The Goal of Creation

The Big Bang

The Goal of Creation ~

Wrapping your arms around this concept takes consideration of all the notions that formulate the concept of creation. To make it most concise I would suggest creation is the evolution of perfection. All effort is made in this general trend. You see equilibrium is a balanced unity-perfection so creation must tend towards perfection as the artist, the scientist, the plan all tend towards developing a perfection of sorts. This notion will fit into each and every paradigm because probability iteration and permutation is the mechanism of the random order we as beings of self wish to control with some sort of perfection. Ponder this thought as you read on.

We as beings of self toil to perfect; but what is it we think we are perfecting?.

The Quality of God's Purpose:
Embedded in this essay on identifying the most pertinent issue and the primary problem that faces us as humans are the truths of observations we all witness but refuse to address because it is not convenient for our selfish purposes.

1) To start with the fact and truth that GOD has nothing to do with religion. Religion does not own the concept of GOD. I realize religions feel they coined the term and it is their trademark but unless they have a patent, I can use the term to describe my theory for unification of our humanity.

2) I believe the politics of governance; science and religion are hedging in their exclamations of righteousness to protect their turf. They fail to weave a thread of common ground between themselves because it would identify their hypocrisy. They say one thing and act contrary to their professions. All their politics are about greed not consensus of any ideology for the betterment of humanity.

3) God is but the origin source beginning of our being. The word God is a term defining the creator of our being. I realize it is not an apparent fact: but really, "place some thought to it.” We have to come from somewhere. I say the term for our origin is GOD. I have a thesis to describe the components of GOD the origin, the Source of our being in terms of qualitative mechanics. God is a force of quality that is energy perfection. Without quality, a quantity of force lacks purposeful meaning.

The message in this essay is: "humanity is responsible for what they what God to be responsible for.” All the chaos and tragedy of life is of human cause. If human's used their god given senses they would not behave the way they do; and life would not be so stressful if greed was removed from the equation of life. We create the quality of God's purpose.

Opinions on facts that distort the concept of God:
Facts are based on opinions. Opinions are based on apparent understanding. Actual understanding only occurs upon experience and discovery of the nuances of the apparent aspects of the observation. So, I conclude, the lack of understanding of GOD is due to several limiting factors:

1) Limited ability of man, the observers, to model the truth of the deed of GOD and the quality of being.

2) Psychosocial biases stemming from fear of the responsibilities associated with discovering, we are what GOD is ~ Parts of the whole of creation that has evolved and will continue to evolve if given the opportunity to discover purpose of being with definition and model to follow.

3) The unformulated observations of the apparent aspects of our being all lend to the failure in not creating a mechanism of governance from the facts that would form positive opinions in support of embracing the unknown and factoring it into our decision making (a social-process-mechanism like, qualitative mechanics for defining purpose-worth).

The Understanding of Self:
Our human nature is without a clue as to our origin or purpose. The praising of deities in worship are grand exhibitions of blind faith. Without a concept for the pragmatics of our situation and answers to resolve our state of affairs, we are not fulfilling the goal of creation.

Only the mind-self, in connection with the thought-universe of being, can fathom the scope and reason of existence. If our human nature is let to persist with just applying the use of the mind-self and its brain’s feeble storage of thought-impulses, our fate is as good as that of the dinosaur. Look at all the civilizations that no longer exist. We are on the same track. The answers are in the mind-universe of existence. We have access to the metaphysical mind-universe. We must use it to solve our problems.

The metaphysical mind-universe is the storehouse of all the knowledge we need to perfect our being. Our animal impulse-instincts stored in our brains are not without their use as programmed responses for relaying impulses; but the brain is not able to manifest, create or comprehend the resolution of any of the problems that we face as beings of existence. It never was and never will be-able to do this; because it is the mind of thought that is the house of wisdom’s knowledge and understanding-insight, which discerns the thought of manifestation.

Perspective of the Mind:
The use of the mind is not foreign to any of us. Ask yourself who you are. Let your mind or mind-self answer you; just listen to your thoughts. Write them down and you will have the answer. Write down your questions and ask yourself to answer them. Do not dwell on thinking about anything else just focus on thinking about the question. Let your hand write what it is told to without concern for the content. Have faith that thought is the force that provides the words from the mind and that the mind is the source of the knowledge and understanding-insight of wisdom.

Thought in itself is metaphysical and it manifests the words we speak in accordance with our purpose, motive and intent. The problem is we rely on the capacity of the mind-self by limiting the scope of interpretation of the response rather than continuing to synthesize the knowledge available from the mind-universe, the collective thought of consciousness. It is the function of the big picture rather than just the individual-selfish-self which is needed to perfect our being. We are the manifestation of the thoughts of an inclusive, civil and selfless creative-universe; but we can limit our potential by using less than the capacity of this available ability; this is the trap humanity has fallen into by isolating excluding and selfishly manipulating thought.

Metaphysical Perspective Model of Self:
Three definitions of our cosmos-matter existence-energy and harmony-potential ~

1) Consciousness is an existence universe
2) Being is an existence self
3) Sense is mind-soul-body and spirit-self-awareness

With these definitions, one can begin a journey of discovery of self; where the self is a tri-fold entity of sense manifested in being's mind-soul-body of self-spirit. We have a consciousness of self; we have a being of self; and we have the sense of self. Self-spirit awareness is the will of self-potential, from this point you plan your goal's design from the probability iteration and permutation of your circuit course and journey path.

Limiting attributes of the Mind:
Humanities’ selfish-mind-self attitude of short-sighted-plans-purpose, motive and intent has minimized the discovery of all that is unknown. Mind-Thought is the tool of experience, observation and discovery. Thought must always be inclusive, civil and selfless so it may apply infinitely for the only selfish aspect is the oneness of God.

Look at an instance of this notion: - It is a grand gesture to propose change and the benefit to one and not consider all other changes needed. Does the benefit apply to all the other proposed change and benefit, if the problems have yet to be resolved and their impacts are not measured nor balanced so that there remains a lack of equilibrium of the energy expended? The answer is no.

Manifestations of the mind:
Lets look at this in an example: Given the notion of castle building for instance, it was conceived because of self-sensory perception and made by starting with a notion of passion, goal and objective. The castle began as a mind-self-thought of an existing concept and a plan to do something that was imagined but not-yet manifested in its physical state. To takes place it took the will of the mind-self to manifest the passion of what the self desired, the drive of self stimulated the thought response for the creation of the castle. This process, practice and procedure takes place for all that is manifested.

Visualization of the manifestation concept:

One must visualize the castle in the mind then manifest the image of the structure and all the integral parts on paper. Calculate the dimensions of the proportions and set about gathering the materials to construct the edifice. Only then at the point of construction is it known that the materials, the design, and the planning are adequate. The fundamental common denominator is the concept.

Was the concept what was needed? Do we make castles today? Why? Did the people believe the castle was needed? All are fundamental questions that align the thought purpose, motive and intent with the plan goal and objective of inclusive civil selflessness.

Quality of manifestation:
Castles are grand edifices that satisfied the ego of humankind but did nothing for what was needed. The mind-thought required to analyze the qualitative mechanics of the purpose of the edifice was not applied because there was neither understanding nor wisdom of its use. If there was this wisdom, if qualitative mechanics was used as an applied methodology, as mind methodology, things change and purpose-wisdom flourishes.

My point is, before vast sums of energy are spent on castles made of sand, look at the fundamental common denominators of the projects and attack the problems at the point of commonality, the point where the problems arise, the basic fundamental cause and effect of the action. If the world of humanity applied the inclusive, civil and selfless mind-thought of the universe they would not have need for castles made of sand.

Brain Impulses:
The mind is the source of all brain impulse but brain impulses lack any capacity of understanding, it is just a neural-muscular response transmitter for mind signals of thought that operate the biological body machine. The mind in-turn is limitless in terms of capacity to understand. All knowledge exists in the mind. The idea is born because the mind-thought placed it there like sperm fertilizing an egg. The bits of impulse that the brain uses are of the mind. The manifestation of the knowledge as an idea provides the seed for brain-neural-muscular activity. The activity of the brain is the realm of psycho-motor-response employed in evidencing physical phenomena.

Mind verses brain:
There is a vast difference between mind thought and brain impulses. People create and understand by way of mind-thought. Thought comes from beyond the brain. Ideas are not of the brain. You can think without formulating purpose but thought will formulate purpose if you think it to be. Think about it. Does your brain allow you to ponder thought? The answer is no; Thought is a function of consciousness and the universe or your emotion’s-will. That is why everyone does not do it right. They have apparent thoughts when they regurgitate the same type of thinking from the mind-self. This process of thinking uses the known values of mind-self (apparent information) while leaving out the unknown factors the mind-universe alone knows; but is willing to share if used as inclusive, civil and selfless ends, means and ways to evolve creations perfection.

I will state this here, that a computer can replicate thought; but it cannot invent it as the universe does with the capacity ability and potential for disposing it to the self. A computer can replicate self but it does not have the probability of self, it is limited to a specific programmed functionality.

Thinking out-side of the box:
Thought 1) Using the common denominators of thought one can propose a model of being. Consciousness is the mind-thought of being’s universe. The ontology of man requires a perspective of an observer. As any study once you place yourself in the equation of understanding, you limit the scope of understanding your back to mind-self thinking. The compilation of the models of being, prescribed though the ages, requires a source of being. Ergo, we are part of the source. All existing models require someone at the helm. This is a whole other story.

Thought 2)
I am curious as to why all of the expenditures in so many fragmented initiatives. Global progress will come from one source, one source alone, the understanding of self and our purpose for being.

Thought 3) All the money and powers of the world can not satisfy the basic need of the body without the consent of the mind. The human Will is akin to the miracle of creation. Both are presently indefinable by current science in terms of origin and composition.

Realization of self:
The majority of the human species are not convinced that the role they play can affect a change in benefit to them, as one would think if he perceived self-existence as part of the whole of creation.

Man’s selfish goal is to pursue what he understands to be his objective (satisfying self).

When the selfish goal is found unsatisfying, or understood to be a misconception, the selfless goal is realized.

Scope of self:
To realize the potential of being part of the whole, to exercise the mind in the discovery of the unknowns about you, to affect the lives of others in a positive or negative way is the realization of self. This notion takes into consideration the balance of the forces in the nature of all aspects of our being.

There is by necessity positive and negative in all the equations of being. This realization is the root to the understanding of our collective dilemma of sharing the rights to a happy and meaningful existence.

Everyone wants to lead given the Will, the strength to challenge and win the encounter. All the opposing forces are balanced by nature because man has not gained the knowledge and understanding of the mechanisms of the Will.

Meaning of self:
The Will is the construct of the emotion, the emotion is the construct of the senses all in a synergistic balance of the forces that affect the system of the mind and spirit of creation humankind being one part. The self is a segment of thought the Will of creation itself.

The nature of self:
Going back to the castle example, again; could the world have survived without castles? Castles protected the rulers who suppressed the people and protected them from other rulers who wanted their possessions and control. Something had to be done to develop the nature of man; but greed and self-interest dominate the rationalization of humankind.

The dilemma of self:
If men could see their common needs, none of the problems we face would be. All the endeavors of humanity are admirable; but there is a gaping hole in the center of their attempt to reconcile the wrongs of humanity.

The needs of self:
Give them the tools to discover self-understanding so all the plans, and efforts to provide wellbeing can be propagated. Give them a unified model of the mechanics the Will.

The delusion of self:
Here is another perspective example that uses a metaphoric analogy; Don Quixote de la Mancha (1605 and 1615), by Miguel de Cervantes, tells of Alonzo Quixano, full of fantasies and illusions of an idealized foe only to find that chivalry is absurd.

Idealization of self ideology:

The idealization of a problem limits the application of the solution. Many idealized problems exist that the same solution may solve; but the solutions to idealized problems have few applications. Thermodynamics is a science that recognizes the difference between open and closed system solutions. The variables needed for solving problems in an open system require a spirit of inclusion to get all the data necessary for solution or the solution fails do to neglecting the root causes of the reaction stimulus and response.

Integrity of self:
Chivalry as integrity of ethics in general is an idealized notion of behavior without recognition of what causes behavior. One needs to know what the root cause of and effect before the impact can be addressed with any level of integrity. The law at present isolates its focus on the incident and not what propagates the instance, so crime repeats indefinitely; because the root cause is never addressed. Every crime is do to mismanagement of the governance process.

This example exemplifies the notion of the spirit of the constitution and the spirit of the law by recognizing that holistic solutions require idealization; but not dogmatic application of narrow laws that focus on demonizing and not resolution of behavior are counterproductive.

The rhetoric of self:
I hope you appreciate my method of rhetoric. I realize it not clear, if you persist to use your brain and not your mind of universal-understanding of inclusive civil selflessness. The mind that provides for the completion of perception of the thoughts of meaning and truth that has absolute application.

Mind thought of self:
Let your mind thought dictate to the impulse process of your brain. Perspective of perception is imperative. Nothing is actual only apparent until the mind of creation resolves an answer from the sum of its parts, which we are only a part. It must become apparent that the Goal of Creation is for it to evolve. We play a role in its evolution. We may choose to be part of the growth and development or we will be a thought in the history of that development.

Defining self:
What is the Will of man but his intent.

Do you know your intent and the intent of others?

Does every man know how to act correctly in the pursuit of existence?

It is necessary to have a model; like that of the church’s spiritual models. We need an unencumbered secular pragmatic mental (mind) model to fill the gap between religion (spiritual), politics (verbal), science (mathematical), and the arts (visual) interpretation of our being. Therefore, we can get to the purpose of our being in a more expedient manner and not be fiddling around the water hole until the well runs dry.

The quality of self:
The quality of God's purpose is founded in the will of self, its attributes and nature. Identifying self is the most pertinent issue humanity faces in discovering the goal of its creation.


Now it is time to ponder the holistic quality attribute and nature of this essay to realize the perspective of inclusive civil selflessness that will spawn the growth of stewardship responsibility needed to evolve the perfection of humanity.

None of this content is to be used with out my expressed written permission. The idea and trademark are of the author's design: The idea, we are GOD and the trademark Qualitative Mechanics as a mind definition is not to be used without expressed permission from the author.

This is requesting simply that these notions not be taken out of context.

from: summary of GLOBAL CONNECTION AND WORLD NEWS.doc responding to, “Your help is needed”, in the 2/14/99 Atlanta Journal-Constitution article.

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loua profile image

loua 4 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

DAWNEMARS, thank you for reading and commenting...

Steiner worked at a synthesis between science and mysticism his philosophy proposed a connection between the cognitive path of Western philosophy and the inner and spiritual needs of the human being. ~

I am pleased that you might see me in Steiner's light, as also being a thinking soul; but myself I hold that thought is the primary force of existence and as such is the God in us as thought beings. I have found a thread of understanding that connects the three primary dimensions of body, mind, and soul as the science of thought which correlates with the essence, sense and expression of our physical, metaphysical and mystical existence energy, nature and spirit. I write to expound on this thesis theme, to deliver the dialectic, paradigm model that links the physical, the metaphysical, and the mystical expression, sense, and essence of our existence universe... ~

I understand there to be a singular energy, nature and spirit of Being that wills all the existence object forms which occur as individual entities bearing some polarity of positive or negative capacity which creates their personality and identity within the matrix of the All, which creates, evolves and perfects the existence universe. ~

Being, as the matrix manifold of existence seeks balance by virtue of its very singular construct as the triad energy, nature and spirit of the All which composes the three planes of existence matrix universe... ~

The All of energy, nature, and spirit occurs due to the essence, sense, and expression of each iteration of the source, feeling and form, as probabilities occurring within the permutations of each identity which adds to the composition of the whole universe. ~

The individual personalities of the matrix evolve, create and perfect their identity during their various iteration occurrences in the existence universe. With this notion I propose the process, system and plan for the evolution and perfection of the human condition within the context of the existence universe...~

DAWNEMARS profile image

DAWNEMARS 4 years ago from The Edge of a Forest in Europe

Not being a creep but....

This for some reason reminds me of: Rudolph Steiner. Have you read any of the translations?

Not the same words, put in a different way. I like the way everything is connected together and the different aspects to the human condition.

loua profile image

loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

I write not to deceive myself nor any other; but to communicate what is...

angel 0 zen profile image

angel 0 zen 6 years ago

You able to decipher topics sharply as a sword.

There is complacency with your words.

Gypsy Willow profile image

Gypsy Willow 7 years ago from Lake Tahoe Nevada USA , Wales UK and Taupo New Zealand

I enjoyed reading your essay but I cannot comment until I fully undertand it. Later!

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