Ten Tips on Increasing your Chances on Landing a Job

Hope these help!

1st Tip Always Dress to Impress!

Managers want people to look their best at their place of work. If you come in and ask for an application with tattered clothes and shaggy hair, you might as well turn around and walk out. Shoes should be cleaned and be formal. Clothing should be not baggy, proper for the occasion, and most importantly not dirty. When I would work at my old jobs, I could not believe the amount of people that didn’t follow these rules. They would just come out of the street as they were. This did not make a good impression on managers when they came up and asked “Are you hiring?” They looked unprepared, sloppy, and not hirable.

2nd Tip Wash up and Smell Good

Facial hair and hair should be tidy and washed. Keep beards, moustaches, goatees, and hair trimmed and proper. Also it wouldn’t be a bad idea to wear some perfume or body spray to smell good. It is important to be clean so take a shower before you go apply for jobs. I made the mistake of not doing some of these. I like having long, shaggy hair and a beard but it sometimes hampers me in finding a job. Managers that I have talked to always told me that I needed to comb my shaggy hair and to cut my beard so it was descent. No wonder no one called me back! Again, people would come in a mess and expected to be hired on the spot.

3rd Tip Keep Piercing and Tattoos out of Sight

I have a facial piercing on my lip which is frowned upon by the establishment. Even though it is a pain, take out facial piercing and other ones that might offend. Only after getting an interview and securing the job should you ask if it is ok to put them back in. If you can put them back at least it is better than not having a job. Also, if you are thinking about getting a tattoo, try to get them in a place not noticeable. Tattoo on the arm, back of neck, small of the back, etc don’t look good to managers that are looking for people to hire. I also have a tattoo and before I got it, I kept in mind that finding a job would depend on my placement of the tattoo. I have it on my chest just to let you know.

4th Tip Bring a Smile that Brightens up the Room

It might seem strange to smile when you don’t feel like it. Forcing a smile might land you that job you want. It shows that you are warm and approachable (from the outside point of view). Showing those pearly whites makes it easier to talk to you. Managers will like that you are friendly and might be friendly with the customers. Also look them in the eyes when you talk to them. It shows that you are brave and not shy. I’m kind of what people might say, a sour puss. But I can muster up the courage to crack a smile every now and than. Even the act of trying can get you a little further in your job search.

5th Tip Bring a Resume Just in Case

Some companies have the habit of not having applications in stock. So bring your own resumes just in case they don’t have any. It also helps you out in the application filling out process. Having it as a reference for past jobs, job skills, people for references, etc will make your mind at ease. Also print out many copies so you can leave one with the application as well. I think it also shows that you are serious in getting the job and making the resume look prestigious also helps you chances in catching their eyes.

6th Tip Reading the Atmosphere

I think this is important to; how the workplace feels. Go in and see how the work area is. Check if it’s cleaned, what customers might come in, how the workers act, and what not. Ask questions to the employees and see how they like their jobs. You wouldn’t want to work at place where an employee is slacking off or hear stories of customers wrecking up the store when they come in. See if you like how it feels. This also might help you get a job if the employees like you. They might talk highly of you when the manager comes in.

7th Tip Application Do’s and Don’ts

When you ask for the application, take it and leave to fill it out. Do not fill it out in front of them. For some reason managers hate that sort of thing. It makes you look unprofessional. Don’t come in with your friends and ask for an application. A gaggle of friends giggling and being loud will make you look bad. Come in by yourself. Fill out the application as cleanly and clearly as possible. If your writing looks like chicken scratches, you might need to ask someone else to fill it out for you. Always ask a manager for the application and hand it back to them. Getting it from an employee and giving it back might have wasted your time. I remember when people came to my work place and asking one of my coworkers for one. They lost that piece of paper faster than I could blink.

8th Tip Fill Out an Application Even if They Aren’t Hiring

Don’t you just love when you ask if they are hiring and they say “You want an application?” This no way answered your question. You can safely assume that they are not but are just accepting applications. They can’t deny you an application because I think it is against the law. Fill out applications even when you know they aren’t hiring. People quit, fired, or moved and they will need to fill that spot ASAP. They usually keep the application for months so remember that.

9th Tip Stalk Them in a Good Way

Go in and ask for the manager. Ask the manager about your application and she what they say. Call in and ask to talk to the manager. Do this every week or couple of days. Be persistent and it may pay off. It might seem that you are annoying them but I think it leave an impression. It shows that you want to work there. This, from my experience, works best and landed me many a job.

10th Tip The Interview

After all your hard work, you should be in a chair with a person asking you questions. At least I hope you are. Here are some final pointers on what to do. I think it’s good to answer truthfully. Come in with a clean slate and let your dirty laundry out. Smile and be talkative. Try not to give one grunt answers because that doesn’t seem friendly. Come in with proper attire. Look them in the eyes when you talk to them also. Be polite and don’t use curse words when you talk to them. When they ask you questions, try to answer as quickly as possible. Try not to stumble around because it makes you seem unsure of yourself. Shake hands when you meet them for the first time and also when you leave. Very important thing to do is be on time. Don’t be late for your own interview because that can really turn them red.

Times are tough with the economy being in the dumps of late. I should know because I am unemployed as of writing this story. With these tips I hope that you are successful with your job hunting. I probably missed some good advice so find more good advice if you can. Good luck too you all and thanks for reading.

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MOmmagus 8 years ago

lol, i like stalk them in a good way. this is awesome because i am job hunting this week, i'm pretty much dreading it, and i know that's the worst attitude to have. i have pretty much hated every job i've ever had and don't like being told what to do. too, bad i've only made 3 cents w/ adsense so far : (

EternalSin profile image

EternalSin 8 years ago from Chicago Author

Thanx for the posts. Ya jobs out there are pretty hard to come by. Thanks BUSH!!! You got 3 cents? I still havent seen a penny yet ahahah. Oh well

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