The Bible series on the History Channel

My thoughts and reaction.

A few days ago one of my friends posted a video on facebook about "the Bible" with a music video of "Mary did you Know" by Cee Lo Green. The video touched my heart and brought such joy to me. First of all, I was excited that there would be a new and exciting movie/show that will portray Jesus and the bible in a new way. Secondly the man who plays Jesus is absolutely beautiful and really looks like the perfect man for the role. As I watched more trailers, videos and clips for this series the more I wanted to know this man who plays Jesus. I came to find out that it is a 10 episode series on the History Channel to be aired on March 3, 2013. I had to find out who this actor was that played Jesus. As I did my research I found out he was a well known actor in Portugal but has never done anything in the USA until now. Talk about crashing into the US media in a big way!

I am Portuguese as both my parents were born in the Azores and I visited Lisbon, Portugal for the first time last year. I fell in love with that small country of my ancestors but to see an incredible actor in such a moving role be from my country is just the icing on the cake!

The Lord speaks to us in many ways and I believe that this series will speak to many across the world. I have been growing closer to God in my studies of the bible at my Ministry/bible school that I have been attending and my life has changed a great deal! I have felt the Holy Spirit surge through my body for the first time in my life in October of last year and I continue to get messages from God so clearly in my daily life that I cannot deny the purpose that he has for me.

My school is non-denominational and is very much into the true teachings of Jesus Christ without a lot of doctrine and rules that most churches have. It is a breath of fresh air and it really is the way that we should be learning about Christ in our lives. We are involved in the current coming revival of the church and the second coming. It is all so incredibly exciting!

I have gotten prophetic words that I will be a world changer and world famous. I have also had many dreams of acting in films with a high school friend who has become an actress and is slowly getting bigger and better roles on tv and film. These are signs from God. All of the synchronicity or "God winks" are unmistakable. I do not look at a coincidence the same way anymore. So when I saw that the man playing Jesus in a series that I have been praying for is not only Portuguese, like me but he is also 33 years old and going to be a world changer after this role of a lifetime. How can I not see these clear messages from God? Will I one day act in movies too? I hope so. Will I do the work of God, whatever that may be? Absolutley!

I am extremely excited to see this production on my screen at home next Sunday. I have been wanting to read and study the Bible for a long time now. This series will bring these stories to life. Real people will play these roles and we will know that these people of the bible were real people like you and me. They had their flaws. The made many mistakes but God always forgave them and loved them and gave them huge responsibilities. Moses is one example of the way God used an ordinary man to do extraordinary things!

Diogo Morgado, the Portuguese actor, plays Jesus and from what I have seen so far he should win an Emmy. His face shows so much raw emotion, pain and love. You look into his eyes and you see the eyes of Christ looking back at you. His smile when he heals the leper will melt your heart. He truly embodies the love that Christ came to teach us about. He is humble, calm, loving and powerful! He truly shows us what Jesus was like. What I like about this portrayal of Jesus is that we see more of his life, miracles his influence on the world than in past films and productions. Most movies only focus on the betrayal, death and barely show the resurrection like in the Passion of the Christ & Jesus Christ Superstar. I was a little disappointing with both of those, even though they were very powerful and touching as well.

I hope that people who watch this will really be touched by the love of God and that they see the love story that there is in the Bible. I give great thanks to Rona Downey and her husband for bringing this to the small screen and inspiring millions to find God. What an amazing way to make history.

The end is near folks. Jesus will come again, to judge the living and the dead and his kingdom will have no end. Watch this on the History Channel and be blessed, turn from your sins and get to know Jesus who lives in your hearts and souls. The One that always forgives and has so much love for all of humankind that he died for us all to be free. Praise you, Jesus. Amen!


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