Ten great follies of Ch'in Dynasty

The "ten great follies" which helped to bring about the overthrow of the Ch'in dynasty were --

1. Abolition of the feudal system.

2. Melting down all weapons and casting twelve huge figures from the metal.

3. Building the Great Wall to keep out the Tartars.

4. Building a huge pleasaunce, the central hall of which was over sixty feet in height, and capable of accommodating ten thousand guests. 

5. The Burning of the Books. 

6. The massacre of the Literati.

7. Building a vast mausoleum.

8. Searching for the elixir of life.

9. Appointing the Heir-Apparent to be Commander-in-Chief.

10. Maladministration of justice.

The First Emperor of Qin
The First Emperor of Qin

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