The Meaning of Self

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Defining the Self ~

To derive the meaning of self one must dissect the notion of self into its component parts. In so doing, one finds the emotion, the desire, and the will to be that composes the world of self within the mind, body, and soul of our being spirit ... These elements of self are the elements of the thought…. Thought constructs the self as the function of its expression to be in its form… Thought creates the expressed physical self in its image...

Exactly what is it, to be, the meaning of being? Being is consciousness, which is thought existence as a self and universe.

Thoughts are, said written and enacted in many ways, with many different meanings, to develop attraction, attention and intention. The useful quality of thought is in its attraction purpose... This quality is in the meaning attention motive and its ways intent to do, to be, and to become the perfection of thought's capacity, ability and potential for being, this all formulates the value of self; where quality is the attribute and worth of thought's purpose...

We construct the self from the threads of thoughts that reflect the cosmos world constructed, by our being, as conscious creators of our existence...

To be or not to be the creator of such cloth is oft the dilemma of our self-identity...

Another perspective of self is its physical expression, which one can understand from the following description:

The following information is quoted from, The Physics of Immortality by, Frank J. Tipler

A human being can be exhaustively described by 10 45 bits of information, though this number may not be the actual Kolmogorov complexity; a human being may be simpler.

We know a human is, not more complicated, provided quantum mechanics and ontological reductionism are correct. Ontological reduction is a claim about the way things are, which is the reason for calling it "ontological," which means the "study of nature of being".

Reductionism is to deal with the lowest common denominator of physical law; i.e. by comparison, a typical book codes between 10 to the power of 6 and 10 to the power of 7 bits, and the human brain about 10to the power of 15 bits. It cannot be understood completely by any human being whatsoever if the being does not have a sufficiently powerful intellect to derive a correct answer by dealing directly with the lowest-level theory, which as the Bekenstein Bound shows, is in a precise one-to-one correspondence with physical reality.

Remember a theory one-generation considers irreducible the following generation will reduce.

Opinion is that metaphysical reduction is the lowest-level theory that accommodates the understanding and unification of physical phenomena.

The metaphysical sense is; Being is the thought self spirit…

Recommended reading please see the marvellous book by Neale Donald Walsch - Home with God.

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Virginia R. Huff 4 years ago

self: A part of the mind that choose to be ones best friend or worst enemy. the cantainer of the voice that we embrace or reject.when it is needed most for a positive outcome.

loua profile image

loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

GPAGE , DynamicS, Philent, msorensson, Paradise7 vanderhaven, and gusripper , this response is for you all to have a first look of the future post that will be part of a description on the geometry of thought… Enjoy…

Hot off the press for your ears only…lol

Thanks, everyone, for reading the piece… Understanding self is a, very, unique subject; I have fashioned this response as an address on the nature of self. It should help answer the questions asked, if not let me know and I will respond again, until the vagueness is erased; or at least minimized… The understanding of the concept is needed for our lives to be worth the value we place on it (self)…

Let me start with a basic concept of self; the self is at the crux of our nature, as we are human mind beings of existence that express the many faces of self in form and function.

I have explored it for years figuring how best to differentiate its source…

Freud had investigated the notion of self from a psycho sensual perspective and recognized the three aspects, the id ego and superego… His theory has these elements residing in the mind of the brain, which is a fictitious place in the head… I have been given a different understanding, after much pondering of the notion. I have determined the mind is composed of infinite energy impulses as wave particle vibrations that emanate from the source of thought…

The elements of thought are desire emotion and will. They are the source of and for the wave particle vibrations purpose motive and intent in a probable iteration and permutation spectrum from the alpha of time in the continuum of energy and space thru to the omega of time forming the universe we perceive...

Difficult as it may seem it is a perfect model for investigating the self of the All from the Freudian perspective… The difficulty has been to derive the difference between brain and mind… This is where all the misunderstanding occurs…

The brain mind interface is the bottleneck of the equation of consciousness; when the brain receives cognitive information to explain the phenomena the physical senses looses it in translation… All the descriptions, for heaven and hell and aliens and devils and monsters and such, are models for describing what is not wanted or is opposed to what is wanted thus desired. Simply speaking, the aspects of thought formulated are considered in the conscience (magnet). The conscience declares the bias to be a negative, positive or neutral thought feature. The imagination invents a picture (symbol) description to impress the belief bias (convention) on the brain (neurons)…

Understand now, thought takes place in the mind; but has to convey the information to the brain for physical response as a stimulus reaction of body expression, form and function…

As we know, talking out the thoughts of the mind has been a long and arduous endeavor for expression… The reason for this is the convention for conveying thought has been limited to deception of the actual purpose motive and intent of the impulses associated to the thoughts conveyed… Deception is a remnant of the survival instinct of our past ancestry as beast, barbarians, and bullies that we are just beginning to address in terms of overcoming its use as a mechanism of survival…

As I have provided in the text above, the brain has a limit on the amount of data it can handle, and the metaphysical understanding is more than the limit of one’s cognition ability to convert to relative symbols for sense expression… If information routed to the brain is not in a quantified format of abbreviated form, the brain cannot assimilate the notion of the information and defaults to deception as a protective mechanism to mask behavior... We therefore strive for words of explanation that find commonality in the brains of humanity that keep us in an advantageous predator position.

The amount of information conveyed is limited by the brains capacity to decipher it. Technical jargon is used to minimize the amount of distortion; but even then, for example: Rocket engineers cannot build spacecraft by themselves even if they can design the whole thing in theory. It takes too much memory for all the data elements to be stored and applied for one brain to do it, yet the mind holds all the information that ever was…

Here is the fun stuff, the mind knows and understands everything; that’s why people pray, ponder, and seek visions; we sense this already… This is how one accesses the mind store for bits of information to carry back to our physical environment without overloading the mind brain connection; this is how I got this information…

The entity of our being self is the mind soul spirit that has the power to access the mind store. Self-mind and brain communication is encumbered by the physical brain, as mentioned… The senses of brain cognition are unclear as to what is going on in this communication because the language is unclear… The doubt felt from this unclearness as it is confounded in the physical system do to the undifferentiated translate of the messages encumbers the interface and makes it difficult to make clear the connectivity of brain and mind from a pure physical expression that is accepted by all in a general sense… This is what causes the feelings we all have that are not readily explainable… Then you have all the deception that takes place on both physical and spiritual levels this compounds the difficulty of conveying the messages from the mind… All, in all, until there is a common thread to envelop our thoughts there will always be discontent in lives divided by misunderstandings of purpose motive and intent…

I have worked hard and long to discover that words are the same in each environment of existence and actions of deed are all expressions of the thought universe… The key is that thought has only three elements desire emotion and will… This is the shorthand or impulse expression, form and function descriptions for conveying the messages of the mind to the physical brain synapses…

Now you have it… This is my declaration divulging my discovery findings: This thought will change the world… This string DEW is the same type of key as the DNA key; but it is the superset of all keys, it is the master key. It is the superset of all thought… The information I am sharing belongs to the universe, it was provided to me for dissemination… The information presented herein is my intellectual knowledge… I request this content only be used by those who acknowledge its source… that this information used for financial gain without the expressed permission and agreement of the author… The author is, louis phillip archambault…

There is much research left to this discovery to make it more usable; but I am confident it is a viable venture… I am looking for participants that might like to pursue this line of inquiry Let me know if you might have interest in so doing…There are many roles to play in developing this understanding, and disseminating the resulting information.

I hope to get lots of inquiries on this; it is a very important discovery… It may yet take more time for it to come of age; but I assure you it will be a significant part of the future development of humanity…It is the Rosetta stone for differentiating mind thought impulse from brain sense responses to self expression, form and function…

The capacity, ability and potential of the self is in the discovery and understanding of how best to apply thought in seeking the wisdom to develop and perfect the system of thought for the survival of humanity. Thought is the touring machine of being and the self is the pilot…We are an experience of thought creation as individual self experiences discovering the realm of thought, so the collective selves are absolute thought or best described as the All…

You might recognize this; that we (humanity) are dependent on the discoveries of thought to be part (a character) of the All (God, church, communion) as it explores and discovers its perfection…

This is not scfi; this is the absolute reality of existence…Its much better than scfi…It’s the ultimate reality show…lol

Thanks for listening to the ramblings of future

gusripper profile image

gusripper 6 years ago

Do you think that our self is the GOD?And if it is, then imagine our other side of "hell"?Anyway your hub is fantastic.

vanderhaven profile image

vanderhaven 6 years ago

Wow, this is deep. I kind of don't understand it. :)

That keeps it quite interesting though and I love to read and learn more things. Thanks for this hub, I'll go read it again and ponder it some more.

Paradise7 profile image

Paradise7 6 years ago from Upstate New York

I'm re-reading this hub. I think I got the message. The beginning of it confused me a little. I thought your premise was that we are limited to the specific number of bits of information that our brains can absorb, in being "ourselves". Later on, I thought your premise was that our sense of self derives from our thoughts about ourselves, family, community, religion, society...then still later on, I thought your premise was that we must continue to expand our sense of self to include everything and everyone.

Do you see what I mean? I'm still just not sure what the premise was. It might be over my head.

msorensson profile image

msorensson 6 years ago

A great discourse, loua

According to the sages, there is no abiding self. Only the thought process makes it appear that there is so.

As the intellect has inherent limits, the truth about the self can not be arrived at by pure reason. It has to be experienced.

Where no thought exists, there is the self.

Philent profile image

Philent 6 years ago

great hub..thought provoking..

DynamicS profile image

DynamicS 6 years ago from Toronto, Canada

Wow! very profound. self is ever evolving to reach actualization and more actualization...

Thanks for the perspective.

GPAGE profile image

GPAGE 6 years ago from California

Always enjoy your hubs. GPAGE

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