Space is huge

The solar system

our backyard
our backyard

Putting things into perspective

It's easy to become complacent when we think of the universe. We look up and see white dots on a field of black. We don't realize just how vast the universe is until we put things into perspective.

This series of pictures I found will help do just that. Even with this graphical illustration it's still hard to imagine the overall size and put it into terms that we can relate too.

Go ahead and try anyways.

Solar System

The neighborhood
The neighborhood

Complete Solar System

The whole village
The whole village

Moving out into space


Moving deeper into space

The big city
The big city

Deeper still...

The whole state
The whole state

All the way

The whole country!
The whole country!

Can you wrap your head around it?

As you can see this series of pictures shows just how small we really are.

But so far we are completely unique. Other planets have been found, but are mostly gas planets like Jupiter or Saturn. Rare solid planets have been found too, but are completely hostile in their atmosphere and conditions.

As so far no life forms have been found, yet we are still hopeful. I remember reading somewhere that only about 1% of the universe has been mapped completely. That leaves a lot of room to search still.

But in the mean time we are a small body floating in a vast bubble and we are completely unique. When you narrow it down further to individual humans you'll see that there are no two humans exactly the same either. Twins look the same but personalities differ still.

Human beings are truly special.

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Rose Kolowinski profile image

Rose Kolowinski 7 years ago

Great illustrations - sort of blows the mind doesn't it! Gets even harder to grasp when you start to think about the number of galaxies and stars out there!

PhotoShowMan4U profile image

PhotoShowMan4U 6 years ago from United States

Nice Photos!

karry 5 years ago

omg that makes me fell so tiny

Mrsmartdude 4 years ago

Nice but it's hard to believe the largest star times 10000 would still just be a dot in the sky compared to the milkyway and the milkyway is nothing impressive compared to some galaxys some are over 100 times biger than the milkway!

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