Ten Tips on being an insane person

i feel like him sometimes

Ten Tips on being an insane person.

Life is hard! Let us face the facts. But we don't need to let life beat down on us forever. Here are ten tips on how add dynamic living. Make some of your own to make things better too!

1st Tip

Litter as much as possible so to teach nature (which is a part of life) whose boss. Plus it’s easier than throwing it in the trash.

2nd Tip

When things start getting tough at work, throw your hand up in the air and clap. This signifies to your coworkers and boss that you give up and going home.

3rd Tip

Shout at wildlife when you see them in the wild. Call them names until you can see the tears.

4th Tip

Punch a tree and show it who wears the pants in the animal kingdom.

5th Tip

When a young woman comes your way say “Hey, you look like a potato chip I ate yesterday.” Very perplexing to them.

6th Tip

When you see a young man come your way say “Run away, there is a pack of feral bunnies coming! They ate my family and looked cute too.” Very horrifying.

7th Tip

Have practical talks with the wind. Air has a tendency to be a great listener. The silence is them agreeing to what you said.

8th Tip

Have moments in day when you just drop to the floor and begin to do rolls for a couple of minutes. Knock down people so they can join in the rolling.

9th Tip

Try to ride on top of your car and drive it with your feet. Make sure there is plenty of gas too. If you have a bike, try riding it backwards on the handle.

10th Tip

If possible try to aim a missile towards a planet. So their will be more sun for us on Earth!

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:p 6 years ago

read this and wanted to cry FAIL!!!

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