The Best Techniques For Cheating On a Test

Almost everyone has cheated on a test at one point or another. From peeking over to the person next to you, to smuggling a cheat sheet, most have taken the calculated risk of cheating. Here is a list of some of those cheats. I'm not going to give a massive list where only about a few of the methods are practical, but a list of a few tricks that I think work.

you will need a drink that came in a clear bottle, but was not clear itself, to do the clear bottle method
you will need a drink that came in a clear bottle, but was not clear itself, to do the clear bottle method

Honorable Mentions

The Clear Bottle Method

In most longer tests, and exams, the teacher will allow you to bring in a drink. For this you will need a drink with a clear bottle, but the drink itself cannot be clear (ex. Coca-Cola). Before going to the test, peel of the label and write your notes on the inside, then glue it back. During the test, as you drink, more of your notes will be revealed through the clear bottle. The reason that this is an honourable mention is because it is fairly well known, thus teachers will already be wary of this one, and if caught, there is no way of wiping the evidence.

Tissue Cheat Sheet

Simply write your notes on a tissue, and then you have two options: Firstly, you can discreetly place the tissue in a class tissue box before the test, and put in in your pocket after pretending to use it during the test. This is very inconspicous, but if there are many people in the class, or many people that use the tissue box, this will not work, and you have to just bring it into the exam in your pocket. The reason that this is an honourable mention is because some teachers will only allow you to use the class tissue box, and check your pockets before a test. If you do the class tissue box variation in a large class, there is a chance that someone else will get the tissue before you.

The Top 5


An extremely simple method, which is basically a more advanced variant of the basic peeking over at someone else's test. To do this, you should look as frustrated as possible; put you're head in your hands, stare at the ceiling for a moment, slouch while tapping your foot intensely, etc. Then you should post your head on your arm, so that one eye is covered by your hand, and the other seems to be staring blankly at the floor. However you can always see the test of the person beside you through the gaps between your fingers. A great method as you cannot be definitively caught cheating.

Nails As Cheat Sheets

The title says everything - you write on your nails. I usually don't like to use any method where I write on myself, as it is cliché and the teacher's look for the stereotypical methods. Take writing on your arm, for example; teachers look for this method so frequently that I've even been asked to roll up my sleeves for random check. However this is different, because I don't think that there is another technique besides this one where you can remove all evidence as quickly as with a swipe of your thumb. Just make sure you use pencil!

for the pen trick, you will have to use the 2nd white part from the right to attach your notes to the inside of the pen
for the pen trick, you will have to use the 2nd white part from the right to attach your notes to the inside of the pen

The Pen Trick, But Better

Writing on a piece of paper then putting it inside your pen is a well known cheat, and teachers have caught on. This is the same trick, except with a twist. For this you will need a retractable pen that is either a) clear, and you have covered 2 3rds of it with black marker, or b) unclear, and you have scrached 1 3rd of the paint off so that that portion is clear. You must also make sure that this is the kind of pen where the inside spins when you retract it. On the second white part from the right (picture), you will glue the top part of your cheat around, so that it makes a long paper cylinder. Before you do this, you have to write your notes on the paper, and this involves some guess and check. You will want to write your notes so that you can see them through the clear part of the pen during two consecutive clicks, but not on the third. This is so that if the teacher starts noticing, you can quickly click the pen once or twice so that there will be no visible notes.

Notes On Gauze

Come to class wearing gauze bandage around your arm 1 or 2 days before the test. If you're feeling a bit more gutsy, you can even make it look bloody with fake blood (this would obviosly work much better than without). Write your notes on the inside of the gauze and there you go. I like this method because if you had the gauze on for a few previous classes, the teacher would not suspect you of using it to cheat. Also, if a teacher has a slight suspicion about cheating, he or she might just quickly check without asking (ex. if the teacher thinks you have written notes inside your hat, he/she might take the hat, look inside, and give it back, without asking). But this will likely not happen with the gauze because it's a medical issue, and if its a bloody gauze I doubt that the teacher will want to touch it.

The Open Fly

For this you will need very loose pants, with a fly. Write your notes on white boxers or underwear. Go to class, sit in your seat, then open your fly. Make sure nobody is looking, and open it as wide as possible, even unbuttoning pants if necessary (helps if you come to the class a few minutes before the test). It is also recommended that you wear a baggy shirt to cover the fly when you are not copying the notes. If you think a teacher notices, give a weird look as if saying "why were you staring at my crotch", and then zip up the fly. If the teacher is adamant that you were cheating, simply zip the fly quickly, and you may now vocalize the "why were you staring at my crotch". Even if the teacher knows that you know that you have been caught cheating, there is no way to prove it.

NOTE: For informational purposes only. Don't actually cheat on a test, its just not worth the risk.

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genius 5 years ago

i also know a cool trick of cheating simply write answers in ur hand on exam day wear full arm shirt cover answers which were write on ur hand with full arm shirt when u need to see answers just pull ur shit. My email id is contact me

PureEvil 5 years ago

On exams that u cannot bring pen; or drink or hat with you. like PMP ; buy latex paint; write the cheat on a tiny sheet(size of a coin) stick it in ur palam and cover it with latex till dry; it will look as burried in ur skin. inside exam peel the latex; take the small paper and use it. U must eat them both once ur finished...

haney 5 years ago


king 2 years ago

Write answers on backdide of ur geometry box

Laucube Ent. 22 months ago

Hi! I ave used this app twice and it is perfect for cheating on exams!

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