Test of Mantle

Test of Mantle

Sometimes test and penances are floated by Nature to test the mantle of a nation and a people. In these tests which are the examination of their veracity and their absoluteness of faith in justice, they are tested to have applied it undiluted and not smeared by the colours of beliefs what they want to believe to be true by their construed theories and the web of conspiracies they have webbed to entangle them and confuse them, and along with them draw in their orbit of confusion, simple minded citizens.

The case of the ‘Memo’, an enticement written by someone on behalf of someone to protect that someone, has not even a speck of crime in its initiation, provided the intention of the army after May 2011 air attack on their protectorate by its institutions the memo was written against had the same intention, it induced the memo to be written against. If the Army of Pakistan wanted to throw out the government of the people, then the government was right to seek help from any quarter which was mightier than the ARMY to stop it from throwing out the government.

In this matter the inquiry to be conducted should be whether the Army did intend to throw out the government. And we salute Asma Jahangir to take notice of injustice and stand up to uphold justice.

The army of a nation should back and instil law of morality, not demolish morality. They should fight against the lawless group, be they in the shape of Taliban or in the cloak of any religious body taking up arm to thrust a belief and faith, contrary to rationality and based on prejudice, hate and hypocrisy.

The Interior Minister of Pakistan thanks the Taliban and says, ‘thank you (to spare the main days of the Moharram of 2011 from bombing and strafing the Shia procession).’ This is empathy with the terrorist of the highest degree and his hypocrisy of disgrace and shame unfit of a Muslim, and that which does not condemn the killing of the two Shia scouts by them or by their like on the first day of the Moharram. These statements show they will never be arrested and any quick sentence of punishment or execution passed on them, a day dream of justice.

These are the test cases put to the nations to correct their course and halt their wandering march. The leadership work of a nation is the hardest task and the incompetent have to be honest and surrender this leadership if the evidences prove one after the other they have failed.

Nawaz Shareef takes the case of the memo; look at the conspiracy they already call it a memo -gate to the Supreme Court, overruling application of intellect, and the Supreme Court does not apply rules of justice and as first step puts, one, in the eyes of law, not proven guilty on the ECL (exit control list). They should learn from the ruling of Hazrat Ali. He was informed that Ibn Muljim is roaming on the streets of Kufa to assassinate him, so kindly arrest him. Hazrat Ali said, ‘he cannot be arrested, since he has not so far committed a crime’. The point in law is that if the army is found implicated in planning to throw out the government of the people then the writing of the memo was desirable. A victim can seek help from any quarter.

These are the days of mourning of Moharram. Everyone is familiar with the call of their Imam in Karbala: ‘Is there anyone to help me.’ Was there any discrimination in this call to say that you Americans are not wanted! It was a call against tyranny and injustice and if Army was guilty of planning to throw out the government it was doing just that tyranny and injustice and had to be checked by all means available. And the nuclear assets and the weapons and the war machinery can be dumped in the sea but not morality. Don’t use these weapons of mass destruction against the humanity only use morality to sooth their wounds.

If everyone does not do its assigned duty and overplays its role it is Haram. The duty of the army is to deliver the country to the nation of the tomorrow safe and sound, not threatened by the extremist from within. And as an extra duty they should harness them to righteousness, and if that cannot be done eliminate them with iron hand not soft peddle and negotiate with them or protect them in Abbottabad. No man with intellect will believe that the Army was unaware of the residence of Osama Bin Laden in his fortified high walled house, only at stone’s throw distance from the Army centre of training.

And the morality standard of the officials of a Muslim State should be following the precepts set by their Maula Ali. How unfortunate are the Muslims to ignore their Maula Ali. Their Paighamber did his duty to identify their Maula and they are guilty of ignoring their Maula. The command of their Paighamber PBU is to follow his Aehlebaait. The precept set by Hazrat Ali is:

Hazrat Ali was working in the Baitul Maal – the state treasury. A lamp was burning. A questioner entered and said, ‘Ya Ali I want to have a word with you. Hazrat Ali asked is it a state matter or a private matter. The questioner said it is a private matter. Hazrat Ali put out the lamp and said, ‘Now we can talk. The lamp cannot be burnt and the state oil consumed over a private talk.’


Shia Afkar (Shia Thought)



Since this article (Test of Mantle) was written on the 7th of December Dr Shahid Masood has conducted many TV programmes under the name of Shahid Nama. In his almost each talk show he assigns a meaning to the stick General Kiyani was holding in his hand when he went to visit President Zardari and was shown talking with him. This anchor person is all glee that the general has seemingly belittled the president, which indeed is so.

The normal etiquette is that when military personnel enters in a building, he removes his cap and places on the mantel and any paraphernalia, like gloves, sticks are left behind or collected by attendant, and the military personnel so appropriates himself for the talk.

It was impolite of General Kiyani to carry his stick with him and that be focussed by the media, while taking pictures of the general talking with the President. The media of Pakistan is untamed and exploitive and wishful to create unstable situations in the democratic life of the government headed by President Zardari.

In his talk show on the 9th of December Dr Shahid Masood invites General Aslam Beg, as his exclusive guest, and again in the talk uses his angled slight and sarcasm for the President through the display of the stick snap and he talks of the prominence of the stick in this talk show and invites some comments from General Aslam Beg, who replies, ‘it is part of our uniform’. General Aslam Beg has been at one time Commander -in-Chief of the army (today they call this designation by the name of Chief of the Army Staff – COS), which incidentally denotes more of the authority of the office holder than the genius of the battle field and it is never a befitting title for the Mujahid-in-Chief. General Aslam Beg may call the stick a part of the uniform, but it was impolite of General Kiyani to carry it with him in talk with the President, which gave opportunity to journalists like Shahid Masood to give it meaning in the fashion he likes to give.

The journalist does not cast aspersion and show any cunningness, but places his sophistication before the audience and presents correct evaluation. And this is all a test of the mantle of a people in which each institution and individual must strive to take the nation and the people to beyond the pass marks.


Afkar-e Shia (Shia Thought)




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