Water crystals reflect the intent....

You are always communicating with water...

Many years ago, when I first began channelling information from higher sources, I was given a piece of information which astounded me. This is a short piece from my first book channelled in 1994.

"Clear spring water will give you all of the nutritional aids that you require. Much of the water that is being drunk now on your planet does not contain the minerals and elements that you require within your physical systems. When this water is recycled it does not then remain the pure essence of water; it has become putrefied. When one drinks this water, then the essence of the putrefied matter is still present within the molecules and atoms. Do not drink any of this water. It is much better for you to collect the drops of rain that fall than contaminate your systems with the energy of putrefaction. Clear cold water will revive your energy systems."

At this point in time I stopped drinking tap water as a cold drink and for long periods of time I have poured bottled spring water into the kettle for herbal tea. I have never drunk cold tap water ever again. Something in this message resonated deep within me. It was years later, when I still had a TV in the house that I watched a programme on "heretics" as labelled by the BBC editors, I might add. One of these so called heretics was a man called Jacque Benveniste who has since died, having apparently survived many attempts on his life previously. I was transfixed as I watched how he had discovered that water had a "memory" and had proved this in many experiments. These experiments included ones that proved through the memory of water, how homeopathy, flower essences and of course healing worked. How the drug companies must have felt threatened when his research became public! Much of what he discovered would have put drug companies out of business if the information had become mainstream, which as far as I know it never was.

Then more recently we have Masaru Emoto who was moved to freeze and crystalise water from pure  and  polluted sources and noted the incredible differences in the shapes of the crystals. He went on to experiment with having people bless stretches of polluted water and saw the incredible difference when these crystals were viewed under a microscope. The structure had changed from chaotic to beautiful harmonious after the blessing. . He furthered his research by writing love and hate on different bottles of water and again this water was frozen,  The same affects were noted that Love water was harmonised and beautiful and the hate water was unbalanced and chaotic. What incredibly powerful information this is for us to integrate and use in our lives.

I wonder even now if people realise the importance of this incredible information. Everything around us is made up of a percentage of water molecules. Every living thing both plant, human and animal has its living ;nutritional source inside it in a stream of water. I believe all liquids have their base in water. We, as humans are a very large percentage of water, I have seen this listed as anything from 70 to 87% by different sources. When a whole house contents burn there is little left when the water content has burnt off. A forest is devastated by fire which is burning off the water.

Water does indeed contain memory molecules or atoms and every time we speak we are blessing or cursing everything around us which involves water. The water memory can only be changed with vibrational or energetic frequency so water filters do not do this sort of cleansing. There are now many different forms of equipment which can heal water for drinking and also an injection of absolutely pure essence water can change a huge amount of putrid water.  Check out Grander water for this.

The responsibility is immense and it is one we must take on willingly and change our every thought and every word for it is heard and responded to in the forests, in the houses and in our own bodies. We must curse no longer but only bless for as it is said, so it becomes. The frequency for damage or healing is in our intent, thoughts and our words. The new science of our world when it is broadcast can give us the new world we so wish for. For as we think and speak we can indeed create the new world and the new us.

Water is truly the element of communication throughout our world and maybe further.

It is one of the best conductors of energy, we should have guessed earlier!


How can we use water in our daily lives....

More proof that Water does indeed have a Memory


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someonewhoknows profile image

someonewhoknows 7 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

I understand Roman Catholic priests use water that has been blessed in this manor.Although I confess I don't know if they do it themselves or if it is done elsewhere.There are also people who sell what they call holy water to the public at a fairly high price.Maybe We can all benefit from this knowledge.I'm unemployed at the moment.Maybe I should start selling some holy water?Then again the fraud squad might come knocking on my door!What I would need are a group of satisfied customers as eye witnesses and I should buy one of these books for my court trial as evidence also.What do you think about my idea?

msorensson profile image

msorensson 7 years ago

Dearest Universal Laws,

It is possible to consecrate the water so that wherever it comes from it can become pure.

Much love,


emohealer profile image

emohealer 7 years ago from South Carolina

Universal: Dr Emoto does the purification with the vibration of sound. They have annual and are increasing the frequency and locations where they are playing these vibrations.

While there is truth behind all lies, there is also lies behind truth. What we hear has truth, but what it means to each person may not be the same.

I personally believe my prayers of gratitude and appreciation are answered for me. I create for me and no other. My water is safe that is in my cup, but only your faith will make it safe for you

Very good hub sharing the miracles present and yet to come. The scientific unveiling of things many of us already know in our hearts, the proof that some have waited for and others are still trying to destroy.

Universal Laws profile image

Universal Laws 7 years ago from UNIVERSE Author

Hi someonewhoknows - personal experience with water and how it feels/tastes and nourishes you is important first and will affect your own life in a big way when you discriminate with which waters you use. It depends on what intent the catholic priests use when they bless the water and what vibration they are operating on. My planned hub for today is "Blessings" . Thank you for your comment.


Universal Laws profile image

Universal Laws 7 years ago from UNIVERSE Author

Hi msorensson yes, I love the words consecrate - which means you are declaring it sacred - sacred which in itself means you are declaring it holy. Some of the simplest highest words we can use. But how many people use them, for many involved in religions they often feel they are not allowed to consecrate their own water and there are millions in our world involved with this sort of belief which means a lot of power is decanted to a higharchy which may not have the best interests of evolving souls in their hearts when they consecrate.


Universal Laws profile image

Universal Laws 7 years ago from UNIVERSE Author

Hi emohealer Its great that Dr Emoto's work has gone on from the original research and sound resonance I feel is one of the most powerful healing tools for us now and in the future. Knowing that just labelling the bottles changed the energetic frequency of the water is so important, it shows that with no effort at all apart from writing the words causes great effect. My water tap in the kitchen used for washing vegies and dishes is labelled with "love and blessings" and various other statements depending on my focus over a period of time.

Didn't totally understand the "truth and lies" piece but we respond first on an energetic level to anything around us and can be unaware, if we are not in 100% consciousness and awareness, that someone with a negative intent has been there before us and our energies have been affected. The obvious one here is walking into a room where there has been a fierce argument and you can "feel it in the air" isn't it in the water droplets that are present- now that we know water is the communicator, and in the walls and the furniture. People who are on a high awareness and conscious level when entering would leave but those who have not developed those skills will feel their energy go down and even feel ill and not know why. I have heard there is highly sensitive equipment being tested which can read everything that has ever been said in the history of a house from the walls of a room!! There is so much involved with this subject matter and so much more for us to take responsibilty for, we are the creators of an energy resonance that others will respond to consciously or unconsciously, we are one.


view profile image

view 7 years ago

I think this is not only to true for water but also for other food items as I've heard 'as is the food so is the mind'. Today most of us don't have access to pure natural things, we have developed an artificial processing cycle for every thing which I think has a social impact.

Thanks for writing this great hub with relevant research contents.

Universal Laws profile image

Universal Laws 7 years ago from UNIVERSE Author

View - thank you for your comment. I feel the natural food is always there if you choose it, one organic carrot for lunch chewed raw can be as filling and incredibly more nutritional for lunch than any processed artificial lunch, the simpler the food the better. This natural way of eating is something which your mind needs to get used to.

As you begin eating more and more pure natural foods your body and mind cravings for the other things stop.


dayzeebee profile image

dayzeebee 7 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

Hi Linda, I'm glad you wrote about Emoto's work. I've been using his video on water crystals in my workshops. May healing water continue to fill our daily lives. Blessings:)

tinarathore84 profile image

tinarathore84 7 years ago from India

this is such an informative hub. i never knew about this...and that water has memory..i recently read about colured water that heals...kind of colour therapy where water is kept in different coloured glass bottles for three days in direct sunlight...and is said to cure many diseases. different maladies have different treatment coloured bottles...my cousin has been using this therapy for osteoporosis and it has helped her considerably.

thanks for sharing

Universal Laws profile image

Universal Laws 7 years ago from UNIVERSE Author

Thank you for your comments.

Tinarathore84 The coloured water sounds really interesting, do you then drink the water and how do they colour it?



tinarathore84 profile image

tinarathore84 7 years ago from India

hello linda..well its not the water that is actually coloured...plain water is put into coloured glass bottles and is kept in direct sunlight on a wood table for approx 8-9 hrs a day for three days. the water gets charged by this method. since every colour has a different frequency..there are different chrging properties and hence, traeted for different maladies.

yes, one has to drink that water. the dose varies.its w'ful to have s'one interested in this...thanks. u gave me an idea of writing a hub about it..i'll sure dend you the link if you are interested. Namaste.

Universal Laws profile image

Universal Laws 7 years ago from UNIVERSE Author

I can understand that now the colour healing goes into the water from the glass activated by the energy of the sun. Thanks but a hub on the subject would be great. Its similar to putting crystals in your drinking water, Im sitting here with a rose quartz and an amethyst in my goblet of spring water - quite large ones so they stay at the bottom and I don't swallow them!!!



Amanda Severn profile image

Amanda Severn 7 years ago from UK

Hi Universal Laws, I saw a programme on TV a while ago about water having a memory. That is, of course, how homeopathy works. This is an interesting hub. Thank you.

tinarathore84 profile image

tinarathore84 7 years ago from India

Hello Linda..this is the hub i wrote on Color therapy. hope you find it useful.here's the link.



iqbal88 profile image

iqbal88 7 years ago


enlightenedpsych2 profile image

enlightenedpsych2 7 years ago from n.e. portion of U.S. on Planet earth

Hello Universal Laws,

I really enjoyed your informative hub on something I imagined did contain some element of the 'human brain capacity', a memory. Our voice, the frequency, assists in growing and nurturing plants and the earth that surrounds them or the opposite, destruction and annihilating the planet to its own demise . . .

Thank you for sharing

miss erica hidvegi,

the Enlightenment Advisor

lisadpreston profile image

lisadpreston 7 years ago from Columbus, Ohio

great hub and as usual very informative. thanks

michaelshell 7 years ago

Hello Universal Laws,

Do you know if Dr. Emoto is doing any large body of water healings? Also, what you think about floride in our water? If it's not safe to drink, how do we get it out?



PureRomance profile image

PureRomance 7 years ago from Vietnam

I found your this hub from related topics. I fread it with pleasure. Great one! Thanks for sharing it :)

Universal Laws profile image

Universal Laws 7 years ago from UNIVERSE Author

Michaelshell, I haven't heard whether Emoto is currently involved in large area water healings, he has in the past.

Fluoride is definitely not good in the water, google search the effects, one effect is on the nervous system and on levels of consciousness, If the water in your body is polluted then your energy system is polluted. I never drink water from any tap cold, I always use bottled water and have a "stir wand" from US which energises and balances it even more. I do drink hot water because the molucules have been shaken around and changed when heated, don't know how much this helps but intuitively it feels OK but my main source of water for my body is cold water that is not tap water. I have heard that leaving a jug of water uncovered for a few hours will allow the chloride etc to evaporate, don't know how true this is.



Greenheart profile image

Greenheart 7 years ago from Cambridge

Thanks for an interesting and thought provoking hub!

It makes sense to me what you are saying.

I will need to think more now about the water i am consuming.

Happy 2010.


TheAllSeeingEye profile image

TheAllSeeingEye 7 years ago from England.

Fluoride that is put into water plays havoc with the brain. It kills off the connection to the higher self, the spirit.

I haven't drank tap water now for fifteen years, only bottled spring water or other forms of beverage.

To be honest, we don't know what is being put into bottled water or other beverages.

Foods are forever being tampered with preservatives and toxins that mess with the body and mind.

As best as you possibly can, try and use pure foods and drinks. Natural spring water is a must as is fresh vegetables and fruit. The less toxins put into the body the more in tune someone will be with themselves. I also clean my teeth with bicarbonate of soda and spit it out. I refrain from using fluoride because I know the damage this does to the mind.

Universal Laws profile image

Universal Laws 7 years ago from UNIVERSE Author

Fluoride - also in normal tea - Brown Indian Tea. If people are drinking the water, cleaning their teeth with normal t/paste and drinking loads of tea their brains and nervous systems are literally doomed.



TheAllSeeingEye profile image

TheAllSeeingEye 7 years ago from England.

Didn't know about fluoride in tea. I don't drink much tea or coffee anyway. I drink mostly fresh orange juice, tomato juice and herbal teas, but I do like bovril, go on tell me, bovril has fluoride in it...LOL!

Anything with Aspartame in it kills off the nervous and immune system. This is why they make sugar free products sound enticing so that people pump themselves with aspartame.

The amount of toxins pumped into processed foods is alarming. Most products put on the supermarket shelves have all sorts of oxides and acids added to them. They call them preservatives and additives.

This is my take.

If they want the best for you then why don't they add vital vitamins and minerals to foods? I hear there is a plan to cut down on vitamins and minerals further by downgrading the goodness in foods. Read up on Codex Alimentarius. This is a global cartel designed to hand over the control of natural remedies to the pharmaceutical giants. Not good news, and this apparently came in effect at the end of last month.

Now under this mob any kind of crap can be pumped into foods and you can bet your bottom dollar that any pure vitamin is withdrawn.

There are people in power literally messing around with your health and bodies. One thing is for sure, they won't be buying their shopping off the super market shelves, they will have their fresh foods packed with vitamins and minerals delivered daily to their doorsteps.

The lengths these s### will go to in order to keep power and control over the masses.

Universal Laws profile image

Universal Laws 7 years ago from UNIVERSE Author

Dont know about fluoride in Bovril but I reckon it might have some pretty nasty meat contents!!!! Isn't that the one that's made with meat and marmite is made with yeast. If it does have meat in it you can bet its not of a good kind, Id love to see those vats simmering away,not.

Yes the aspartamine problem is huge, having run my first wholefood shop around 28 years ago I have rarely partaken of the product in any form but I now visit my mother who is in a home with parkinsons and dementia and she just wouldn't listen when I told her to stop the sweetener tablets that she used in her tea probably five times a day for decades. Recently the doctor gave her a medication that contained aspartamine, which I eventually got her off but he said "but the organisation that check these things would not allow this to happen if what you say is true". It took him two weeks to research it and then he quietly phoned the home without telling me and took her off it! breakthrough!

I have to say the controllers are not messing around with my body because I take responsibility totally for what I eat. To be informed right now is the most important thing.

I would advise everyone to take colloidal silver every day, vit d 3 in the winter months and in circumstances where needed =- like people who cant get out, to buy a Bob beck or Croft pulser and get their systems working at an optimum because there could be much more to come with the plans of the illuminatti.........will write a hub on this soon.



Kathy Rimel profile image

Kathy Rimel 7 years ago

Enjoyed your hub. I have been drinking water energized with love and healing for quite a while now. Dr. Emoto's work has just proven that energy healing, whether through the water we drink or through the laying of hands, actually works.

treasuresyw profile image

treasuresyw 6 years ago from Savannah, GA

Very interesting and informative hub. Thanks for sharing. Peace

Mystique1957 profile image

Mystique1957 6 years ago from Caracas-Venezuela

My dear sister...

Ever since I read Dr. Emoto`s book about water I have been drinking my water "labeled" with positive keywords. The flavor is not only glorious, the effects are astounding! I was meant to write about this theme, but you´ve done it beautifully!

Wonderful hub,

Thumbs up!

Warmest regards, love and blessings,


adorababy profile image

adorababy 6 years ago from Syracuse, NY

I agree, the best sources of minerals in water can be found in natural spring water. Not only are they pure and unprocessed, they also are the best tasting water. From where I come from, they are free and abundant. Thank God!

Universal Laws profile image

Universal Laws 6 years ago from UNIVERSE Author

You are so lucky to have natural spring water. Where do you come from, I noticed your profile is based in NY.



Lady Guinevere profile image

Lady Guinevere 6 years ago from West By God

I saw that before too. I don't know how I missed this hub. Yes, water is in and of everything. I believe everything to have a memory too as they do also stated that our very cells have memory. What do you think is going or is happening when it is starting to rain oil in some parts of Florida? Can that be purified?

I think it strange that people who think channeling is of Satan when in fact they say they speak to GOD which would be a form of chenneling.

I voted this hub up and a few other kudos and follow you too.

Thanks for this hub.

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