The First Nation State in Space Was Founded in October 2016

I am Citizen Number 12,247 of the nation state Asgardia, a country founded in an announcement on October 10, 2016 as the first human space nation. A total of 100,000 individuals over age 18 will be accepted for citizenship and the sign ups are increasing exponentially.

— Patty Inglish 10/12/2016

The Japan-USA Coalition Has Competition

The United States and Japan united to form an aerospace air force for the purpose of eliminating space junk from low-Earth orbit beginning around 2017 to 2019. Another goal is surely to provide surveillance and protection of the Earth as these two nations see fit and necessary.

Originally established in December 1958. the United Nations has developed an interest in aerospace exploration and business since Autumn 2015, initiating new committees and partnerships and to address related possibilities.

The UN Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) promotes international cooperation for peaceful use and exploration of space, including aerospace space science and technologies for sustainable economic and social development. This applies to any member country of the United Nations.

A major UN development is the announcement in October 2016 of Asgardia, the first nation state in space. Its initial purpose was declared as clearing space debris from low-Earth orbit and protecting our planet from asteroid collisions. Another purpose is to build a community that is self governing and which will draft its own laws. The sense I have is that the nation will be largely Libertarian in nature.

Between 2017 and 2020, nations of Earth may be sending many more vehicles and people into space.
Between 2017 and 2020, nations of Earth may be sending many more vehicles and people into space. | Source

The space nation Asgardia is reminiscent of that of the futurist television program "Babylon 5."

Some of costumes of residents of many nations on Babylon 5 (1993 - 1998).
Some of costumes of residents of many nations on Babylon 5 (1993 - 1998). | Source

United Nations Involvement

UN aerospace committees want to provide space-faring opportunities to developing countries that cannot afford to launch into space on their own. Several astronauts from smaller countries could serve on the space station of Asgardia or some type of joint project of the United Nations.

For all the altruism posited, other motivations include money, power, and control of near-Earth orbits, followed by leadership in missions to Mars, the asteroid belt beyond it cor commercial mining, and Jupiter. Space tourism activities and military agendas are interwoven into these matters.

Founders of a Space Nation

Country of Origin
Igor Ashurbeyli
Aerospace International Research Center and United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization
Joseph N. Pelton
Director, Space and Advanced Communications Research Institute at George Washington University
United States
David Alexander
The Space Institute at Rice University
United States
Ram Jakhu
Space and Advanced Communications Research Institute
Dumitru-Dorin Prunariu
European Space Agency Cosmonaut

The mission of Asgardia to create opportunities for broader access to space, enabling non-traditional space nations to realize their scientific aspirations is exciting

— Dr. David Alexander, 10/12/2016

Designing a Space Station Community

Some initial designs for the space station are heavily influenced by the Disney presentation of the 1960s.

Rotating wheel space station: Wernher von Braun 1952 Design.

This is the design seen on TV's "Wonderful World of Disney" on Sunday nights in the 1960s.
This is the design seen on TV's "Wonderful World of Disney" on Sunday nights in the 1960s. | Source

At the US Army's Redstone Arsenal. Dr. Von Braun designed an inflatable rotating wheel that would provide Earth gravity (1 G) for habitation. It was scheduled for several missions that included a way station for space exploration, a meteorological observatory, and a navigation aid. The illustration is by Chesley Bonestell.

A non-inflatable hard body space station in the construction phase.
A non-inflatable hard body space station in the construction phase. | Source

Launch Date

The projected launch date of the space station is on or around the 60th anniversary date of the launch of the USSR's Sputnik satellite in 1959 during the Cold War.

What is a Space Nation?

According to international law on Earth, a “nation” is a population or set of populations that live under special regulations, but are not required to form an independent country.

Native North American and Canadian First Nations are good prototypes of this definition. For example, Iroquois Confederation members have their own passports for Lacrosse tournaments abroad.

In order to become a nation or independent state, a majority of United Nations member countries need to recognize the space nation Asgardia.

The founders intend to present a request for such to the UN after 100,000 individuals over the age of 18 sign up for citizenship. That could occur by mid-October 2016. However, there is no system in place for vetting members. All that is needed is a name and email address. At 5:45 pm EDT on October 13, Asgardia had collected 83,988 citizens.

Representatives of Russia's AIRC state they will set up the initial government. For additional information about laws and regulations in near-Earth orbit and outer space, see the Journal of Space Law.

A 1949 Space Nation was Rejected

Back in 1949, a James Mangan filed documents in Cook County, Illinois to claim all of space outside of Earth's orbit as the nation Celestia, with the aim of banning nuclear testing in the atmosphere. The United Nations ignored him, even though he persisted with his claim until 1970.

A Nation of freedom, peace, and equality throughout the vastness of space.

— Cekestia Motto

Why Join Asgardia?

One of the best ways to keep in touch with ongoing space-race developments is to join projects such as Asgardia and groups like The Planetary Society and the Mars Society.

Another way to be informed of aerospace activities is to read the websites of America's top asteroid mining and space vehicle manufacturing companies:

  • Planetary Resources
  • SpaceX
  • BlueOrigin
  • Boeing
  • The compliment of about 100 companies in the NASA Commercial Crew.

For new partnerships in aviation and aerospace endeavors, read the NASA and Civil Air Patrol websites as well as a good variety of online newspapers that include sources in America, Canada, the UK, and Australia.

Early Detractors

A latecomer to the reporting of the space nation announcement at the end of the first day of commentary published that she listened to the announcement in Russian, which she does not speak or understand; that it was garbled, the English translation was garbled, and therefore the project makes no sense.

It more likely seems that politics, competition, and controversy surrounding space exploration and control are more likely the problems, rather than the Russian language. Competition with the ISS and international relationships forged there is undoubtedly an unspoken fear.

Japan provided a large module for the International Space Station.
Japan provided a large module for the International Space Station. | Source

Is Russia in a Hurry?

In the late 2010s, several newer space races are operating concurrently: races to the moon, Mars, the asteroid belt, Jupiter, Jupiter's moons, and new space stations in near-Earth orbit. This is an old story, that of the USSR-USA space race of the Cold War, but this time with additional participants and end points. This is an exciting time in which to live.

© 2016 Patty Inglish

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ReuVera profile image

ReuVera 7 days ago from USA

Very interesting.

But it seems and sounds like some utopia project. May be a type of a project to generate money for its own foundation. Also, anything where UN is involved does not sound good. Also, anything initiated by a Russian businessmen under Putin's supervision doesn't sound good.

Call me a skeptic.... I am in this case.

FitnezzJim profile image

FitnezzJim 7 days ago from Fredericksburg, Virginia

Times they are changing. Are you looking forward to being able to say 'What a mess humans have made of Earth, I am happy to say I am not a citizen of this planet'?

FlourishAnyway profile image

FlourishAnyway 7 days ago from USA

This is forward thinking and although I'm not one to sign up, the whole idea is fascinating. I'm not much for being a pioneer this way. Thanks for presenting the information. Fascinating.

Patty Inglish, MS profile image

Patty Inglish, MS 7 days ago from North America Author

@RueVera - When I read about the UN being interested in space,. I thought it might be useful, but then thought of the competitiveness. Then I saw that Russia is leading the project, actually, and felt it was the Cold War again. The project may wash out.

Patty Inglish, MS profile image

Patty Inglish, MS 7 days ago from North America Author

@FitnezzJim -- Half my brain humorously thought exactly that! - Then I saw that I have to keep my original citizenship too.

Hopefully, there will be better election debates up there than we have in Election2016. LOL

Patty Inglish, MS profile image

Patty Inglish, MS 7 days ago from North America Author

@FlourishAnyway -- Asgardia may never take form in space, but it's an idea from which to start. Probably, very few of the first 100,000 will travel to space. It's fun to imagine, though, as is a peaceful world.

FitnezzJim profile image

FitnezzJim 6 days ago from Fredericksburg, Virginia

If they are recognized by the United Nations as a country, how does the citizenship aspect work? Will people born of Asgardian parents automatically be Asgardian citizens? Would Asgardians be barred from working Snowden type sensitive jobs because of dual citizenship?

On the more real side, what about trash? I mean, if Asgardia throws out their trash, would it eventually land on us?

And - this sounds like a really good question to bring up at the Presidential debates. Imagine the blank looks we'd see from Trump and Clinton.

vocalcoach profile image

vocalcoach 6 days ago from Nashville Tn.

Fascinating hub Patty! I had no knowledge of any of this until now. I'm ready for a peaceful nation. Sign me up.

Patty Inglish, MS profile image

Patty Inglish, MS 6 days ago from North America Author

@FitnezzJim - The Presidential Debates, yes - they've never heard of it probably. -- I hope we can tweet in some questions about Asgardia.

The Russian leader of this UN project is not sharing current financial information, space station plans, how future funds will be raised, or any bylaws yet. Probably no regulations exist so far and if it's Libertarian as I think it will be, there won't be many rules. Time to read "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress" again.

As for trash, perhaps they will perfect the instant matter-into-energy transfer. Until then, it's going to be dumped into space, but Asgardia is supposed to help REMOVE space-junk trash, just as is the Japan-US partnership. LOL

Patty Inglish, MS profile image

Patty Inglish, MS 6 days ago from North America Author

@vocalcoach - Oh dear! - Saturday 10/15 at noon, there were 269,455 members, over twice the 100K they were to accept. The site is still taking names, though, at Asgardia DOT space.

See you up there some day!

MsDora profile image

MsDora 5 days ago from The Caribbean

Really exciting, Patty. Your title gave me a jolt. Thanks for making us aware. Between you and Fitnezz Jim, you've cured boredom for those who wanted some new issues to think about.

vocalcoach profile image

vocalcoach 4 days ago from Nashville Tn.

I'm signing up. Thanks Patty. We may finally meet!

Patty Inglish, MS profile image

Patty Inglish, MS 4 days ago from North America Author

MsDora - I was just getting fed up with the election commercials and this project gave me something really interesting to examine. There is life beyond elections, no matter the outcome.

vocalcoach - What fun! We will have to have a national choir, of course.

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