Stop Firing Our Teachers!

I hear how many thousands of teachers are being fired for lack of funding for education. Years ago you could not provide enough teachers in the classroom to do the job. You make them sound on the news media like they have done something wrong. That is not to say that I am referencing this article to cover teachers that should never have become teachers, because they see it as a career of making money only. A real teacher cares about their students, and will see them first and not second to their income check. All teachers need to be accountable for teaching the child in an appropriate manner.

I taught school for 29 years, when our pay check was about $5,000 a year. I have almost equivalent of a double masters level in college credits, but I have nothing to show for it. You never brought teachers to the cost of living they needed, but for the states to not see that school and children are important, then now you know why your scores are dropping on standardized tests. Shocking I must say that  I am not surprised one bit. Education stopped looking at the self worth of children, and took it to a corporate level of dividing money and deciding what to cut and what to keep. I am sure you will not hear of administrators with their cuts. People wake up and smell the coffee as I do every morning, when I hear this on the news. In the state of Oklahoma alone you are talking drops in reading scores like that have never before been seen.  That is what I am hearing on the news media.

I can say that we as Americans better wake up soon, before our kids are run by a military state, or being put out on the street for lack of funds for education. You think these words I am saying could never happen. Look at history and in countries we fought against. I am telling you that priorities in education need to be rethought and someone with a vision of what is happening here. Even worse the thought they can be educated totally at home. Now I have also watched the cuts in the Department of Family and Children services, and I am shocked they are not there to do the job that is needed, because it was more important to chop out a day of work. Did the things being done to children stop while they were not working? I think not.  What happened to the lottery tickets that suppose to help education to be funded. Where is that money going? I have been asking that one for some years. Did anyone of us see an accountability for it? Again I cannot answer to that one.

I remember my last year of teaching in public school, and it was a nightmare. I wanted to see kids read and write, and when asked about their reading levels I was smacked down for it. How dare I to ask that. I even suggested testing them and getting their levels up. What happened with that one, well someone did not want their teaching to be challenged . All they did was throw a newspaper at the children and said read. I am sorry, but that is not education to me. i worked hard to get children up in reading and writing, and I never let them feel failure. For some it was leaps and bounds in their education. For others who struggled, then we never gave up trying to make it a positive experience. Yet I heard administrators say that if we did not get those standardized test scores up within ten years, then the state would be turning education to private industry to handle it. They were serious. I was shocked, when the test becomes more important than the students.

In conclusion, I ask you to think about what you are doing to our students. One day we are cutting out schools and moving kids around at will, and then we are hearing lets cut a minimum of 125,000 plus teachers across our nation. I must ask you this question? Is your child learning what you think they should in school? Are you happy with the fact that for the past 20 years we have been teaching the test not the child?

Children Need To Blossom Like A Rose! Teachers are there to see that happens.
Children Need To Blossom Like A Rose! Teachers are there to see that happens.

Speak out America!
Your Children Need Your Voice!
Be proactive in helping education.
Question where funds go.
Think Children First Not Last!!!!!!!!!!!
Be active in parenting your child's education.

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ladybluewriter profile image

ladybluewriter 5 years ago from United States Author

If you care about your community and what happens, then give me a shout out. Thanks to someone in Wisconsin I now know that teacher's jobs matter. Thank you for caring. We are a country with many states, and I am sure others can join in this post to be heard.

brlewis profile image

brlewis 5 years ago from Louisiana

I am a teacher so, naturally, I agree with you. I am also a mother of 2 girls. As a parent I get really angry about this. What they are doing is making classrooms bigger. This means less one on one time for the students and many students will suffer because of it. I wish politicians would stop the lies and actually put education first!

ladybluewriter 5 years ago

I say where does it end? I taught 50 kids in a classroom in exploratory Junior High School in art, and that was a handful. After having taught special needs kids, then you see everyone cannot be treated like a herd of cows. They need special help and individual attention to succeed. Thanks for your post brlewis.

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