Resolving Doubt and Skepticism

Thesis: ~ As SKEPTICISM is CYNICISM SUSPICION and DOUBT is a CHOICE INDECISION; then doubt is skepticism caused by choice indecision due to lack of balance.

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Background: the Skeptic, defines the expressions of doubt. Agrippa (Greek: Ἀγρίππας) deemed the Skeptic philosopher of the 1st century AD. He is regarded as the author of "five grounds of doubt" or tropes (Greek: τρόποι), which are purported to establish the impossibility of gaining any certain knowledge.

The tropes are expressions or notions found in, Sextus Empiricus's, Outlines of Pyrrhonism. Diogenes Laertius has attributed the notions to Agrippa as being the author of them.

Agrippa the Skeptic's Theory verses My Balanced Opinion ~

The five expressed opinion tropes or notions of doubt are as follows:

1. Dissent - The uncertainty of the rules of common life, and of the opinions of philosophers.
2. Progress ad infinitum - All proof requires some further proof, and so on to infinity.
3. Relation - All things are changed as their relations become changed, or, as we look upon them from different points of view.
4. Assumption - The truth asserted is merely an hypothesis.
5. Circularity - The truth asserted involves a vicious circle.

▫ 1) According to the dissent notion deriving dispute solution is undecidable dissension about the matter proposed as it comes about both in ordinary life and among philosophers. The notion states we are not able to choose or to rule out anything, and we end up with suspension of judgement due to doubt in the apparent resolution.

▫ My opinion is simply ◆ DISSENT is an OPINION DIFFERENCE

▫ 2) The notion derived from infinite regress progress, we say the problem answer conviction for the matter proposed itself needs another such source, which itself needs another, and so ad infinitum, so that we have no point from which to begin to establish anything, and suspension of judgement due to doubt in the apparent resolution follows.

▫ My opinion is simply ◆ PROGRESS is an ADVANCE DEVELOPMENT

▫ 3) In the notion derived from relation relativity changes, as said above, the existing object appears to be such-and-such relative to the subject judging and to the things observed together with it, but we suspend judgement due to doubt in the apparent resolution as changes occur.

▫ My opinion is simply ◆ RELATION is a CHOICE ALLIANCE

▫ 4) We see the hypothesis notion assertion when the Dogmatists, being thrown back ad infinitum, begin from something which they do not establish but claim to assume simply and without proof in virtue of a concession due to doubt in the apparent resolution.

▫ My opinion is simply ◆ ASSUMPTION is a PRESUMPTION BELIEF as trueness is a truth trust; and as a premise is a hypothesis conclusion.

▫ 5) The reciprocal notion occurs when what ought to be confirmatory of the object under investigation needs to be made convincing by the object under investigation; then, being unable to take either in order to establish the other, we suspend judgement about both due to doubt in the apparent resolution.

▫ My opinion is simply ◆ CIRCUIT is a JOURNEY PATH

With reference to the five tropes, that the first and third are a short summary of the ten original grounds of doubt which were the basis of the earlier skepticism. The three additional ones show a progress in the skeptical system, and a transition from the common objections derived from the fallibility of sense and opinion, to more abstract and metaphysical grounds of doubt.

According to Victor Brochard “the five tropes can be regarded as the most radical and most precise formulation of skepticism that has ever been given. In a sense, they are still irresistible today.”

Balance verses Doubt and Skepticism:

Balance of Doubt and Skepticism

Explanation of My Opinion ~
These are all means of deliberating a balanced solution ~ where AGREEMENT is a BALANCED UNITY, so the answer is simply an opinion perspective; a problem solution; or a question response...

***The PROBLEM arises when AGREEMENT BALANCE does not equal UNITY or a BALANCED DISPERSION; for an AGREEMENT is a BALANCED UNITY or a balanced dispersion of impact cause and effect...

Conclusion of My Opinion:

Doubt is best used to ascertain balance ~

1) If doubt is used to derive the balance of opinion found in the unity of decision so as thought might provide a more perfect solution when the opinions are isolated from the deceptions...
2) If doubt is used to isolate deceit deception and lies from proof fact and evidence...
3) If doubt is used to determine trueness truth and trust in the dissent opinion and difference...

These three reasons choices and decisions of doubt principle logic and rule might be used to determine agreement consensus and alliance of the data which provides information statistics and evidence understanding to better recognize agreement~equilibrium balance and unity for solution answers to the problems of doubt .

A ) The purpose motive and intent is to maximize proof, fact and evidence and minimize deceit, deception and lie pretense that allows doubt to foil the reasoning process.

B ) Doubt should be viewed as a healthy means for deriving areas of contention that need points of agreement to derive consensus of opinion to minimize the extent of the doubt felt.

C ) Doubt reduction can be accomplished by limiting the area of contention to points of contention and formulating the contention points into solution points to minimize the contention area.

Application example of how to balance doubt:
A topic of the day that has the government politicians running after their tails and the people whining about all the indecisiveness. Lets call this the area of economic chaos caused by ~ ineffective distribution of wealth; and the points of chaos are as follows in no particular order: 1) job losses, 2) bankruptcies, 3) ineffective health care, 4) exorbitant taxation, 5) high cost of living, 6) high unemployment, 7) corrupt business practices, 8)ineffective government, 9) lack of governance, 10) poorly managed market place practices, 11) bad laws, 13) incompetent legal system, 14) lack of common purpose motive and intent, 15) life without orchestration, 16) greed driven economy, 17) despondent educational system, 18) humanity void of responsible civil stewardship, 19) individual dubious willingness for change, 20) fear driven decisions (chicken little mentality) plaguing the social response mechanism, 21) lack of integrity moral and ethical resolve in the general population... Here we have the area problem, where is the solution?

Now we can create more points or we can start deliberating which ones need to be addressed and how they affect the bottom line of the area issue.

This does not seem any different than how issues are presently handled except that you don't just get to choose one and ignore the rest, you must resolve all in to one inclusive civil and selfless response to the sum total of the issues before you or as we are now in this present era seeing it comes back to bit you when you make half ass decisions.

All the above twenty-one issues can be resolved in to one lack of inclusive civil selfless response to the distribution of wealth... How can this be resolved? It can be resolved by making a responsible civil distribution of the wealth... Take the money that is being given to failing business and pay the work force so they can buy the businesses they work in instead of feeding the old ineffective and inefficient business model of the greedy parasitic worms that care nothing for humanity ~ their only function is their self-centered ego... The workers are the business!!! ~ Give them the money in the form of ownership... "Problem solved"... see solution response at How To Create Economic Stability http://hubpages.com/t/c37dd

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Dude, this is like heavy duty. nothing like you on HubPages, no doubt.

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I like your solution on how to solve the problem of failing businesses. Thank you, Loua.

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