the infant mind

~ mind over matter ~

External metaphysical nature of the mind of self
External metaphysical nature of the mind of self
The physical internal nature of the brain of self
The physical internal nature of the brain of self

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paradigm of the evolving mind

Thesis Statement: The infant mind incubates in the, baby earth child, nature of humanity’s collective sense of self... To be or not to be developed for purpose motive and intent of the thought that lies within the sense of humanity, as sense is the mind’s function... The inclusive sense of civility and selflessness is the ultimate question that will determine the fate for the creature creation of the animal primate specie of Homo sapiens or (wise man); this is as much a muse as the infinite mind might be... Both paradigms are dependant on thought's desire, emotion, and will, for thought is our sense source and the mind the storehouse of the inclusive equation of this sense...

Theory: Humanity spawned from the loins of nature to evolve the biologic body form for the mind thought of creation... That is, the metaphysical mind needed a physical body to explore the scope, range and extent of its desire emotion and will as a remote experiment assessment and examination of self; as human-self (id) evolves so does the metaphysical mind-self (ego) for the spirit-self (super ego)... In all of consciousness as dispersion signal wave matter is mind frequency particle substance and modulation vibration energy...

Explanation: Lets clarify this now, the mind is not the brain and the brain is not the mind... The consciousness faculty of existence mind-thought is as the brain faculty of neuron-impulse response... The brain reacts to thought impulse-stimuli... Mind-thought responses to brain reaction, in that it provides reason choice and decision for the actions and reactions for the body brain-neuron actions... The brain does not think, it is a neurotransmitter of the thought impulse signal frequency modulations that convey the message of thought to the organs of the brain's body ... There is a synergy in that the cognition of the mind-thought is apparent in the awaken body of the brain-neurotransmission... The brain does not induce thought... Thought is prompted by thought and reaction of the body brain is prompted by thought... With out thought there is no transmission of impulses for the brain to receive as commands to perform... The metaphysical thought word machine of the mind produces and operates the physical deeds for the, biologic body brain, neuron machine...

Obstacles: Humans have thought; but do not use it (thought) efficiently as a tool for developing the sense that will remove themselves from their struggle against the nature that has spawned them... Yes thinking is a process; but so is instinct; thought is the super set of thinking it is the reason choice and decision for the thinking that elevates the thinking to the various levels of thought...

The Following are the Levels of Thought:
1) Thinking in a survival loop based on the flight or fight syndrome as (id) thought action / reaction as stimulus response (cognition instinct and comprehension)...
2) Thinking in the box of conditioned purpose motive and intent as (ego) thought mind self as the created pawn as expression form and function (perception opinion and perspective)…
3) Thinking outside the box of conditioned thought as inclusive civil selflessness (super ego) thought of the soul self quality attribute and nature (wisdom intuition and insight)...

Thinking on all levels of thought to realize the absolute reality perspective for; who, why and how, this is the abstract thought of the consciousness cosmos as inclusive civil and selfless holistic thought of the spirit self...

Humans are born as organisms of nature from the cosmos with faculties that exceed normal (id) survival instincts... Just to wonder; who, why, and how is to say that curiosity is more than a reaction to visual cues of thought that trigger the motor responses of the brut brain...

Extrapolation: Here is an exercise in thought; to conceive the world to be designed by the human brain is inconceivable. Tell me if I am wrong; but the brains of all in the world cannot design the workings of a world ~ this must be a given because it is obviously impossible. Our thought concedes to a higher power of thought, not a higher brainpower to have accomplished this task of creation... You see we already know intrinsically that thought is not derived from the brain; but it is still a common mistaken notion... For one I believe this notion derives itself for convenience, so that the playground of earth will not evaporate from the mind of the spirit cosmos from whence we come... You see the mentality of the universe is young and playful with no real feeling for the emotions it has inflicted on the human race, its toy... You may sense it in your own lack of concern for the impacts you let to be for it is not immediately felt by your experience...

Condition: We are born to live and die as the toys of the self-spirit-universe to test their skills at contriving their pleasure as they learn to be mature and compassionate for the things they create and have responsibility for by the nature of their own abode...

This is one more perception for our reality perspective to express the form and function of that which is made known for our being development evolution...

Conclusion: It is humanities task to inform the spirit universe of its needs to derive a harmony balance and equilibrium worthy of their creation... Humanity is a blind study experiment to derive an unbiased solution for spirit behavior attitude and temperament... “As humanity goes so goes the spirit, we are they...”


Carmen Borthwick profile image

Carmen Borthwick 6 years ago from Maple Ridge, B.C.

Definitely food for thought! Thanks for sharing your work.

loua profile image

loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

qwark, thanks for the visit... Sorry I upset your apple cart... It just so happens that nature has it, we are probable iteration permutations, that we vary as the leaves on the trees; not every tree has or wants the same leaves... Maybe we can agree to disagree, you in your quandary and myself with a philosophy and science that has a logical sense for the human condition...

Appreciate the feedback; you're thoughts are always welcome here...

qwark profile image

qwark 6 years ago

Hello Loua:

Thank you for becoming a "fan."

I read this "hub." I always read a "hub" or 2 of those who have read mine and become "fans."

You are a loquacious devil, I will say that for you.:-)

If your conclusion is not a facetious attempt to summarize what you have written (I think it is) and is "serious," I still must chuckle as I read the message, 'cause I can't take it seriously.

Interesting read tho.


loua profile image

loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

Scarlett Black, Well, thanks for the encouraging comment... I will in turn visit you that we might begin discussing the perspective and perception of our notions and how best to convey this message...

Scarlett Black profile image

Scarlett Black 6 years ago from New York

I have just read a few Hubs so far of yours and I lOVE them. I write elsewhere about metaphysics, read and study and excited about your hubs. Thanks!

gusripper profile image

gusripper 6 years ago

no no just maker.

loua profile image

loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

gusripper, Are you a grower?

gusripper profile image

gusripper 6 years ago

I got you mister!You see am a doctour my special,greek coffee,nes cafe,etc.ha ha ha ha

loua profile image

loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

gusripper, yeah, a DR. OF THOUGHT... lol... I'd have to give it to myself though; because its not offered by the education institution, they're to busy regurgitating the canned information of the past without orchestrating its understanding...

rock on...

gusripper profile image

gusripper 6 years ago

Are you a DR. on something?

loua profile image

loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

janddplus4, well I am glad I have captured your interest in this information offering... It is actually a culmination of the work I have presented thus far as messages of discursive reason, study and argument to derive this forum for purpose motive and intent of being...

Thank you for your interest and candid comments...

The revelation of truth is compelling...

janddplus4 profile image

janddplus4 6 years ago

I actually don't always agree with everything you write, but this time you have outdone yourself. You offer here an explanation that instinctively feels true, while remaining thought provoking. I will be sharing your writing with my friends now to provide for hours of conversation.

loua profile image

loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

Paradise7, I wondered if I would get concurrence of this notion... I feel very strong about it and like yourself the words eluded my intuitive sense of understanding... I finally captured the words of the philosophers and such that explore this realm too lend a form to express the function of life as an inclusive concept...

Thanks for visiting and your comments are always welcomed...

Paradise7 profile image

Paradise7 6 years ago from Upstate New York

Interesting, always interesting. Yes, I agree. You've put into words and posited a theory of something I've always felt but couldn't really articulate. Thank you!

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