Colorful Minds Learn Differently: Teaching Children Patience

Butterfly Feeding Station

What Is A Colorful Mind?

My colorful background... I'm a dyslexic mom with two learning disabled teens.

One child shares my dyslexia, and the other, has what's called an auditory processing disorder and cerebral palsy.

We've found kids who have learning disorders compensate in amazing ways to learn, love and lead an exceptional life.

While many of these abilities make living with the learning disabled a challenge... they also make our lives more colorful....because colorful minds have a unique perspective on everything.

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A Fun Grass Seed Project... see link

About Children And Animals

1) All living creatures deserve a clean environment, fresh food and water daily, and gentle treatment.

Even though raising creatures is the child's project, it's up to the parents to assist in helping them put the nurture in nature.

2) Some children may have difficulty letting go, but here's how I ease the transition:

I told my children that in some cultures, animals bring messages to I say if it's would be nice to ask for peace before we set the messenger free.

3) Be prepared to talk about death. Not all chickens hatch. Not all tadpoles grow.

Nothing is sure in nature, but that doesn't make the potential for life less beautiful.

Patience is often thought of as something kids develop with maturity, but...

Did you know that a child's understanding of patience can be hurried along?

All that's needed are some rewards worth the wait and a little help from Mother Nature.

Many great rewards can be found right in your own back yard, purchased online, or found in a store near you.

Before you begin:

Be Prepared

  • Running to the store for a forgotten item will make for more frustration than reward.
  • Make sure you have the materials all ready for set up before you start a project.

Words of Praise and Encouragement

The reward is not just about doing the activity, it's about praising the patience.

For example:

"Wow , takes a lot of patience waiting for bread to rise and bake, but you did it. Now let's eat!"


"Wonderful, you patiently watched the tank every day for those eggs to hatch. Now let's watch them grow."

To understand patience is a good thing, kids need to hear the words.

Let's Get Started

Here are four patience boosting activities that will have your child ready and waiting.

1) Planting the Seeds of Reason

Growing grass seed is about the simplest rewarding experience for children of all ages.

You can use any kind of a container from a milk carton to a fancy window box.

The best containers are decorated by the child before planting. Creating a colorful container also allows the child to make the project his/her very own.

Next you'll need... potting or topsoil... grass seed... water... and a sunny spot.

Keep the seeds moist... and in two weeks you will have a beautiful green indoor lawn that will be the envy of even the savviest gardeners.

Each day as the seeds sprout... your kids will love finding the first shoots of baby green grass and watching them grow thicker. Later they'll love trimming the older grass as it grows.

2) Watch A Change And Make A Difference

Nothing is more exciting than watching the metamorphosis of a Caterpillar.

Below I've left a link to online sources of caterpillars and moths that will fit your area, like painted ladies, and the most stunning...the giant lime green Luna moth.

Monarch caterpillars can also be found roadside on milkweed for free. Without a kit you will have to make a cage from screening or an old fish tank and find food.

Carefully follow the instructions in your caterpillar kit, or if you want to find and raise monarchs there's a great site with everything monarch. I've left a link to at the bottom of this page.

While you learn about raising them also learn about the signs of change... like

Triops Are Amazing Tiny Creatures

monarch caterpillars make a j shape before all changes,and the chrysalis becomes dark then clear on the day of the hatching.

When you've successfully raised your fluttery wards, set them free to the breeze.

3) Sea Monkeying Around

Are these mail order sillies for real?

Yes they are...sea monkeys....aka brine shrimp and the similar ancient form of sea life called triops are what most refer to when taking about sea monkeys.

If the kids love dinosaurs... they'll love triops! Check out the fun video above.

Also available are brine shrimp, but they're less impressive.

Both can be purchased in kits at...any local mall educational or science store, or you can follow the link below.

Follow the directions in the kit and in a few days your kids will wake up to find tiny specks on the gravel...then as each day passes...the critters grow.

If taken care of as per the instructions, they will thrive and reproduce for months with very little effort.

I like to keep them on the kitchen table in a small fish bowl because you can watch their progression each day...and remember to feed them.

And while sea monkeys are a great patience exercise, there's one even better.

A Chicken Hatching:Reality : It could take all day

3) Grow A Frog

Want to go the extra mile?

Set up an aquarium with a frog habitat... and catch (with a local permit) or purchase tadpoles.

This is the ultimate patience reward.

For an added lesson, and ONLY if the adult frogs are native to your area, releasing them will further teach your child about letting go, and stewardship.

Patience is a virtue that can only be taught if you can prove its merits...and what better way to explore this area than as a family.

More Patience Teaching Activities

  • Fishing
  • Making Cookies or Brownies From Scratch
  • Baking Bread From Scratch
  • Growing A Butterfly Garden
  • Creating A Bird Feeding Station
  • Making A Paper Mache Piñata
  • Not ready to grow a live creature... there are lots of set in water...grow things available like... grow a bunny.. or ...grow a dinosaur.

A Cute Video: Kristine of KrisCreations loves tadpoles…

Do You Have A Colorful Idea To Teach Patience?

Other Parents Would Love To Hear It!

Please share what works for you in the comment box below.

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helenathegreat profile image

helenathegreat 8 years ago from Manhattan

My sister has cerebral palsy. I'm not sure that it teaches patience, but my mother purchased a bunch of lady bugs last summer. They come in a chilled container, which puts them to sleep, and then when you take them out and put them on your outdoor plants, they wake up and act as organic pest moderators!

My sister helped my mom distribute the lady bugs in all the bushes around our house, and then they visited them every day to see how they liked their new home.

Great hub!!

sminut13 profile image

sminut13 8 years ago from singapore

a great hub. def can use tips here.

PassinItAlong profile image

PassinItAlong 6 years ago

I have kids and patience is the very thing that keeps me out of stress.

Nice hub!

MattW 5 years ago

This is a very informative hub about kids and different methods of learning. It reminds me of students in the school system and how many of them are struggling. An alternative to traditional school is Forest Trail Academy (an online school) that has teachers who are patient and caring for the students. It is a top-notch school!

LifebytheLesson 5 years ago

Great ideas for developing patience! Wish I had come across it 3 years ago! Here's another idea to help build patience in little ones: Play board games. There is a natural wait built in, which, of course, is the what we want our children to learn to do. They have to finish the game before a winner in declared. They also have to wait their turn. Along the way, they can be reminded how fun it will be to see who wins, as a way to keep interest as they play, have fun, and pick up a new character trait in the process!

Christopher 20 months ago

Now if it was like some of the festivals in Spain... they bring in trkcus filled with peas, which the drunken young Pea Enthusiasts then proceed to throw at each other.Well, I'd all for that.The modern frozen baby peas are pretty popular in our house. Our kids will pour them cold into a bowl and snack on them.And a "Pie Floater" is popular here. A meat pie swimming in mushy canned peas. All your meat and vegetables in a convenient pre-chewed form.

Shani 20 months ago

Ok quick question yea I know I'm beinhd on this, but the RSS feed. Can that be to my blog? Or would that be not ok? If I write a lens about something pertaining to my blog like formatting tips and then put my RSS feed in it, would that be ok? Or do you want to always find a RSS feed to some place else?

Imane 20 months ago

It can 100% be from your page or blog. I've got the RSS feed from here to our romance eBook squodio. If a page I made was completely unrelated to the site then I would probably find a relevant feed to use. My next article will be on hubpages and I have a nifty RSS trick you may enjoy.

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