Symptoms of Thyroid and Natural Supplements

Symptoms of Thyroid

The symptoms of thyroid are many times over-looked, blamed on other things, or worse yet incorrectly or insufficiently treated by our doctors. To top it off - a thyroid panel is usually not included in our annual physical blood work. Thyroid disease is affecting 30 million plus people - some experts say it is as high as 59 million. Thyroid disease is 7 times more likely to affect women than men.

Ask Yourself these questions - if any of them ring a bell you may want to look at your thyroid: Are you overweight? Do you struggle to drop weight even with exercise and healthy eating? Do you or a family member have auto-immune disease? Do you have muscle and or joint pain? Do you suffer from constipation or puffiness? Are you left handed?

Have you had a recurrent miscarriage or struggling to become pregnant? Have you just had a baby and feel extremely exhausted? Are you having trouble nursing? Are you having hair loss?

Do you have low sex drive? Do you feel depressed or have panic attacks? Do you have foggy brain and or memory loss? Do you have high cholesterol? Do you have an inability to tolerate cold? Do you have a slow heart rate?

Do you now or previously smoked? Do you have hot flashes or difficult menopause? Are you a woman over 50? Do you have irregular cycles? Are you under High Stress? Do you over consume soy products? Have you had radiation exposure? Could you be iodine deficient?

Think of your thyroid gland as your body's internal thermostat - regulating your temperature with two hormones which help the body burn calories and use energy. Be sure to rule out thyroid problems before you choose costly treatments such as weight loss surgery, infertility treatment, antidepressants and prescription side effects, plus others. Last but not least take a look at natural thyroid supplements - many people have had great success.

Under-active Thyroid self test - place a thermometer by your bed, before rising place the thermometer under your arm for 15 minutes- take your temperature 5 mornings in a row, if readings are consistently low - a temperature of 97.6 F or lower - it may point to under-active thyroid.

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RTalloni profile image

RTalloni 6 years ago from the short journey

Do you have any recent research on the thyroid meds available for those who do not have a thyroid?

Melanie Hanni profile image

Melanie Hanni 6 years ago from Idaho Author

I am sorry I don't have research on meds, you would have to consult a physician.

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