The Existence Gauntlet

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Introduction to the scope of this content:

The material within is a look at how in your mind's eye you can envision a world in complete harmony... A world that accepts its conditions and deals with improving them to align with the highest consciousness that we can bring to the table of reality at this state and time for the evolution of humanity...

My job in this scenario is to provoke, you, the reader, the activist in you to develop your best ideas as to what you can conger up in your heart of hearts that you feel meets the needs of a world that you, take responsibility, to raise to its maturity as you pass though the gauntlet of life in our common existence.

Now, if you are not interested in this exercise, then leave; because this is about growth and development of our species, and if you are inclined to the belief that it is a done deal, then you are not one of the folks that will enjoy this information. It is quite involved with changing the behavior of the world to improve its harmony so as to move towards a more absolute degree of efficiently by evolving its behavior, attitude and temperament. So if you just want to live in your moment in space and time, in your selfishness, your will is surely going to restrict you from venturing any further...

To get to understand this material is not to just read it, it is to immerse yourself into it and become part of the concept thought as the body mind soul and spirit of our common qualities, attributes and human natures in a harmony of balance and equilibrium for the efficiency effectiveness and expediency of our evolution... The mind-set of this movement to develop our capacity ability and potential, that is to demonstrate in all our actions that we believe in the world as an expression of ourselves. It means that to develop the necessary wisdom knowledge and understanding needed for its evolution, not only does the world need to change for our benefit but we need to change for the world's benefit. It is to know and understand, the world is part of all of us that is in it and we are in it all together... So being one with the world is to have a single spirit in the world that behaves as a single spirit in harmony with its many selves...

If you are still reading I have struck a chord and you might be interested in fathoming the contents of the discourse I present herein; and you may even read more of the ways and means I present to secure the ends of utopia I speak of... I am not speaking of pyramid schemes and such; I am simply speaking of applying the best notions for a universal harmony that is it... The rest of the story is what evolves out of the orchestrated planed goals and objective developments that spring from the well of harmony...

Enjoy the Experience of Enlightenment ~

Activating An Existence Paradigm Shift

Three model viewpoints of the existence paradigm conundrum:

1.) We are the created, to be tested in a hostile existence. (This theory statement proposition lacks sound logic of purpose, motive and intent to be a viable inclusive paradigm)

2.) We are the creation of an expendable existence. (This theory statement proposition lacks any logic for the purpose motive and intent to qualify as an inclusive paradigm)

3.) We are the creators of our existence destiny. (This theory statement proposition provides sound logic of purpose motive and intent of the being, source genesis of an inclusive paradigm)

Explanation of the three viewpoints of existence:

1.) Existence created by a secular god: This is the view of fundamental religious beliefs with the bipolar system of positives and negatives and a point source of origin, as a deity or God, of one or many ~

This explanation says, we are created therefore we cannot know and thus understand our source as an integral part of us as beings of existence; but we are obligated to it, for it is our benefactor. We are therefore less than equal; we are the creator's toys, pets, or pawns to perform in accordance with the creator’s remote dictate. To say we have free will under this scenario is ambiguous and deceptive to imagine free will to have a pretense of motive for executing it in accordance with a primary dictate – “freewill, but!” This is the justice strategy of multiple restrictions and caveats used by church and state to garner control by their sovereign impunity as an exclusive expression of power whereas the self-rule of democracy is the actual natural justice of freedom and liberty for body, mind and spirit.

2.) Existence creation from chaos: This is the fundamental view of atheist and agnostic that do not believe in a God source but maybe in an alien source or some hidden physical truth that contains direction to the dimension of the womb source of existence:

This explanation says; we are an insignificant clog in the mechanical wheel of the universe of inexplicable existence chaos. It implies we lack the capacity to fathom the source of our being without some help from an extraterrestrial source, from somewhere; but where exactly is more the issue of this avoidance strategy of thought rather than why or how...

3.) Existence creator evolving its perfection: This is the fundamental notion that expresses the pagan mysticism consciousness of transcendent or ultimate reality of God that has a more holistic natural logic for assimilating each self into a being existence creation of the All, Creator, God:

This explanation says we are each integral parts of an evolving being source energy, the All, of self. We are component parts, the All, of the creator; which is evolving matter of mind body and soul spirit composed of many self component personalities compiled to express the consciousness-continuum as the mass and energy space-time of the All’s form and function.


The third viewpoint is the only inclusive concept that incorporates the other two exclusive viewpoints; so, it is the most complete model of existence in that it accounts for all the aspects of existence in a simple concept:-“We are the creator of our existence, evolving the creation, created by the source.

Explanation of the evolution spawning the existence creator, created, creation universe ~

To understand the notion of the existence creator created creation paradigm: I am, to be the creator that created creation; one must think on a cosmic level outside of the box of senses that confine us to the physical realm of existence. To think outside while including the box of senses that gives us awareness of our condition conundrum, how the manifestation of existence is accomplished. All the conundrums; like, “which came first, the chicken or the egg? The chicken and the chicken egg are the same, but in different stages of life. Simply, they evolved from the manifestation of thought choices as wave, particle vibrations which manifest life matter creation substance that evolves creation’s adaptation potentials.”

The cycle of creation is without beginning, for in the beginning, thought was at rest (Void) and there was no desire, no emotion and no will to evolve expression, form or function of thought. Thought is the instigator of creation for it is the desire that creates as it expresses the will of thought’s desire.

Thought is composed of three elements: desire, emotion and will (DEW). When combined, DEW, catalyzes to express being, which is thought, DEW in motion. Being matter occurs quantitatively as creator mass form and energy function expressing existence as wave particle vibration. Being, qualitatively, is a creator universe of positive creative attribute and nature expressing inclusive civil selflessness.

Thought confined to a box of ideas fails to evolve: To date humanity has looked outward into the physical universe rather than inward into the mind universe, cosmos, where within the answers are. The myopic perspective of the earthly physical focus on the remote creator that is disenfranchised from its creation has left human-thought vacant for a solution to its existence conundrum beyond the expression of faith in the dogmatic principles of concession to the futile usury systems of state and religious manipulation. These usury systems fail to be inclusive civil and selfless in their purpose, motive and intent indicating that they are exclusive evil and selfish which implies they are not conducive for creating the All of creation.

Understand the scope of mind capacity as existence ability and potential: To realize the significance of our mind and its capacity to imagine vision and design understanding of its capacity to create; and know that capacity. To know the restriction of thought is by the doubt and fear that limits its application for seeking the vision of its perfect existence. All the fear and chaos surrounding life is a contrivance of the thought dedicated to the creation of negative energy. The fatality of the world conceived by the mind, as it always was and will be, thought which composes and constructs of negative reality experience one focuses on. Thinking positive inclusive civil and selfless thoughts creates positive energy as exclusive evil selfish thought creates the negative energy of existence.

To know God, as the evolver, the creator, and the perfect thought: The living God of enlightenment resides in the mind of the living thought that creates the evolution of its perfection as inclusive civil selflessness in all aspects of existence. Is it, not, a more plausible idea to be part of an evolving creation that has its source within that which is evolving? One can readily comprehend the notion that mechanical and biological matter is finite and that its manifestation is an infinite potential of the creator's capacity, so to make that which is to be destroyed must be a wish of who so ever creates the mass energy potential. In this capacity, there must be purpose, motive and intent for evolving the ultimate absolute potential of the All

Understanding lesser gods: Given the understanding that there are many lesser gods of envious dispute that conspire to limit the potential of each separate capacity throughout the lesser gods that humankind employs to do its bidding for worth wealth and value. The avoidance of inclusive civil selflessness in church and state of all societies is the primary indicator of exclusive evil selfishness of the lesser gods and their utility the humans use to do their exclusive selfish bidding. I point out the understanding of lesser gods so the reader has the full impact of the comprehension that the lesser gods are not restricted to the desires for money's capacity to generate envy, pride, and cruelty. Exclusive evil selfishness is the spectrum of negative emotions that desire uses to coerce the mind of self to believe that it is more than part of the whole of which it is a part.

Understanding the All of Being: The All of being, mind and self is the expression form and function as inclusive energy substance of the conscious universe that incorporates all negative aspects of its existence in a synergy of balanced equilibrium. I state this proposition so you might realize that inclusive civil selflessness is the master of exclusive evil selfishness, it might take you until the rapture to come to this realization conclusion; but, when it occurs, you will know. I am telling you this in hopes that we might forgo the tedious painstaking way of the weaker minds. We can avoid a great deal of uncomfortable existence experience by making straight the way for the Lord of inclusive civil selflessness. It is your reasoning chance to choose the decision change to avoid the inevitable abrupt balancing of the polar bias equation...

In summary, my existence paradigm states: “We are evolved components of the creator, the evolving source of a creation that our source created; that source is DEW, the All of thought. When combined the DEW catalyzed elements express, Being, thought in motion propagating wave particle vibrations that express, the form and function of the conscious existence reality universe which produced the life creation which is an expression for the DEW probability, iteration and permutation of the All as each journey, course and path of humanity and its cosmic reflection.”This is the general equation model expression set for the primary paradigm of existence. All other paradigms are subsets to this inclusive paradigm of life, existence and animation developing the DEW expressions, forms and functions designing the ultimate absolute DEW for the All of existence…

Formulized general existence paradigm, fractal theory, triads are as follows:

Emotion (power) = Desire (force)*Will (strength)


Wave = Particle * Vibration;


Matter = Mass * Energy


Mass*Energy = mass c2

Dualism Of Thought

Closing Statements Concerning Our Physical Existence: The Being, consciousness, existence, concept, and vision model described herein defines the value of self in the scheme of an evolving creation’s perfection potential…It also lends to the opportunity for making an economic paradigm shift that will revolutionize the economic standards of humanity.

The following discussion is a look at the issue, which encumbers the execution and implementation of the aforementioned paradigm shift; in so doing, it addresses the paradigm of thought dualism:

Michael J. Sandel (born March 5, 1953) is a political philosopher and a professor at Harvard University. He is best known for his critique of Rawls' Theory of Justice (1971) in his Liberalism and the Limits of Justice (1982). Note this excerpt is taken from ~

I have concluded, from reviewing Mr. Sandel’s approach to his philosophical analysis, that he has many scenarios with no real solutions; but only practical avoidance of many issues with no strategy to deal with the root cause of the underlying social disparities found in the lack of equality and equity sharing social greed and its management.

Mr. Sandel’s philosophical views: (excerpt from ~

Mr. Sandel subscribes to the theory of communitarianism (although he is uncomfortable with the label), and in this vein he is perhaps best known for his critique of John Rawls's A Theory of Justice. Rawls' argument depends on the assumption of the veil of ignorance, which allows us to become "unencumbered selves."; Where Communitarianism is defined, as a group of related but distinct philosophies, began in the late 20th century, opposing exalted forms of individualism while advocating phenomena such as civil society. Not necessarily hostile to social liberalism or even social democracy, communitarianism emphasizes the need to balance individual rights and interests with that of the community as a whole, and that individual people (or citizens) are shaped by the cultures and values of their communities.

I say, “This notion of Communitarian belief does not bridge the gap of any social disparity in fact its philosophy tends to create rifts between, the haves and have-nots of each social group in our human-societies by limiting group participation using economic standards that restrict involvement, simply by the monopolization of activities by a select few. . Without the notion of inclusive civil selflessness, to bridge the disparities found-in group dominated economics, the hoarding of wealth will continue to fuel the fires of greed…

The solution for growing a humanity that is equilibrium balanced and unified found in providing full distribution of wealth through worker-ownership in every activity… This will break the cycle of hoarding and thus greed minimized by full participation in a community of shared freedoms and liberties that provide the unilateral dismissal of greed from wealth distribution that will give rise to equality and equity for their participation. This mechanism for responsible stewardship and management gives humanity a new lease on life as a citizen of the universe and heir to the throne of a unified destiny…

Continued (excerpt from ~

Sandel's view is that we are by nature encumbered to an extent that makes it impossible even in the hypothetical to have such a veil. Some examples of such ties are the ties we make with our families, which we do not make by conscious choice but are born with them already attached. Because they are not consciously applied, these ties are impossible to separate from someone. Sandel believes that only a less-restrictive, looser version of the veil of ignorance can be possible. Rawls's argument, however, depends on the fact that the veil is restrictive enough that we make decisions without knowing who will be affected by these decisions, which of course is impossible if we are already attached to people in the world.

I believe Sandel's sort of evasive rhetoric is what makes me know that an avoidance strategy is in play. His Lockeian philosophic logic lacks the ability needed, as a thought tool, to let him think outside the Lockeian logic box. This is what humanity needs to change the minds of the masses to turn away from false taught beliefs held in the tenets of Empiricism, which finds no room for the integrity morals and ethics of reason choice and decision found in an inclusive civil selfless conscience. You see Locke focused on the quantitative aspect of thought and let the qualitative worth of integrity, the wealth of morals and the value of ethics diminish accordingly . (See content to this except from Here is the reason Sandel is not allowed to think outside the Lockeian box: (Look for topic paragraph on Logical Empiricism) This content here explains the shortfall. An early 20th century attempt to synthesize the essential ideas of British empiricism the so-called verification principle evolved this following notion: Any sentence which is not purely logical or for which there is no method of verification was to be considered devoid of meaning. As a result, most metaphysical, ethical, aesthetic and other traditional philosophical problems came to be considered pseudoproblems. To address this short coming we need to realize a solution, this solution found in the Thought Paradigm will extricate humanity from the jaws of greed that source the dilemma of equality and equity in the world to set it on its rightful evolutionary path.. .

Paradigm of thought explained: This confirmed my first impression that Locke advocates tend to avoid solving social economic issues by relegating them to the realm of pseudo-problems. The reason for this is, the mental tools of thought in use by our social humanity are not right for fixing the problems at hand - their toolbox lacks the mental superset, the universal-tool (uni-tool) necessary for the job. The uni-tool is Qualitative Mechanics , it is ones inclusive civil and selfless conscience, it is the primary interfacing tool needed to correlate ideas of thought-balance choices to traverse thought sets systems and categories without losing the quality of the thought… This is in fact a universal problem in all disciplines of thought correlation issues. Quantitative mechanics model of wave particle vibration is the superset thought model accepted to traverse the correlations in science for the understanding of matter mass and energy, now I say, inclusive civil selflessness defines all behavior attitude and temperament for quality , attribute and nature of thought correlation in the human experience, exploration and discovery. This Paradigm of thought herein provides for the understanding of the dualism of mind over matter as the Ying and the Yang of the universe.

You see, I believe, Lockeian logic is the sort of conceptual playground that propagated the old world slavery mentality of usury, this Lockeian type thought, with disregard for the quality of thought is where humanity’s problems find their roots for this era of time. Lockeian logic and the exclusive fabricated illusions of the elite using this closed system academic approach to problem solving is a feeble attempt to secure an adequate solution that meets the needs of a holistic human social requirement for responsible stewardship and management. This immature approach to a solution has been the seat of contention since time in memorial, the weak will of the masses has always fell-prey to the predatory greed worms of social-economic prowess; because of humanity’s inherent greedy temperament, which allows its existence to persist.

I noticed, Mr. Sandel’s opinion, in his address on a recent talk show, is that to change the structure and strategy is a dangerous mistake that has more unknowns than humanity can deal with. This avoidance mechanism is the taught behavior of church and state used to control the masses that Friedrich Nietzsche spoke of in his many dissertations on the inadequacies of human capacity and how beast like humans are with their pack mentality… The Lockeian logic approach, used by Sandel to relegate decisions to an obsolete paradigm, is complying with Nietzsche’s viewpoint of human ineptitude. This, avoidance syndrome of humanity is the ineptitude that Mr. Sandel himself also alludes to as, “a less-restrictive, looser version of the veil of ignorance”… The ignorance of avoidance is the learned behavior taught by the social elite to the minions that support their causes that creates the usury scenarios for manipulating the social inept; and so goes the advantage manipulation art of profit based economics…

The avoidance syndrome that is alluded to as ”the veil of ignorance” is in reality the primal mechanism of survival where everyone is more or less focused on their own success in securing their desires from the usury that they see all about them from the very beginning of their life cycle to the day they die. I say, humanity can manage this fundamental survival instinct by employing a better strategy that minimizes the impact of the greed factor that grows out of this survival-temperament, hoarding trait. Here follows a general notion on how to go about minimizing the primal survival behavior instinct…

Economic paradigm shift that will minimize greed, the following three-phase formula is the way to the end of greed:

1) Implement the self-rules of democracy where legislation is the reason choice and decision of the people, based on the three best expert witness solutions that meet the quality criteria of inclusive civil and selfless for the quantitative criteria providing purpose motive and intent.

2) Implement taxed non-profit service based capital investment that is worker owned and operated in all industry and commerce with sales and property taxes providing primary revenue steam and no income tax on worker earnings.

3) Implement an economic parity worth, wealth and value system for all the resources of the economic model so that the economic distribution is democratic, equal and equitable for all based on distribution of thirds: 1/3 owner distribution, 1/3 worker distribution, 1/3 tax distribution…

The dynamic existence paradigm presented herein allows the economic paradigm shift described above to be plausible. Humanity might now move from a philosophy based on Locke’s compressed logic condoning the servitude of sovereignty and conscription exemplifying social usury to a new era of citizenry self-rule. Applying the harmonic synergy derived from following ones conscience of inclusive civil selflessness in every reason choice and decision of purpose motive and intent will fulfill the requirement for moving from a usury society to self-rule society of ownership, equality and equity

The notion for the social-economic paradigm shift begins in the existence paradigm in understanding the scope of our, Being-consciousness, existence and universe. This level of inclusive civil selflessness (ICS) of order, logic and rule drives the quality, the perpetual balance and tuning of ICS equilibrium, balance and unity, for purpose motive and intent expressing the form and function deriving each reason choice and decision action reaction, deed stimuli and result response of life. Every issue-matter of body, mind, and soul (spirit) belongs to our being-conscience, existence and universe. Every issue-matter of body, mind, and soul (spirit) belongs to our being-conscience, existence and universe. As, Beings, we generate our worth, wealth and value from the individual consciousness-quantity and conscience-quality from each of the thoughts we bring to the table of our existence universe, we evolve, create and perfect it in this way…

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loua profile image

loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

Chrissie, this is all about introspection, its a way to explore your psychic quality, attribute and nature of your self ~ the energy that makes you you be... You already sense we are more than life, its the feeling of loss you feel inside, its the connection that has been lost with our energy source... Try the automatic writing with this idea...

chrissie123 profile image

chrissie123 6 years ago

Wow! This is completely out of my league! ummmmmmm I think I recieved an understanding all of my own out of this. I am agnostic I never really look into this except within myself and my own wondering about life. I really enjoyed reading this! very interesting work!

loua profile image

loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

Cheeky Girl, thanks for stopping by and for your observations...

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 6 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

Hy Ioua:

Thanks for becoming my fan. I was most intriggued by this Hub. The comments about the competitive Human spirit are pretty true across the board. I like the idea of duality you present here. I believe in the idea of duality. Seamus Heaney the Nobel Laureate Poet deals with duality in some of his poetry, about how one side of our human side is constantly trying to reconcile with the other side. The idea of that constant struggle appears in lots of places. Even in Eastern Philosophy, like with Yin and Yang. Bhuddism has interesting things to say about this, and about the "Eight Fold Path". (My girlfriend is a Bhuddist). Cool Hub!

loua profile image

loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

lbtrader, Yes it is lengthy; but the material content is vital to explore from the correct perspective... This piece is meant to be thought provoking and a point of investigation that might be explored with an outcome in mind... That outcome will be a consensus of opinions on these issues that can be analyzed for the source of the beliefs... We all have difference perspectives and such; but there is a common thread... This is what I have explored and hope to develop as a discipline..

As you have noticed the themes are similar already its the exclusivity that exacerbates the issues surrounding our existence...

Thanks for the interest... Please voice your opinions, that is what this hub is about... No wrong answers just different perspective of the same thing...

lbtrader profile image

lbtrader 6 years ago from Canada

I got to the part about the three interpretations of God. How ironic that a few hours ago I made a post on one of my blogs about Edgar Cayce and the psychic source and all three of those positions were mentioned.

The matrix, the religious omniscient guy, or the alien genetic manipulation....pick your choose.

Interesting hub but way too much for one sitting.

I'll have to come back to this one...

loua profile image

loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

TOG, Humanity's capacity, ability and potential is a function of its will to perfect its use of thought to evolve its consciousness...

Safety is a function of the care with which one uses to proceed in the endeavors of life...

Peace is the return on the investment in an inclusive civil selfless consciousness for a safe environment...

The Old Firm profile image

The Old Firm 6 years ago from Waikato/Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand

Well lou, I guess Humanity will keep on muddling through, - and if it doesn't the world may or may not be a better place without us, but it'll undoubtedly be a safer, more peaceable one.



loua profile image

loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

Gentlemen TOF and maven, In agreement I say, I never said that humans were the brightest of beast; in fact the shark is to my best belief the most prolific predator if this constitutes intelligence for in survival... It has been on the earth far longer than man; and has not disrupted its environment...

Man has been on the face of the earth for just a short while and has already destroyed many ecosystems used by other life forms, mostly due to inherent ignorance; in so doing has reduced the potential of his own environment... This is one of the points as to why I write to perchance provide guidance for future development that balances the forces of positive and negative impact cause and effect, so to not devastate the rest that is left that has not undergone complete destruction... Then I do it for humanity for they know not what they do...Maybe they will listen to the voice of reason that proclaims their innocence for their stupidity in the destruction of their world, the environment they are dependent on for their very survival...

It is in the history books that civilizations have caused their own demise by their selfish greed to dominate their environment only to destroy it...It is repeating this exercise in futility on a grander scale…

TOF, I chose sailing precisely for that reason you mention to demonstrate that man has failed to sail efficiently and effectively because of its headlong brutish behavioral attitude and temperament… This is the quality of human nature I specifically address in resolving the mess that has been created by the headlong attempts at being the bull in the china closet...

The environment of earth is a fragile biota that needs expert care to remain a viable environment for life to sustain an existence... This concept eludes the brute’s attention because it is a matter of respect, and the brute is only interested in its own survival... It was fine and dandy when there were a few brutes that made grand messes and one or two civilizations, bit the dust; but now there are many imbeciles on the face of the earth playing the same game…

With the scenario that stupidity commenced, an ever-faster rate of destruction is occurring with diminishing return... Soon, very soon, the ratio of imbecile to recovery will be too great to reverse the declining process of the ecosystem in which life resides...

You see I have my work cut out for me it may be that I go down with the ship in the battle: but I will fight it until the end; that is until I find the door to in the universe that lets me out of this nightmare...

You see I am all for the struggle to survive in nature... Nature is a just ruler... The rules of men are a testament to their fabricated false nature that is contrary to inclusive civil selflessness...

In nature there is no conspiracy to take over it, it is the competition for pure survival without ego that makes a just nature… To advantage oneself by deception is a crude and loathsome habit of the lazy man intent on corrupting its environment…

Corrupt men say what they do not mean and they do what they do not say, so they might gain advantage to catch control out of shear brute greed… They guard their kill until the catch putrefies in their own presents as they gorge themselves for fear of wanting more and none to be… They do not understand the concept of management and distribution...If they did; they would hoard it and sell it at the highest price… The jackals and the hyenas are of this sort, the nature of the brutes that operate the human world of greed and corruption... They are stuck in the baseness of their own devise.

The female and the brute is a classic example of the caveman image of humanity where the power of clout captures the interest and attention of the weak and dumb that have no resource of their own; because of poor inheritance…

TOF, It would be fine if women actually had the capability for natural selection… Women are attracted to fat old rich guys because they want their money and the cute guys because their egos are so conditioned to such base responses… Some, at the end of the day, they made and make bad choices based on stupid notions embedded in their feeble brains…

Strong will is an asset if applied correctly; but when it is in the brain of a wealthy Neanderthals that live in our social environments and want to dominate them at all cost then I say the game has gone too far from the natural holistic nature of survival and it needs correcting…

Your analogy of the ruff and-tumble is grand; but it is lackluster in light of the conditions in question (a fair playing field)… “Somehow this concept eludes the gravity of the conversation”…this is what I am striving to provide to the world so that it might right itself from all the minutiae it surrounds itself with, that has no significance in the big picture.

As far as power goes, self-rule makes for a good distribution of wealth and value… Committees should never make decisions it is a fools error to let them… All decisions are made best by and for the stockholders; the people owning the sovereignty, the people of self-rule…

Cheers to you,thanks for the banter


The Old Firm profile image

The Old Firm 6 years ago from Waikato/Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand

Tacking is an unfortunate analogy, loua. The Spanish Armada couldn't tack to windward with any particular gain, Drake new it, and the weather patterns, so played bowls and let it self destruct on the rocks of Scotland and Northern Ireland.

I must agree with maven that human nature is governed by competition. It's in our DNA, and necessary to our survival as a species. The females seek the strongest/most successful male to have the best offspring, with the greatest chance of these being raised to maturity. Whether you're in the hills having punch-ups to get the best cave and the communities best shaped women, or on a committee on Capitol Hill stuffing up health aid reforms, the aim is the same, and the outcome too. A bloodied battered compromise with the most heed being paid the strongest will - who is as often not only built like an ox but as dumb as one too. -but cunning, but cunning.

Very few committees entrusted with distributing power or prestige let these far from their grasp. You don't shoot yourself in the foot. (Or wallet!)

Huxley knew this, back in '31.



loua profile image

loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

Maven your misplaced metaphoric reference misses the mark for any meaningful dialogue. To provide a meaningful analogy one generally sticks to some tangible reference in reference to the subject matter, i.e., keeping the (apple apple) relationship, and not cross-referencing to the oranges and to a tomato of dubious invention, the vagary dilutes the content of the message...”You made no attempt to point out the context content of what you referred to”…

I would enjoy some concrete descriptive criticism; not vagary...

I am curious as to the origin of your reference to the many attempts made at using the paradigms I have proposed.

Maven you might read “Science and human values”, (The abacus and the rose); by Jacob Bronowski; it is a very good explanation of proportionate analogy within a context the key terms being, proportionate and context, so the vagary of the analogy does not dilute the content of the message context...

The attempt to discredit the paradigm is meaningless. I suggest you quit tacking into the wind... Sailing into the wind one gets the sense of a lot of wind in the face but it fails to fill the sails to advance any length of the journey... Wind in the face may inflate the negative ego for a moment; but it does nothing for advancing the humble journey of the soul in the waters of existence... My paradigm vessel is, tacked, with the wind at its back to get the full effect of the available positive inclusive ego from humanity's selfless will that might salvage the dignity of humanity's existence journey. How's that for a metaphorical analogy in context with the material.

Now, dear friend give me some meaningful references that might provide tactful analogies that will construct good air to fill the sails of my Pollyanna vessel; then good friend you may boast of a good cause and effect from a real purposeful pursuit.

maven101 profile image

maven101 6 years ago from Northern Arizona

Ioua... Its called analogy my friend...and to quickly sum up, I think your remark "...most plausible course of action for the benefit of humanity whether humanity can comprehend that objective is quite another story...", is indeed quite another story, one that you have apparently failed to factor in with your Pollyanna solution to the perceived ills of mankind...

Look, I understand your concern for the plight of those struggling to provide for themselves and family, and, yes, any fool can acknowledge there is evil in this world, and your solution to alleviate and change this condition is admirable; one with which I am in total agreement if we lived in a perfect world...but the fact remains, we do not live in a perfect world, and to pretend otherwise is to deny all of man's tragic history...Do you not think this has all been tried before..? Your ideas for changing man's nature have a long history, with little success in the main...small groups have achieved a " conscience ruled consciousness " here on earth. But when applied to the masses it is rejected because of man's inherent competitiveness which can only be defeated, and then only temporarily, by totalitarianism demanding conformity, and frankly, I would not want to live in that stifling, dispassionate, and dependent world...You are offering a lotus leaf my friend, which is just another form of control...Larry

loua profile image

loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

Marvin, your scifi scenario is not conducive to very deep thought. The idea of a pseudo race of imaginary mix is not what I have proposed nor have interest in...I do not know how you have construed the explanation to be such.

It is a, pretty, big supposition to presume that humanity has no commonality; and is without sufficient ability to use its conscience in a constructive manner to boot.

You have far less of an opinion of humanity than I do or is it that you think the spoils only belong to a few?

The mechanism and result I have proposed is all in the here and now and totally, plausible.

Let me clarify the understanding of conscience as the superset quality of consciousness that defines the spectrum action ranging from inclusive civil and selflessness through exclusive evil and selfish...

It is not hard to comprehend its application; it is but like a pooch, trained in obedience or a soldier to duty there is a resistance, an apprehension to the thought of conceding to a higher authority. The result of adhering to the scale and measure results in a more domesticated human not an alien race...

Look renaissance men and women have long debated the look and feel of the future of the race. It is my opinion, impression and calculation that the future race will be more mindful and inclusive civil and selfless; that is the ones that survive to become of that sort.

I am just suggesting that the sooner the evolution begins the sooner it will occur... I am not demanding it happen I am suggesting it is the most plausible course of action for the benefit of humanity whether humanity can comprehend that objective is quite another story, it’s the story I am selling with the tools of discovery that support it...

maven101 profile image

maven101 6 years ago from Northern Arizona

It still boils down to the progressive ideal of equality...another take on Harrison Bergeron...your idealistic stipulation falls short of reality...people are different...different in mentality, socially, and ambition...the idea that conscience would rule consciousness is absurd when applied to the world at large...there will always be greed, avarice, and usury, unless we became as the Borg...Larry

loua profile image

loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

Hey guys, ralwus, GGarza, maven101, TOF, and Artin, Thanks for taken the time to discern your opinions on the article content, and make comment...

The intent of the piece is to demonstrate there is a way to address the primary issue, the notion is a viable means for responding to the needs of our world. It is an inclusive end expression of a democracy. It is equal to a civil means to form governance in a selfless way to function as a united world. This is the thesis; the notion is based on...

The notion is simply applying the quality attribute and nature of inclusive civil selflessness in every aspect of life - it is the ultimate quality control measure for determining trueness, truth and trust... All that is in existence responses to it for it is the fulcrum of quality balance in the universe. It is the same as the expression for neutrality as is a balanced force of positive and negative energy... It needs to suffice to say at this time that it has infinite proof as to its validity...

The trueness of this notion is found in the truth of the meanings and the trust in the facts that express the form and function of the end expression... the end expression is the proof, the means is to form the evidence and the way is to use the functional facts to develop the next step in the set process for a system and procedure for inclusive civil and selfless governance to express the form and function of behavior attitude and temperament.

The result is a mechanism for evolving the state of world affairs. It can evolve from chaos to balance, by employing the quality control of the highest order: the conscience of inclusive civil selflessness. It is funny how everyone cringes at the words; they are the ultimate weapons for dealing with greed and for defeating the economic usury machine that has pit the people of the world against each other for their exclusive evil selfish usury advantage and manipulation.

Well that is it concisely... Keep posted to see how it plays out... There is definitely more to come, it is an infinite solution so it has application everywhere...

Just think if the conscience ruled consciousness, what would be the potential of the world in the universe, if humanity worked in unison to discover their purpose motive and intent for being... We might even survive to fight another day for the freedom of some other species...

Artin2010 profile image

Artin2010 6 years ago from Northwestern Florida, Gulfcoast

Nice Hub, very interesting says me. Do you have a title in mind for the new book? Will you advertise it on hubpages?

Openmindedness is always a far better option when questioning the argument of political usury.Do any of us really know the best medicine for controlling such a large government body with overwhelming resource being tossed around like Halloween candy. It's all about the control I guess. Art

The Old Firm profile image

The Old Firm 6 years ago from Waikato/Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand

Thank you for taking the time to reply fully to me loua, I wasn't implying that your hub was overly long, just that for me to address all your points would take almost as long a reply as the article.

"Establishing the truth of statements made by politicians..."

surely an Oxymoron with a capital "O"!

I wish you well with the book.

regards, TOF.

maven101 profile image

maven101 6 years ago from Northern Arizona

Ioua...Interesting strategy but based on rather shakey assumptions that there is universal agreement to the definitions of truth, equality, and equity....Perhaps if you were to gain agreement in this area I could more keenly respond...Larry

GGarza profile image

GGarza 6 years ago

Your post would be better if shorter. You cover too many points. Multiple posts would be better.

ralwus 6 years ago

This all too much for my slow mind this morning, so I concur with my good friend Firm. I chose the easy way out. LOL

loua profile image

loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

Old Firm, I am writing a book and there is a lot of material presented in many ways so people might comprehend it. If I were to use a few words, people would complain there was not enough explanation, so whom do I please?

Let me address your points of interest and use as few words as possible without loosing sight of the issue:

1)If you mean presumption to be a conclusion assumption nothing is further from reality than your perspective. I am not one to take anything for being truth until I have sufficient evidence as I do have concrete evidence in what I speak of, I will profess to be an authority...I fear nothing by the truth, it’s what I peddle, it’s my product line and I stand by it...

The principles concepts and propositions presented herein are based on axioms I use to derive the thesis which is formulated from the natural law of thought that dictates if you wish to have trueness truth and trust it must be inclusive civil and selfless. Therefore, I provide content of such providing a perception of reality from a perspective that exposes the truth as fact based on evidence.

I am sorry if you were confused TOF; but the spectrum of options for the defining the source of existence are: a) it is a creation of unknown origin; b) it was created by a source or c) we are the evolving creator, these are the proposed paradigms. If you feel there are other viable options please let me know I will incorporate them in the discussion...

2) I like the expedience thing it registers with the content, as to how shallow the meaning actually is when church and state peddle it for their sole purpose of control...

3) I fail to see the humor; but then we have a different perspective; the presumption that a camel/ horse analogy works is lost in the lesser logic of the state convention; but if it means that to date the political forums have been dog and pony shows its

Excuse me; but, my solution is to develop expert witness criteria to establish the truth of the statements made by politicians and lobbyist before using the ideas to make laws and bills for spending taxpayers’ dollars. If, your, proverbial committees where staffed by competent expert witnesses your joke would have, no, truth ~ How about that...

Always good to hear from you TOF

Ut lumen mens


The Old Firm profile image

The Old Firm 6 years ago from Waikato/Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand

You cover too broad a range of presumptions for me to offer my thoughts on them all without taking almost as much space. This doesn't mean that I disagree with all you propound, however for brevity I will make three comments:

1) A basic principle of salesmanship is to offer a choice that is always to your advantage (Which one do you want to buy, the economy model or the gold plated one like the President's secretary has?) The other choice - Don't buy anything - is avoided. Your opening presentation, - creation, creation, or Creation does this. I personally lean towards Darwinism.

2)The God Mammon is as you point out the most worshipped God in the Western world, presented of course as the Almighty for religious and political expediency.

3)Your solution to world woes in the final paragraphs brings to mind the truism "A camel is a horse designed by a committee!" I would guess that at this level you'd end up with angels looking suspiciously like a cross between a platypus and a spiny anteater, with the brains of a louse and the ethics of an out of State political convention.

Cheers, TOF

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