Is Science and Religion simply a case of chasing our own tails?

Similarities between Quantum physics and Eastern mystical philosophy

Science and religion are text books of our discoveries, perceptions and not the answers to life's questions. It is interesting and relevant that after centuries of scientific evolution, physics has come full circle to share a mystical view of reality previously dismissed for its lack of tangible evidence. We are integral to reality and to quantify it would be to understand the purpose of our very existence. Taking it that creation/annihilation is perpetual, non-distinguishable from each other and we are integral to this process how can we transcend this dimensional level?

We continually seek experimental evidence to quantify what should be treated as fact. Even religion is based on ancient historical accounts of individuals. Yet the reality lies within and around us. We seem to have an adversity to what we feel and sense in favour of scientific and religious teachings. We believe what we are taught rather than what we know.

Our original beliefs were based on our relationship with nature and the skies, which I feel is closer to our true reality than science or religion. Eastern philosophy, Tao in particular, has not strayed from its belief that we are simply part of a oneness, a continual energy flow. Quantum physics has discovered a similar phenomena as life's building block and are faced with the dilemma of its interpretation in Western weights, measure and language much like mystics sometimes refer to the reality as the unthinkable.

Are we simply going around in circles chasing our tails trying to find the meaning of life when we are simply an integral part of a reality where the boundaries we set ourselves have become the obstacles to our realisation?

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Baileybear 5 years ago

I like science, except when it gets too waffly and abstract (like quantum physics). I think science does a great job of describing how things work. Religion just gives a superstitious reaction to anything not understood

qwark profile image

qwark 5 years ago

Hi Jef:

I don't think "WE" are trying to discover the "meaning" of life Jef.

Is there a "meaning" for life?

I think "WE" curious humans are trying to understand "life" and what it is that "causes" life to exist.

I don't think there's a "meaning" to life. Life is just a "fortuitous" happening when chemistry and physics, time and possibly other factors, unbeknownst to us at this point in our evolution, are vagariously assembled and result in "life."

Biologically speaking, there is a "goal" all life tries to attain i.e. "suvival."

"WE" are, as yet, "babes in the cradle" trying, with dynamic inherent ability to understand the world surrounding us, but ill equipped with knowledge gained and an ability to make sense and use of it.

Interesting hub and well expressed.

Thumbs up!


Druid Dude 5 years ago

Great hub. You're definitely on the path. The books of divine knowledge in relation to the physical reality, in view of present understanding, tells us that the full understanding is upon us. The circle of Spiritual understanding, and the circle of Physical understanding, both must be closed and joined. These are the rings of the wedding where "The Lion shall lay down with the lamb" The lamb is, of course, our spiritual understanding, and the Lion is our understanding of the physical reality, science. Once joined, two perfect circles become one. They close where they opened, so at this point it is likened to a "dog chasing it's tail" because we have not "officially married the two. When we do that is our eternity. 8 Peace

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