2 G Spectrum Supreme Court Judgement – An Embarrassment for Kapil Sibal

Supreme Court Judgement – An Embarrassment for Kapil Sibal

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Supreme Court Judgement – An Embarrassment for Kapil Sibal

Supreme Court Judgement – An Embarrassment for DMK
Supreme Court Judgement – An Embarrassment for DMK
Supreme Court Judgement – An Embarrassment for Kapil Sibal
Supreme Court Judgement – An Embarrassment for Kapil Sibal

Supreme Court Judgement – An Embarrassment for Kapil Sibal

Kapil Sibal’s Zero Loss Theory

The Supreme Court of India has given a landmark judgement on the 2G spectrum scandal. Justice Ganguly, on the last day of his tenure in the Supreme Court has created history. The Supreme Court has indicted the UPA government and the former Telecom Minister A Raja for the irregularities effected in the 2G spectrum allotment in 2008. The Supreme Court has cancelled all the 122 2G spectrum licenses issued by A Raja. Many telecom companies will be affected severely because of this judgement. The Supreme Court judgement is an embarrassment to the present Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal who argues that the government has incurred zero loss because of Raja’s actions. The judgement is also an embarrassment to the DMK whose member A Raja committed all these irregularities.

DMK Will Dismiss This Judgement as a Brahmin versus Dalit Matter

But the DMK will not be affected by the judgement. The DMK looks everything from the caste and religious angle. It can easily dismiss this Supreme Court judgement as an anti Dalit judgement pronounced by a Brahmin judge. In fact when Raja was arrested, the DMK issued a statement that Raja was being harassed because he belonged to the Dalit community. Now also DMK will say the same thing.

Supreme Court Has Not Refuted Sibal’s Zero Loss Theory?

What will Kapil Sibal say? Already Sibal has stated that the Supreme Court judgement is really an indictment of the BJP. Now Kapil Sibal may say that the Supreme Court has not refuted his zero loss statement and hence upheld what Raja has done. Kapil Sibal will also argue that Raja, whenever he is released from the Tihar jail where he is held at present, should be again appointed as the Telecom Minister. Sibal will also argue that all the BJP state governments should be dismissed because of the Supreme Court judgement.

DMK Can Reveal the Final Beneficiary’s Name Including Bank Account Number

The Congress, after this judgement, will need the support of the DMK much more than before. So far, the Supreme Court has not touched the topic of recovering the 2G spectrum money and handing back to the government. The person who pocketed this huge money of $40 billion is keenly watching whether the Supreme Court will focus its attention on this matter. If so, this person will need the DMK support as otherwise the DMK, which knows the inside details including the Swiss bank account number of this person, may spill the beans.

DMK Can Ask Congress to Appoint Raja Again As the Telecom Minister

The person who has pocketed this huge amount is enjoying a big reputation in India among the public. If the DMK breaks out the secret, then the person’s reputation is gone once for all. Therefore this person will ask her Congress Party to strengthen its relationship with the DMK. It is an advantageous situation for the DMK. DMK can now ask for more ministerial berths in the Central Government. Supreme Court has instructed the Central Government to go for auctions of the 2G spectrum once again. DMK will like Raja to be the Telecom minister once again to indulge in another massive scam. This time the amount pocketed may exceed Rs.176000 crore ($40 billion). The amount may cross $50 billion.

The Person Who Has Pocketed 2G Spectrum Scam Money Loves Italy!

Who is this powerful person who has pocketed the earlier 2G spectrum scam amount in her bank account? I will not reveal the name because a suit may be filed against me. But I can give you some hints. This person is a very powerful personality in the Congress Party. This person is a woman. This person likes Italy among all the nations in the world. I think you will understand now.

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