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Do You Need a Lawyer?

Have you been in an accident that was no fault of your own? Are you injured? Is this injury impacting your day to day quality of life? If the answer is yes, you may need the services of a personal injury lawyer. Why get a lawyer if the insurance company will take care of it. Well my friend I am speaking from experience when I say that the insurance companies will try to minimize their liability and payments and get you to settle for way less than what you may be entitled to. Lawyers speak the language and know how to get things done. Gotten a dwi lately, don't hire a competent attorney and see how much trouble you'll be dealing with. When it comes to legal issues don't think your an expert, let the experts advise you. Look in your local yellow pages and find a good attorney today.

Clear Your DUI Record with DUI Expungement

A DUI conviction can throw a wrench in your plans now and in the future. DUI convictions can affect your ability to drive and hold a commercial license as well as your insurance rates and employment status. For example, a DUI conviction in Texas means you are not allowed to drive a school bus - no matter how old the conviction.

But just because you have a DUI conviction, doesn't mean it's all bad news: Some states allow people with DUI convictions to clear their record through DUI expungement.

What is DUI Expungement?

After a length of time, criminal records can be sealed or destroyed, legally speaking. Expungement is considered a civil action where the plaintiff petitions the DUI court to declare his or her records expunged, or cleared.


Why is a Clear DUI Record Important?

Outside of law enforcement, criminal histories are most commonly used in determining eligibility for employment or for certain educational programs. Sometimes a prospective employer or a school - particularly those in licensed or bonded professions - will require an applicant to supply a copy of his or her criminal history as a part of the application process. In other cases, an employer will ask for authorization from an applicant to conduct a background check, and that background check may include both criminal history and credit information.

What are the Requirements to have DUI Records Expunged?

Just like state DUI laws, requirements for expungement depend on the state. It is a good idea to consult a DUI lawyer  to see if you would be able to clear your record if you are convicted of a DUI. States that allow DUI expungement usually employee similar criteria to determine if your record can be cleared:

  • The amount of time between the conviction and expungement
  • If you have additional incidents since the first conviction
  • The seriousness or type of offense you committed
  • Whether you fulfilled the terms of the sentence

In some states, it is not possible to get expungement of a DUI conviction. In Florida, New York and Texas, DUI expungement is only possible if the case is dismissed, vacated, set aside or terminated in another way.

Is DUI Expungement an Option for you?

It is a good idea to consult a DUI lawyer to find out if it is possible for you to clear your record with DUI expungement.  Visit Total DUI, to help you connect with an attorney in your area so you can move past your DUI conviction and on with your life.

Simply fill out our their free DUI case evaluation or call toll free 877-349-1311 today and they will connect you with a local DUI attorney as soon as possible.

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