Swim with Dolphins at ZooMarine in Portugal

ZooMarine is based in Algarve, Portugal. It is one of the only marines in europe that has dolphins, and offers both dolphin swims and encounters. Although Portugal may not be the first contry to pop into your head when you think about dolphins, it certainly lives up to the experiences that can be had in places such as Mexico or the Carribean.

The Unique name - ZooMarine pretty much says it all, because this is not just a place for encountering and swimming with dolphins. There are also many other wonderful experiences, shows, and sights to be had here. If you book online then you will receive up to 20% discount, so it is a good idea to plan a day in advance to make your visit, and get booked in early!

Other experiences include:-

  • Sealion swims and encounters.
  • The Amazing Sea turtles.
  • Exotic Bird Shows will keep you entertained.
  • Exotic Fish for you to enjoy.
  • Theme Park style rides to get the adrenalin going.
  • TVisit the Dome and see what's inside!
  • Gift Shops to get the perfect memory of the day.
  • 4D Cinema - A super experience.
  • Great food, Restaurants for Wining and Dining.
  • Childrens Clubs for the younger ones to hang out.
  • Dolphin Shows. An wonderful watch.

The Algarve is better known for it's beautiful sandy beaches and marine harbours, but if you have some time to spare then this will be a once in a lifetime experience that you would never live to regret.

Prices change depending on the exchange rate with the Euro, but an Adult visit would normally cost in the region of £25 or $40. Children's prices being cheaper. Food and drinks are reasonably priced at the marine. Don't forget you can save up to 20% by booking online, and you will also be able to find discounted dolphin swims, encounters and much more.

This is an experience that you will never forget. Why not do something a little bit out of the ordinary and swim with dolphins in Europe rather than the more known places in the world! Have a great time no matter what age you might be.

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WillSteinmetz profile image

WillSteinmetz 5 years ago

Certainly a perfect place for recreation. Nice hub!

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