Soil Formation through Weathering

Soil Formation through Weathering

Soil content – soil is a mixture of minerals and organic matter, water and air.

About one-half of the total volume of soil is a mixture of disintegrated and decomposed rock( mineral, matter, and humus, the decayed remains of animals and plants ( organic matter ). Some of the rock particles shine like glass; others are dull. Rock particles vary in size. The coarse grain is the sand. The next in size is the silt. The very fine particles are clay. The specks of black, softer looking material is humus.

Kinds of Soil:

1.       Clay soil – farmers refer to clay soil as “heavy land” because they are sticky. In actual weight, however, clay soils are lighter than sandy soil. Clay soil is brown. It is made up of very fine particles.

2.       Loam soil - is composed of various amount of sand and clay. It is dark in color and excellent for growing of most kinds of crops.

3.       Sandy Soil- this soil does not hold water very well. It is grayish in color and larger than clay and loam soil.

4.       Gravel soil – this type of soil is made up of stones. They are big pieces of stones.

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