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When one thinks of education the notion of learning what is needed comes to mind... Who defines what is needed, of interest and pertinent? I guess this would define the perspective of the education objective... Well, how about having every possible scenario available for consumption... You know, to have lesson plans on subject matter is the first order of business if you're going to plan a curriculum...

Lesson plans that fit every industry, scenario of life style and working occupation... This would provide a basic study of professional expertise integrated into the subject matter... Teaching in accordance with professional requirements is a technical approach where as the liberal arts approach is another method model for providing any scope of information... The lesson plan portfolio should be an international menu of course that meet the needs of the world at large... The syllabus should be consistent with the needs of the arts and science needed for each industry with sections that describe each industry, profession, and labor need... New and developing technologies added to the curriculum should be an ever appearing new entry for each research and development innovation...

Information is a primary issue, what is considered the correct knowledge and understanding available... How is this to be defined? A body of experts on each subject matter need be assembled to list the order of the system categories on the best to the least held notions on each subject area... All information should be taught with the understanding of the expert opinion...

Adopting information to lesson plans is a fundamental requirement of this strategy so the needs of industry are met along with the education of basic fundamental education tools of reading writing and mathematics... All learning should be geared to life, social and economic criteria... The reason for learning is a social and economic requirement... The primary course of study should be social studies... Social studies from the reading writing and math perspective.... Arts studies from the reading writing and math perspective... Science and technology studies from the reading writing and math perspective... The specialized areas of study are means to adapt each lesson plan to the aptitude of each student on a one to one basis... The lesson plans are designed and based on cognitive skill requirements so that a scale of curriculum difficulty ranges the total population spectrum of mental acuity...

How is this intensive diverse education system to take place? Well, in learning labs of course... Learning labs based on a myriad of curriculum course work for every conceivable intelligence level found on the face of the earth... With an Internet based data base of this course work it is quite plausible to realize a scheme for delivering the subject matter where the need be required to facilitate the education of the masses on a global scale... The lesson plans would have a global flair that would supersede any current standards of education anywhere...

Teachers would be teaching from a standardized sheet of information that meet global needs... The classroom is a virtual reality theater in a library, the home, or the mall, at the work place the civics club, the girls or boys club, the church, or where ever the needs are meet for the student to receive the instruction... On line teacher research and help desk available twenty-four-seven to meet the needs of the students...

Teaching materials: video, audio, and text on line for public access.
.. The materials are a compilation of expert devised tools of learning that meet the needs of every mental capacity, every interest, and every social class... The expert designed lesson plans are presented by desirable celebrities instructed by field experts... The meld of desirability and expertise should surpass any commercial... The use of subliminal messaging and mood enhancing sound strategies should be incorporated to facilitate the best results in the learning experience...

Now if this plan goal and strategy where adopted it would cost less than the current education mechanism and it would be light years beyond the capability of the current educational machine... The current educational systems throughout the world do not have the capacity of this model... The consolidation of resources to produce a mega industry of education would launch the world into a universal understanding of self...

The debates on the order system and universe of information would solve most if not all social economic issues by allowing a common thread of information to be witnessed and reckoned by the world at large... Once the order system and rule of the information universe is established there will be the job of aligning the path course and journey of the students of the world for the best educational experience available for humankind...

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loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

Cheeky Girl, This concept has been wanting to be documented for a few years now... I would like to hear your thoughts on the issue... Does the concept sound plausible to you or does it sound unrealistic?

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 6 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

You are a mine of information! Much Appreciated!

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