Teach Science to Kids with these Fun Chapter Books

Chapter books are a great way to both teach and reinforce understanding of concepts in science. They are a great way to get some learning into your bedtime reading routine. These books can be a great way to supplement a homeschool science curriculum as well. They cover a large number of scientific concepts. The Magic School Bus series and Andrew Lost are good for all elementary ages. The other books are appropriate for elementary and middle school kids.

The following is a list of chapter books that teach scientific concepts through fun and entertaining stories. These books are aimed at elementary and middle school aged students.

Magic School Bus Chapter Books

The Magic School Bus book series has many great books that use fun stories to teach science. There is a series of chapter books that are appropriate for all elementary school grades. The books cover germs, magnetism, space, bats, bones, sharks and more. In addition to a fun story, the books teach a lot of science.

Stephen and Lucy Hawking Books

Physicist Stephen Hawking and his daughter Lucy have written some adventure stories for children. They are based around a character named George. The books are probably best for 3rd grade to 8th grade readers. But younger kids who enjoy science may also enjoy them. In these books, kids will be exposed to scientific concepts about physics, space and the universe. The books are George's Secret Key to the Universe, George's Cosmic Treasure Hunt, and George and the Big Bang.

Andrew Lost

Andrew Lost by J. C. Greenburg is a series of chapter books that is appropriate for all elementary school ages. The books follow the adventures of a young scientist named Andrew, his cousin Judy and his robot Thudd. The books are a fun (and a bit gross) introduction to many basic concepts in science. Andrew's adventures take him to the ocean, the ice age, the garbage and many other places. The books should be read in order, starting with #1 On the Dog. The books have a list of fun facts at the end.

One Minute Mysteries

This isn't actually a chapter book. It has 65 short stories with a science mystery. The book is listed for grades 4 and up but if a younger child knows a lot of science they may be able to solve many of the mysteries. Each mystery takes about one minute to read. There is also a book with math mysteries by the same authors.

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Wise fool profile image

Wise fool 4 years ago from Colorado

Thank you. I didn't know about the Hawking books. My kids are crazy about space and science. They will definitely recognize Stephen Hawking. Anything to keep them wanting to read instead of making it a chore is wonderful. Thanks again for the information.

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