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College Student Survival Guide - Part One

When I was 19 years old and my second year in college. I made enough money in the summer to pay for my books, my dorm room and my tuition, but I had no money left for food and fun. I was kind of lucky though I had plenty of friends and a Aunt and my Great God Mother who always spoiled me. She slipped me a hundred dollars when my parents were not watching. If not for her I would have had no money. I come from a very large family so my parents could not help me and I didn't even want to ask. So that left me with 100 dollars to last the entire semester about 4 months. Hopefully this hub will give you some ideas of things you can do for free food and almost free entertainment. While you are going to school you need to make sure you have plenty of food to eat and when you are not studying plenty of entertainment. You will not survive school just studying you have to have some kind of fun.

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Starving College Students books.
Starving College Students books. | Source

Buy one Get one Free

When you have no money a good place to go is the Library to check out local newspapers, local guides and magazines. You can always find a good coupon for a buy one get one free offer. Buy a Burger get a Free Burger or Buy a meal and get a meal free at-least every-once in a while. To do this find one of your friends to split the cost of the Burger. That's not hard to do because in college almost every other person you know is looking for a bargain. You could get a Burger for $1 and you and your friend will only had to spend 50 cents each. Get a glass of water and split some fries and you will have a full meal deal for less than a buck each.

Ok when I was a Student back in the early 80's food did not cost as much as it does now. This always worked for me and some of the places I ate were Burger King, Long John Silvers, McDonald's, Wendy's and Der Wienerschnitzel. These places always had something going for the college Student. I even recall McDonald's and Burger King having a promotional war offering 10cent cheese burgers.

If you have a little extra you can always find a buy one get one free coupon at many of the local restaurants, sub shops, dinners or even at some cafeteria's. When you don't have money its saves you a lot to look for these king of bargains.

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Free Movies Free Movies

One of the best things I like at my college was free movies. Our school was pretty cool because they showed a free movie somewhere on campus. Sometimes they wanted 50 cents but that usually was some group trying to make some extra cash. Most movies where a few years old but on occasion we watch some movies that had just been released about 3 or 4 months ago. Another great thing about these movies was that we had a nice theater on campus and the movie quality was actually pretty good. Also I got some culture because I watch some movies that I never would have paid for and they were surprisingly very good. Dos boot was my favorite's and it was one of the first color films ever-made on the Big Screen.

About once a month I would splurge and go to the local theater on a Tuesday because movies where only a dollar. The hard part was finding someone with a car that had the time to go to the movies. Again lucky I had lots of friends because I always managed to find my way there. Also, if you listen to the radio they are always giving free movie passes. You just had to show up at some store or do something they where promoting.

Hungry at College Episode I

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k@ri profile image

k@ri 6 years ago from Sunny Southern California

Great advice for college students...and (sadly) many others in the world today. You are a very special person, it seems you know how to love life. Thanks for sharing these great ideas!

kia31 profile image

kia31 6 years ago from Los Angles Author

Thanks k@r, Yea I have to admit I still do some of those things althougn my daugher does not like using coupons, it keeps you pockets from getting any lighter. You could even find more ways but the thing that concerns me is that most of the coupons are for unhealthy food items but when you have no money you do what you have to do.

Neonstrawberry 6 years ago

I'm 21, i study graphic design, i'm about to starve to death after 3 death of no food. I can only hope for desperation to save me, still 2 weeks to go till my salary.

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    Book Signings and Art Exhibits Yum

    This is a great way to combine fun and food and sometimes a little wine. To find these events look In you local and school papers. Check under a section called for events. Sometimes you will find a little an ad advertising the event.. Usually these exhibits have some type of free finger food like sandwiches or crackers, lunch meats, little winnie's, cheese and even sometimes wine. I know you are not going to get a full meal here but when your starving this will help all the grawls. Don't get greedy and eat all the orderves because they might ask you to leave because they kind of know students sometimes just show up for the food. Also this a good way to get some entertainment because some of the Art Exhibits are kind of interesting and a way to get some more culture. You might even meet someone special, you never know.

    Eat for Free at your local Food Store

    Of course who would think you could get free food and Drink at your local food store without even spending a dime. This method is usually only good on the weekends and sometimes on Thursdays. You could get a full meal and even get over stuffed sometimes eating free samples from vendors trying to promote their products. I have eaten such things as pizza, hamburgers, fish, ice cream , sodas, shakes, smoothies, green bean casserole, hot pockets, bread, dutch chocolate and even some real expensive stuff like shrimp, steak and lobster. When you find a great sample you might trying sneaking in and getting anther sample. This works just as good now as it did way back then,

    I love my Roommate's Parents

    Its always a good thing when your roommate's parents come to school for a visit because they always invite you to Dinner. Not because they feel sorry for you. just because they want to know who their kid is living with. Free meal! Free meal! Ya!. Not really they just want to feed you so they can find out some stuff their kid's not telling you. The best way to do that is with a nice meal at a restaurant and some kind of activity else where. They will always want to invite you. So make sure you make it to the free dinner because that might be your last great meal for a while. Make sure you take full advantage and order something you really like cause you know your going to spill the beans on something their kid is doing. Beware you roommate may be mad at you once their parents have gone.

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