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Somthing about Sweden and Swedish


Sweden, the 3rd largest European country, is located in Northern part of Europe. It is one of the Nordic countries situated on Scandinavian Peninsula. Swedish or Svenska (as is called in Swedish) is national language of Sweden. It is not only spoken in Sweden, but also in some parts of Norway as well, due to its resemblance with other Nordic Languages. It is also being understood neighboring countries.

Weather of Sweden is great specially in summer ( Well if you are a snow-savvy, then I would also recommend to go there in winter as well). Swedes are really cool minded, extremely helping and peace loving persons, although a bit conservative at first instance. They show a great love and true heartedness toward their culture and their language. They can understand English also, but prefer to be talked in Swedish. So if you are planning to go to Sweden either due to education, business, job or just for a short visit as a tourists. It is highly recommended to have at least some Swedish Language skills.

Free web-based courses and study aids

Stockholm University – A website made by Stockholm University for beginners. The visual layout is not so good yet, the enough is available to learn. Some parts of it are still “under construction”. But currently available material is also very good.

Dalarna University – The Dalarna University is offering a free distance learning course for those students currently studying in Sweden. The goal of this Distance Learning course is to bring in students to the Swedish language. After the course being completed, the students should be able to use their elementary knowledge of and skills in Swedish in simple, predictable situations. But you have to register for the through .

Quizlet – A semi advanced level of self learning course with overview of grammar, including grammatical terminology, by using flash cards.

Resurscentrum – Exercises and material. – A good interactive course.

Loecsen – Listen to the pronunciation of common Swedish phrases. – Written in Chinese, introduction to Swedish written for Chinese speakers.

Swedish Flashcards – Just spend 5-10 min per day to learn a Swedish. Practice with words, sentences and texts.

The follow is being added on 20/02/2011

Digital Dialects – There various simple animated games available to learn the basics of language. Unfortunately the voice section is not there, may be in future the maker of site would focus on this as well. However, still the site is good resource to learn basic words and sentences. All the games are free and if you go to homepage of this site there are links to many other sites are also available to learn them in addition to Swedish.

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Ashraf 5 years ago

Marvelous! Thanx Ahmed I was just in search of such things now a days.

Craig 5 years ago


I would like to suggest a section of my website as a link for inclusion on your site. I have several interactive games for learning Swedish, with a few more pending assistance from a translator available on my website at

You might call the link something like 'Digital Dialects Swedish Games’ or whatever you wish. A usual description might be 'Interactive games for learning the Swedish language'.

Kind regards

Craig Gibson

Note: there are free to use online games for learning 60 languages on the Digital Dialects Website:

Scott 5 years ago

I'm glad I found this list. Tack! :)

Loecsen looks like a perfect resource for what I'm doing. I've made a "mini-goal" of learning 100 of the most common Swedish words in 4 weeks as part of my overall goal of learning conversational Swedish in 6 months.

I have a blog to document how successfully my learning techniques are (or not as the case may be) working. You can find regular updates for it here:

Thanks again for the help with pronunciation

Mayray 3 years ago

Awesome. This really will cut cost for some people.

University of Nigeria

Natalia Sargu 23 months ago

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I would appreciate if you could suggest the page yourself and I hope we can agree on a reasonable yearly charge.

Our website is The keyword text would be transcription or translation services related.

If interested please suggest the page and I shall get back to you with our link info and budget.

Best Regards,

Natalia Sargu

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