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Valencia's Colon Market

Valencia's Colon Market
Valencia's Colon Market

Twitter Users in Spain

Twitter is fast becoming a phenomena to compete with Facebook on a micro level. There are many things you can do with Twitter but this Hub concentrates on one very important thing, the collation of information. Recently over at my blog which you can see the link for below, I have been writing about Twitter users in Spain. If you are at all interested in Spain then you really should take notice of what these people are Twittering about and saying because you will get gems of information from them and you can interact directly with people who have experienced what you want to experience in all its glory whether that is good, bad or downright ugly.

Now look at the video I have put together below and that will explain why Twitter is an important tool for the collection of real time information online about any subject you are interested in. However the examples I am giving here is for information on Spain.

Let's imagine for a second you are coming to Spain on holiday and want to know more about the area. Using many of the tools available for Twitter you can identify people Twittering in that area and do a search so that you place an RSS feed into Google Reader for example to keep up to date with what is being said about that area. eg Set up a Twitter search for Barcelona and all Tweets mentioning the word "Barcelona" will go into it. You can narrow this down to "Barcelona Hotel" for example if that is what you want to know about and will find great information.

Let's assume you are going to buy a property in Spain then set up your search for "Valencia Property" as an example and all tweets related to that area will appear in your Google Reader or any feed reader you want.

Another example is if you want to follow soccer transfer rumours or news about a club then setting up a search for "Real Madrid Transfer" would give you all of the info related to those words.

So you need to know how to set up a feed reader, I believe that Google Reader is the easiest and best so go to and search for Google Reader. Then investigate how to do it. It is really easy. Any problems contact me and I will walk you through it and maybe set up another video on this page about doing that but after watching the other video below you shouldn't have any problems really. All you need to do then is think about what you want to know today.

Twitter Users in Spain Video

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