Ten Tips on acting sane in life

Happy and sane people

Ten Tip on being a sane person

Sleep, work, and eat. If that is what you like to do in life than here are some tips for you. These ten tips will help you live a mundane life! Follow these strictly.

1st Tip

Pick up trash even if it isn't yours. A happy Earth is a healthy Earth.

2nd Tip

Work hard at work and stay vigilant.

3rd Tip

Caress and love wildlife. Feed hungry animals when they seem hungry. Say good things to brighten their day.

4th Tip

Give your tree the leftover dinner. Use discarded food for compost and use it with the soil. Giving it nutrients it probably never would have had.

5th Tip

When a young woman comes your way say “A nice day we are having, have a fantastic day.” Very polite.

6th Tip

When you see a young man come your way say “How do you so sir, nice day for gentlemanly banter.” Very Humble

7th Tip

Instead of talking to wind, install a chime on your window or porch. Let it sing to you.

8th Tip

Have a couple of minutes in the day to stop and meditate. It helps your chi to settle and you’ll feel great through out the day.

9th Tip

Car pool with people from your job or school. This helps save gas and money will still be in your pocket. Ride your bike with a helmet and protective wear.

10Th Tip

If possible, keep the Earth clean as much as possible so we don't have to inhabit other worlds.

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Guru-C 7 years ago

Very nice!

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