The Best iPhone Apps for Aspiring Physical Therapists

Reviewing On-The-Go

Juggling work, home and taking care of my son can be real time and mind consuming. I sleep an average of four to six hours at night now. Since I make sure that I get to read and review for the NPTE whenever it is humanely possible.

Running errands and paying the bills can be such a waste of time. I usually have notes with me to help me pass the time while I am waiting for my turn in line.

I recently got myself an iPhone and discovered apps that I can use to get my mind sharp while I'm on the go. Most of them are free, but a couple of the apps I got - I had to purchase from iTunes.

Free iPhone Apps on Brain and Nerves

1. Nerve Whiz - one of my favorite free apps. It has an easy to understand diagram of the Brachial Plexus AND the Lumbo-Sacral Plexus. It also has a Muscle Localizer, and all you need to do is choose a muscle that's weak, and it will show you the possible nerve or trucks affected. It also has a sensory localizer, where you just tap the part of the muscle. And voila! it tells you nerve sensory distribution for it. 

2. 3D Brain - With just a flick of your finger, you can rotate and pinpoint the brain structures, functions and the associated disorder for each structure. Because I am a visual learner myself, it makes it easier for me to understand where the symptoms are coming from from a client who suffered a traumatic brain injury or a stroke patient. 

3. Brain & Nerves - Another great app for people in the medical field. It discusses the most important topics on brain and nerve diseases. Although the information is not as substantial, since this is made to cater non-medical professionals as well. The basic information is enough for an iPhone app.

Paid PhysioTherapy iPhone App

1. iOrtho - I first downloaded the free trial version, and liked what it had to offer. So I paid, $9.99 for both the complete versions of their Special Tests and Mobilization techniques. Nice as a quick reference app for NPTE reviewers.

2. PT Content Master App - This iPhone/ iPad app is created by Scorebuilders and can be purchased from the iTunes store for $29.99. The best iPhone app NPTE reviewer. It has a content review, assessment section with 750 multiple-choice questions and performance analysis for each exam you finish. 

With just a couple of months before D-Day, we must make use of every waing hour that we can to read up and understand the cases that we will encounter not just in the exam, but also with future patients.

If you know any other app or software, share it with us here please!

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HuggingMommy profile image

HuggingMommy 4 years ago Author

Wow! This looks cool, will feature it in site too!

Mike 4 years ago

My wife and I are both PTs. We created two apps (let us know what you think). Once to measure ROM and one to help patients improve their balance/stability www.ustabilize. Here is a link for a store about us

Shayla 4 years ago

I was about to take the National Exam and I bought the 300 questions and answers. Really Good

Anant ahir 4 years ago

Thanks so much for this post. There is very good and helpful information in this post. Keep up the good work.

Also go to the link below to know about new mobile application for iPhone and iPad, named ‘GlobalSourcer’

HuggingMommy profile image

HuggingMommy 5 years ago Author

You guys are welcome! :)

Henry 5 years ago

THe mobile OMT apps from Clinically Relevant are great as well. They have video techniques and evidence summaries for each region of the body.

louvamp 5 years ago

ive been looking for iphone apps for PTs for so long, thanks for this. :)

jayson 5 years ago

thanks for these, i can only afford the free apps though. :) good luck!

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