What You Will Need To Home School Your Child

Tell Me What I Have To Do, Already!

Okay, Enough of the discussion on home schooling. Let's get started in the topic of getting more information, needed to get started. There are several things you will want to do, prior to removing your child from traditional school.

First, Contact Your Child's School and set up a conference with the children's teachers. Get all the information about your child's problems and issues you can.

Second, Contact your state's department of education and ask what is required to home school your child. Some states require registration with the Department of Education (California is one of them). Some states will require for you to join a satellite schooling program. (At first you probably will want to do this anyway, to get started.)

Note: You have access to all the information and resources, needed scattered around all of my home schooling materials. Check the resources out. If you have questions or issues, send me a comment or email me. I will try to assist you as quickly as possible.

Third, research various private schools, with satallite programs to find one that fits your state's requirements of classes. Find one that fits your budget and find out all the fee schedules.

Review the Materials.

Once you find a program, you wish to participate in, then order the first set of materials for the children.  Ask the administrator if all the materials have to bought all at once. This will allow you to check out how the child will react to the materials, and allow you to review it as well.

By checking the materials prior to giving access to your child, will prepare you for what may be expected to help with.  There is no reason, for you to feel intimidated with being thrown into materials, or asked questions, if you have no idea what your child is asking about.


Getting Ready For Your Children.

Do not rely on your friend's or extended families input. It is likely that they will not be adequetly able to render an informed decision. Most of these folks, have never dealt with Home Schooling children. Why ask opinions from someone who has not the first honest idea.?

Once you decide on a program to start with, and send for the materials, prepare your kids for what is expected of them. Go purchase the supplies they will need to write, color, and study. When the materials arrive you may wish to initiate your child's home schooling experience, subtly.

Taking Lessons and Teaching Everyone

Okay, the materials have arrived, and you have all the supplies to start out with. Well give the materials to the kids, by assigning them goals for daily achievement.  (Ie.. three hours one or two courses, or six hours five courses..}  By doing this you have set objectives for them to accomplish, and you will have to be strong in making sure the child is trying to achieve objectives.

When giving your child the materials, you may wish to tell them to do the items they can. Then tell them to leave item they are having problems with, for both of you to work on.  This will relieve time stress issues on you, and you will not have to feel like you are being imprisoned.

Within a week, you will hear from your child that they are having issues. Some kids will have issues in one or two subjects, Others will have issue sin all subjects.  That is fine, do not panic. Schedule a day, let's say Saturday morning or evening, to devote to checking work already done.  Then go over the materials your child is having difficulty in.

Make Learning Fun

There will come a time, when you are not wishing to waste a day off going over school work. Believe me, I understand that one, all too well.  But if you find out what issues your child is having, you can easily schedule "Field Trips".  This will help your child make learning fun and get the family out of the home.

Field trips in our home, takes to places such as manufaturing firms, zoo's, Museum's, the Sea Shore, Theme Parks well you get the idea.  By bringing the learning outside, you are really expanding the childs depth of learning and applying subjects like math to the "real world". applications.

Social Science and History, well we play "role Play" Games on the Intrnet and on the Playstation.  Believe me, if you were to walk into my home, it is not decorated like a School Room.  No Desks, not chalk boards, nor bells to sound the change of subjects.  We have fun and the entire family learns together.  

Good Luck in your new Adventure.  Have fun..

If you are looking for information and materials, on Home Schooling your child(ren) you can visit this site. I personally use this site, for some of my resources, with my own kids..

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Neil Ashworth 6 years ago from Ireland

Very good piece of writing. Love it..

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