum. Aqeelul Gharvi is a conservative class of scholar, he during the speech picked up Agha Pooya and started to slight him for joining hands with Allama Tahirul Qadri. He said to him everything short of saying him infidel. Agha Pooya may not have expected that treatment in the home ground of Ayetullah Gharvi. He listened to him patiently and after the Majlis left unceremoniously. But this act by Ayetullah Aqeelul Gharvi was not liked by some listeners. And here is what this writer has to say:

Zakri Husn-e Khyalat Ki Aazmaaish Haai

Dars Haai, Bar-e Gham Haai, Na Khabt Haai, Na Ra-u-naee Haai

Majlis address is test of the expression of thought of beauty

It is lesson, load of grief, neither craze nor arrogance.

Ayetullah Aqeelul Gharvi speaks making Moaddat – the extreme love for the Aehlebaait as the base of his speech and is intolerant to anyone even in simulation appearing to be deviating from this fundamental of faith. But Agha Murtuza Pooya has a watchful eye on the problems facing the Shia people of the world. And he is soldier of the Shias in the practical field of wit fighting and has a watchful eye over the ontological nature of problems. There is a saying:

Two men looked from the prison bar

One saw demon one star.


Sayed Athar Husain

Afkar-e Shia (Shia Thought)




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