The Meaning of Friendship

Portia and Shylock

TOPIC: Philosophical Psychology of Relationships


Essay Content:

I. Relationship and Friendship Defined:

II. Friendship Usury Essay Thesis:

III. Defining the Rhetoric of Friendship:

IV. The Mechanism of Usury:

V. Reality, Perception and Perspective of the Mark:

VI. The Setting Where Usury Takes Place:

VII. My Rant and Rave Introduction On The Thesis Statement describing the Box Where Humanity Lives:

VIII. Background of Topic and Subject History and its Derivation:

IX. Social Experiment:

X. Outcome:

XI. Conclusion:

XII. Summary:

XIII. Recommendation:


SUBJECT: The Meaning of Friendship Usury

I. Relationship and Friendship Defined -

Relationships define the love each person brings to the personal contact of friendship relative to the tolerance shared within this unique contact. From another perspective, love is equal to relationship tolerance. Relationships are based in the behavior, attitude and temperament that mange the impacts, cause and effect of our life associations with each other.

Friendships are a subset of the relationship mechanism situation; they define the more personal level of the relationship contact association. The sphere of love and tolerance in friendship meets a stricter ethical standard of behavior integrity defined by the contacts’ purpose, motive and intent for the friendship relation.

Friendship defines relationship charity, goodwill and benefit, a more or less balanced positive quality, attribute and nature shared between the contacts at a more intimate level. The better the friendship the more balanced is the sharing and the usury gives way to the will of selfless tolerant benevolence. The meanings of friendship and relationship are founded in the following empirical algorithm fractals based on the root fractal formula Emotion = Desire * Will:



Where: love = relationship tolerance; and hate = relationship intolerance

Where: inclusion = civil selflessness; and exclusion = evil selfishness

II. Friendship Usury Essay Thesis:

Friendship usury is a characteristic that defines an incidental type of personal contact of convenience – usury is the characteristic known as advantage taking, it is recognized in one’s behavioral ethics, morals and politics, where the purpose, motive and intent, is more or less exclusive, evil, or selfish as opposed to one that is inclusive, civil and selfless. The deferential of expression, form, and function between the used and the user derives the negative usury advantage manipulation of apparent friendship rather than positive equality, advantage and equity of an absolute intrinsic friendship. Usury becomes unbalanced when the purpose, motive and intent of the friendship is proportionately diminished by the degree of negative behavior quality, attribute and nature (QAN).

Three distinct and different kinds of relationship define contacts in general. They are personal, public, and business.

Within the three kinds of relationships are many friendships or personal contact types (family, piers, allies, adversaries, enemies, associates, partners, acquaintances, lovers, buddies, pals, comrades, etc…)

Friendship defines relationship usury when the differential derives implicit apparent incidental friendship in favor of the user over the one used for a specific end or advantage.

Friendship defines relationship equality when the differential derives explicit intrinsic friendship in favor of contact-shared equity.

Each of the three kinds of personal contact types have one of two types of ethical description either incidental or intrinsic which range in quality, attribute, and nature spanning the spectrum from inclusive, civil, and selfless to exclusive, evil, and selfish:

· Incidental contacts are entered into for the convenience to form an exclusive, evil, or selfish, quality, attribute, and nature meant to facilitate some pleasure, utility, or usefulness for the users or user.

· Intrinsic contacts provide a more inclusive, civil, and selfless purpose, motive and intent with no advantage sought in the relationship; it is a win/win personal contact, this is what love is – relationship tolerance.

Love is a positive quality expression for our spirit. Intrinsic contact friendship is where our love has the greatest percentage of relationship tolerance; our hate has the least percentage of relationship tolerance (the greatest percent of intolerance) where hate = bigotry * revenge.

III. Defining the Rhetoric of Friendship:

The area of incidental and intrinsic contact, discourse influence, I believe falls within the practical science of rhetoric, as it has everything to do with the interpretation of meaning, knowledge, and understanding from each word’s purpose, motive and intent; where the metaphors explaining such provide the means for the word meaning transference.

The science of rhetoric metaphor transference identifies usury as the way employed to take advantage by marketing an end of pretense, selling a means of deception, through advertising by way of lies. This is to facilitate one’s purpose, motive and intent; this is the subject (usury) whether it is for some good or higher choice, reason, or decision or not, it is still usury. The converse is when the characteristics of the contact are charity, goodwill and benefit where the purpose, motive and intent focuses on the All, and there is only inclusive, civil selfless thought in our choice, reason and decision process.

Usury is a psychosocial phenomenon that drives the negative relationship quality mechanism of the living dead defined in the exclusive, evil and selfish incidental friendship with the characteristics of advantage and manipulation where the living dead are the users, the thieves, and killers, of dreams.

The drive that stimulates the good beings of the All, the absolute creator, is of inclusive civil selfless or intrinsic friendship behavior operating in the state of being unity balance. This positive type of quality, attribute and nature produces humankind intent on evolving its energy equilibrium; and self-will is determined to develop its metaphysical energy singularity, unity and balance for obtaining the All.

The living dead are what I refer to here as all those people within humanity who lack the will to accept and execute the implementation of their responsibility for contributing their effort to evolve the balanced perfection of human behavior, thus the human condition, where ethics and politics lead the way to perfection or corruption. As it is said,” a friend in need is a friend indeed.” This says a lot for the reality, perception and perspective of the friend we are to ourselves. If you short change a friend you shortchange yourself - metaphorically “what goes around comes around”, this is the context for the rhetoric of friendship, its Karma, it is what governs the polarity of our action potential of desire, emotion and will. The words for desire, emotion and will are the metaphor rhetoric of thought that derive the energy polarity we use to create, evolve and perfect our lives, our being and our souls.

IV. The Mechanisms of Usury:

The primary negative thought system mechanisms at work in usury take advantage of others through pretense, deception and lies. This negativity resists achieving the qualities of singularity, the attributes of unity and the nature of balance necessary to develop the attitude, temperament and behavior in the relationships of humankind which are needed to grown a better tomorrow that is in harmony, equilibrium and balance with the All - the absolute creator.

Usury occurs when you take something of worth like the affection, and responsibility of friendship only to return the dust of disaffection; it is when you take with no intention of returning anything of like value or worth for the receipt of goods, services, deed or favor. What the user takes is the winner’s booty. Users do nothing to earn what they take, so there is no consideration for the mark (the sucker, the sap, the lover, or the friend) used. The mark or used person is the one that lets this game occur between themselves and the proverbial manipulator, conman, player, gamer, opponent, or adversary - that other person that takes advantage under some false pretense is the usury perpetrator.

Capitalism, communism, and socialism employ social usury as their behavioral mechanism or method of operation; capitalism is wealth economics, communism is state economics, and socialism is government economics. The usury mechanism propels the economics and governance of the world’s social economic systems. Capitalism, where capitalism is equal to wealth economics, uses the consumer as its mark from which the usury groups of commerce peddle their wares to profit by the accumulating and hoarding of the wealth (currency is wealth money) and power (where power is equal to the force and strength of resources, economics, and governance) within the ranks of greediest factions by disallowing equitable distribution of the power, wealth, and worth to the masses (where value is equal to equity worth) derived from individual representation, profiting from the development, manufacturing and sales of humanities natural resources, and sharing in the stewardship of the world. Communism uses the state as its mark to subsidize its brand of cash flow and hoarding of its wealth within the ranks of the states elite. Socialism uses government as its mark to subsidize the means for controlling the flow of its capital gain to keep government officials the recipients of the wealth and power; and the game goes on, and on for the exclusive, evil and selfish few who dominate the capital markets of monetary wealth in the usury societies of the world.

The alternative to usury is to provide an economic system mechanism that provides automatic equity to all that participate in making the system work. At present the system caters, to the users of the masses, to the groups that hoard the control and access to our natural resources and the industries that develop products and market them to gather the wealth without equitable distribution the worth. The masses need to share in the wealth, responsibility, and reward of governance; they need the opportunity to automatically participate in the stewardship and economic process for the distribution of the word’s wealth, power, and worth. Worker owned and operated industry with automatic cross investment in major stable sustainable industries is part of the solution. Let the entrepreneurs take the risk to start new industries where the potentials are unstable. Another part of the solution is to not tax income: but to tax purchases, and possessions and actions that impact our environment due to the cause and effect on the social condition. We need to move revenue collection from off the shoulders of the wage earner on to the shoulders of the consumers of our natural resources. This is a better more efficient and effective way to regulate the distribution of wealth to manage our needs. A very important aspect of the solution is energy resource. Hydrogen is the most abundant and it is the most appropriate and applicable standard for energy the world has at its disposal. It is the best energy resource the universe has to offer, it needs to be developed. Hydrogen derived from water is the most appropriate and applicable resource at this time. It is time to stop using dirty energy resources; it is time to advance our technologies and their associated economics to embrace clean energy as a standard for the world.

Representation in governance must be a grass root effort by referendum; where the people vote on each issue by presenting and mandating its representation, so the masses voices can be heard in the unity of ideas and opinions in the final analysis of the decision making process.

V. Reality - Perception Perspective of the Mark

The mark is the used or manipulated person in the usury relation set system structure. The usury might be well intended or ill intended. The purpose, motive and intent possess some quality, attribute and nature (QAN) of attitude, temperament and behavior that describes the goal, plan and objective of the used and the user in terms of their quality, attribute and nature. Quality of attitude ranges from inclusive thru exclusive type of reality intent. Attribute of temperament ranges from civil thru evil type of perception purpose. Nature of behavior ranges from selfless thru selfish type of perspective motive. Usury quality defines the advantage attribute of politics with the manipulative nature of groups used by most social governance entities for controlling the will of the masses. This sets the stage for how the usury mechanism propagates throughout the masses to foil our life potential for perfection.

VI. The Setting Where Usury Takes Place:

The universe of the All of which life is its image and likeness is in the words that thought provides. Words are points on the map on the globe of existence; and desire, emotion, and will are the polar coordinates for the way to follow that leads to developing and discovering the route to use for finding our origin, this is what life is about. Our world is the setting, “the stage where every man plays a part,” (as Shakespeare said it so eloquently), for the play that perfects our desires emotions and will to be. Again, as Shakespeare has stated, “To be or not to be, that is the question.”

I have to point out that the attitude quality of exclusion, the temperament attribute of evil, and the behavior nature of selfishness are not beneficial in developing singularity, unity, and balance of the self of the All. Usury is not a behavior trait that is beneficial in this setting; it simply convolutes the purpose, motive and intent of life into trite, banal, or sophomoric episodes of futility that create excessive permutations of negative will. The only utility of negative potential is that opposites exist to balance the polarity of the charges, as the Ying and the Yang are polarity gates that regulate energy flow. Again, the setting is the stage of energy potential as it applies polarized energy for evolving the perfection of creation to be a singular unity of balanced energy.

VII. My Rant and Rave Introduction On the Thesis Statement Describing the Box Where Humanity Lives:

This essay is about this thesis statement: “The world is a shithole of living hell, the home of the living dead, where usury is the preferred torture that these assholes endure to satisfy the greed of their selfish will, this is home to humankind, the mental dwarfs of the entire universe”. Now that I have gotten that off my chest, I will proceed to justify my statement.

I know at some level you understand what I am saying, it is just a reminder for you, that humanity has dropped the ball and it shows; it is evident in all that fails to occur that is good. Usury is a dead end behavior, it feeds on self-indulgence and lack of will; so bad behavior choice, reason and decision persist. Usury has been around since the beginning. Usury is a temperament, attitude, and behavioral obstacle to be challenged and balanced to equilibrate its affect. Usury diminishes the harmonic growth of our thought potential to create, evolve and perfect the being of our selfless motive, civil desire and inclusive intent. Usury held in check will allow growth and development of inclusive, civil and selfless behavioral responses.

VIII. Background of Topic and Subject History and Its Derivation:

The notions presented herein derive an interpretation of Aristotle's work revised by his son and now translated by Martin Ostwald in the book Nicomachean Ethics. The notions expressed within this thesis are an interpretation of the ethical philosophy describing friendship and the usury notions mentioned by Aristotle.

The theory I have developed defining thought, is based on the fractal compound resultants in each end, way and mean that is driven by the source elements of desire, emotion and will from which the cause and effect of the All is derived.

Usury impact derives its empirical value, value equals substance worth from the QAN of purpose, motive and intent. It can be inclusive, civil and selfless or exclusive evil and selfish or some percentage of these combined as it limits its potential to be intrinsic and becomes ever more incidental.

Aristotle’s empirical description of usury describes a type of incidental friendship relation grown out of a selfish want for control of those around us, to inflate one's ego, by getting over on the other for pleasure or utility found in the relationship association. Usury by current dictionary standards is a description for an unjust interest rate on money lending. I have chosen to modify the meaning of usury because it lends itself best to convey the message I present herein. Usury incorporates usefulness in my meaning. My meaning of usury incorporates Aristotle’s notion of the inferior incidental friendship quality based on taking advantage of others. The mechanism of usury manipulates for some advantage or some pleasure available from the relationship interaction, knowingly or unwittingly. Intrinsic friendship is one of selfless love that seeks the betterment of the All, the absolute creator that is our source; or it might be absolute evil, and absolute civility balanced because positive absorbs negative elements in balanced equilibrium of harmony.

IX. Social Experiment:

One day not long ago I started an experiment to measure the amount of usury I could identify by observing the behavior of people I encountered, so began my participation in the game of usury, as a scientist. Once I started playing the game, it soon reminded me of my youth when I first encountered usury, then I had no term for it. As I participated, recently I soon found myself captivated by this usury game from the player’s perspective – I found how strong a hold it can gain on the senses. I have ignored and avoided participating in usury for years. Usury mechanism was so trite and banal that it annoyed my better senses. Now that I am writing about human behavior, I needed to investigate it to develop a perception and perspective for the realty of this life experience mechanism of advantage taking. I needed an actual game playing reality so I could speak from a perspective of experience (See the attached poem titled: “Cobweb World”, for the interpretive analogy of this usury notion). It tells the metaphorical story of usury to expose the impacts, causes and effects of this temptation game that manipulates others for ones advantage.

I have not been immune to bouts of usury, it is just that in the past, I was not interested in understanding it; I just intentionally avoided participating in it, even when used against me. I would just not participate in it, so it would dissipate because it takes reciprocal effort to propagate the mechanism.

When I looked for the usury mechanism, I found it alive and well. It is so pervasive it is hard to avoid it once you acknowledge the game. There is no instance in social encounter that navigates clear of usury, it is entrenched as the most used social survival skill employed to protect one's interest because there is no parity in the distribution of the capital wealth and or material property that defines the balanced value of equity worth where worth is the value exchanged per substance and equity is an equality per wealth. Worker owned and operated industry would set the stage for the parity necessary to achieve equilibrium of worth. No longer would it be a matter of whom you know but what you know and how well you execute the talents you possess. The Industrial economic integrity would not balance on a few heads it would rest on the shoulders of a humanity that knows what it wants to sustain its needs. No longer would the consumer be sold to. It is time the consumer states its needs and task industry to comply by providing the products as deliverables. It is time the consumer participates in the economic cycle as stewards and owners of our natural resources.

Usury itself is the mechanism applied to offset the disparity usury inflicts. It perpetuates itself because there is no mechanism in place to brake the chain of its use - like the constitution was suppose to do by making all equal in rights, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, it was a grand gesture that has failed to deliver the intended results. We know the constitution of the United States never was implemented as intended. The intent of the constitution was to provide all the people with inclusive, civil and selfless governance. It just did not happen. There is a story there; that is another paper about how groups manipulated the interpretation of the Constitution to advantage their selfish, evil exclusive ends.

X. Outcome:

Usury is such a fine sport; it occupies much time and effort for very little in return. Winners and losers alike fail to see there is nothing worth gaining; because it is about the ego, the desire for the competition; not any goal or objective that may give it any pertinent meaning, that is why no matter what is acquired the thirst for more is still there. The objective and goal is purely egotistical, it’s about selfish loathing brought on by fear of loss, a loss that is inevitable due to the lack of an ethical correction that would derive pleasure and happiness based on altruistic behavior, (see see attached chart explaining the spectrum of behavior).

Again, I will state, “the working benefit that a fully implemented constitution can accomplish, by removing the extremes and disparities of monetary gain, by providing the opportunity of ownership for responsible citizens as working class partners and investors would revolutionize the meaning of wealth, by making ownership and stewardship staple ingredient in the mechanics of every economic model.” It would put usury out of business because it would provide balance of the wealth that drives the usury game; where wealth is all the horded ingredients used to control and gain power over others.

XI. Conclusion:

The game of usury is in play during every facet of animal survival and behavior. Dogs do it, monkeys do it, and humans do it the best with cunning reserve that makes it appear that it is quite normal behavior because everyone does it. Usury known as hurt games; an appropriate handle for the emotional aspect of usury, the material and financial pleasure loss is a substantial aspect of usury fallout. The stock market and gambling industry are firmly entrenched in usury to name the most blatant examples.

The human usury game is a play where the id follows in the steps of the ego through its paces proving it can outwit the mark (lover, friend, target audience, the competition, the opponent etc., etc.). The intent of the usury game is to deceive for the sake of an advantage; from love to money or food and drink, whatever is your vise or fancy at any given moment. Usury is played best between those with no outlook on the future value of their own ethical worth this is what catalyzes the mechanism, for worth is equal to value equity.

The pompous behavior of the various groups of people all over the world is a glaring example of this base behavior; politics is its name. The marriage ritual is a prominent example of this usury behavior between couples. Dating is the battlefield for couples where much carnage results in terms of hurt egos wounded by usury. Acquaintances do it in passing. Women of the night do it as a matter of course with their willing johns. Some people are more adapted to be better players because their self-esteem and ethics has withered, so without respect for oneself there is no respect for the other participants. The usury game propagates its hold on the user’s social ethical behavioral standards so there goes ethical worth and love is close behind and replaced by corruption and hate.

XI. Summary:

In summation I say, “Inclusive civil selflessness of intrinsic friendship is the good desirable characteristic description for the quality, attribute, and nature of being, word and thought.” Intrinsic friendship defines equality and it is the nemesis necessary to hold the usury adversary at bay. We might learn the art of intrinsic friendship behavior that will lead us to new beginnings of love and happiness, affection, pleasure found in this new value, substance and worth of relationship tolerance; where love is equal to relationship tolerance found in our personal contact relationship temperament, attitude and behavior.

The worlds of the universe turn on the axis of our being’s thought derived from the desire, emotion and will of the spirit of humankind. The quality of that thought is a result of humanities’ commitment to the management, stewardship and responsibility of its actions, deeds and feats.

The self of being ceases to behave civilly as we misbehave. As usury corrupts friendships so goes every other self of being towards corruption, as the word, and thought that processes our life experience diminishes its QAN. That is why I say emphatically, in metaphoric terms of rhetoric, “presently this world is a shithole of pretentious users and it needs to be cleaned up.” It should be evident. I derived this story of facts that describes the bucket of shit where we live, breed, and compromise our worth.

The essay states, in short, “Oh! Society; how you compromise our worth with all your usury folly”. You may not like, nor agree with the language I have chosen to describe the base and foul nature of humanity; but you see we have wars, poverty, corruption and all the other foul and base attitude, temperament and behavior usury brings to the table, so I think it is appropriate. The issues I am addressing are base and foul, I feel the rhetoric needs to be as base and as foul as the conditions I am describing. You must realize the woes of the world are of our usury doing, simply because we chose to wallow in this mire of stench and not change the way we do business. Let me ask; what are you doing to change the conditions of humanity so the people of the world have a more equitable equilibrium (level playing field) to tackle their flaws so they may improve and evolve their lot in life? What is being done to change and improve on the base and foul ways we deal with each other? The usury just keeps reoccurring, so the condition of our world economics remains bleak because of the disparity of wealth and power ebbs and flows rather than equilibrating to a balanced and equitable forum of social attitude, temperament and behavior that is inclusive, civil and selfless. Our base and foul ways of dealing with each other needs to change. I am just stating the obvious in terms that reflect the degree of disgust that this condition warrants. I hope you can appreciate my need to express the conditions as they truly are. If you feel I am incorrect it would indicate you are one of those at the core of this problem that propagates the denial of this dire condition in which humanity has placed itself, you are not paying attention to the details of our life or you would know and understand the will of humanity is in the hands of a greedy few. Is this the world you want to persist, or do you want to change it? Do you feel it is not your issue or are you right with the status quo? It is people that let the status quo persist; because of want, denial, or ignorance that keeps the wars, corruption and all the other disparities of life in motion. The disparities of life can be rectified if usury is managed out of the social, economic and governance equation. I hope you can understand that the perspective of this perception is an accurate expression of our current human social condition.

XII. Recommendations:

I suggest the inclusive, civil and selfless implementation of the Constitution as our forefathers’ had intended to realize the affection of friendship respect and the association of relationship responsibility. The following implementation will facilitate that end: I suggest that our economic model be a service-based capitalism using my pricing model based in resource management where industry and commerce is worker owned and operated. I further suggest necessary taxation be collected 100% from sales proceeds not earning wages where proceed distribution is calculated using my ownership model of thirds; where the worker, investor, and government share in thirds of the proceeds of sales equally. Finally I suggest that the world adopt hydrogen, from water, as the primary energy resource for it is the best and most prolific energy at our disposal. See my essay on governance.

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loua profile image

loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author


Ref., interview: (Jim Freund: Nancy Kress. What follows is her entry from "The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction" by John Clute)

I looked at the above interview reviewing Kress's writing, I found her perception and perspective of reality is not why, how or what I write. I guess it is no different than; the specialization in any profession…

Science fiction is just that not science; what I write about is entirely plausible in the reality we occupy and is occurring. I like sf, it mirrors reality - it is the dream state of our reality writing. It lends nothing to solving the conundrum of life in the here and now, albeit neither do legislators nor politicians; but the point I am making is when I write I supply plausible solutions to real issues that might change behavior, attitude and temperament, in the real sense, of choice. There is enough fiction in the lies and deception on the table to deal with already, I am not interested in fueling the fires of delusion.

As far as my opinion of Kress’s expertise, she appears to be a very inventive at constructing her yarns for they appeal to the esoteric sense of unknowns; and she is a very astute explorer...

Come visit anytime, and thank you for sharing your perception of my material, its helping me understand what I need to say to be effective…

janddplus4 profile image

janddplus4 6 years ago

This is a very interesting hub. I'm not sure whether I agree with it in its entirety, but it certainly offers some well spoken points to consider. I enjoy reading Ayn Rand, though I do not agree with her entirely. She states her arguments well. An author by the name of Nancy Kress wrote a trilogy of books as a rebuttal to Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged. It starts with Beggars in Spain. If you have not read this, I would highly recommend it. I think that your ideas closely reflect some of hers. I think you would find her conclusions interesting. I am not verbally eloquent, but I would love to read what you would respond to her trilogy. It is socio-economic philosophy thinly veiled as science fiction, though not very science fiction.

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