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Yes, what do you want and desire out of life you can walk in and into love when you let it grow.

The manifestation of materal belongings in your life come when you are rich in body, mind and spririt as you think. Your thoughts attract your desires when you set your goals. Project positive attitude and strive to believe the impossible can happen to your life.

Have you ask the question to yourself about the direction or path you want to walk in your life. Then ask from the higher Power guidance and direction to obtain.

Each person have different desires but your desires will attract people who have crossed or traveled the same road. In life have you ever said, "It's a small world after all ". When this happens to me it has always been a positive marker. This allows me to know a force greater than I is working on my behalf moving me toward my goals I've already set.

NOW if LOVE is your desire write and set your life goals make a step and walk toward your picture and thoughts in your mind.

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DFW TEEN VOICE 7 years ago from Richardson, Texas Author

Yes, you can walk in and into love when you let it grow with friendship!

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