Don't Bully My Friend, He Thinks He's An Elf

Tim Baker's Art
Tim Baker's Art

My Friend Thinks He Is An Elf

People tell me things that I really don't want to know. I must have an honest face, or maybe it's because I don't like gossip, (as I publish this on the world wide web, hee, hee) It happens often and I'd like to share one of the most entertaining stories with you. Keep in mind, I am no longer in contact with these people and I'm pretty sure they won't see this.

Ok, so keep an open mind.

So there I am just hanging out and drinking with an old college buddy. We got pretty wasted. Out comes a little secret... "Ardot, I'm an elf." Well, Gentle Jesus! What the hell!? Good thing I was drunk! So being drunk and feeling pretty good, I took it pretty cool because I was drunk, you know? I said, "Wow man!, that's really cool!" That was all that was said about that for the rest of the night...

Who Am I To Say?

As I looked at my buddy in the days and weeks that followed, I could see the characteristics of an elf. He was on the short side, maybe he was a very tall elf? He was bald at the top and had long hair. He wore a "The Lord Of the Rings" ring on the same finger as the character in the movie. I tried to read the book and failed, but what I did read of the elves in that book was that the elves liked to eat special crackers or something and they drank a lot. Ditto with elfboy. So this begs the question... Who am I to say that he is completely out of his mind? I mean if he wants to think he's an elf, let him think he's an elf... right? Right! That's what I think.

Be True To You | Fight The Urge To Bully

My elf friend has taught me that it is important to be yourself, even if your true self, is an elf. Knowing full well that there won't be to many people reading this ridiculous article about someone who believes he is an elf, I will go ahead and write it anyway. I will be true to myself and my writing style, just as my buddy is true to his elf lifestyle.

Everyone should be true to themselves, it will reduce the inner demons fighting to destroy your happiness and self confidence. These demons are like the haters on YouTube videos who leave nasty comments. These haters can also be seen as bullies.

We are at the dawn of a new age. Nowadays, people who are different are to be accepted into society. Old school people tend to have a hard tme with this and are often branded as bullies. Eventually they come around to the new normal and begin to see past the external differences in behavior and begin to see the real people underneath. There is a reason we are the way we are. Elves and all.

Yo, if your buddy tells you that he's an elf... what would you do?

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