The Freemasonry Conspiracy: Theosophy, Black Magic & Programming The Collective Unconscious

Masonic symbol showing background illumination, the letter G and a ribbon stating "Faith, Hope & Charity" - this symbolism has profound and significant implications.
Masonic symbol showing background illumination, the letter G and a ribbon stating "Faith, Hope & Charity" - this symbolism has profound and significant implications.

Masonic Conspiracy?

Ask any Freemason about all the speculation and conspiracy theories surrounding Freemasonry and they'll most likely tell you that there is nothing to it. Most masons are genuinely of the opinion and belief that Freemasonry is all about faith, hope and charity and that it is an inherently good thing.

As a Freemason myself, many years ago I would have told you the exact same thing. However, after many years and becoming familiar with many related topics, I'm not so sure. Many people will disagree with me, especially those who are masons themselves, but when it comes down to it how many of us are truly willing to consider and face up to the possibility that there could be a darker side to something we are directly involved in? Nobody can deny that everything has a good and a bad side, including Freemasonry.

Freemasonry claims that it is not a secret society but that it is a society with secrets. Think about that statement for a moment. Is that not simply just a play on words? Words are extremely important, especially in Freemasonry, as you are about to find out, and it's true that the pen is mightier than the sword. The claim that it is a society with secrets and not a secret society could be construed as being even worse. Even the main masonic symbol, as pictured above, may have deeper and more profound implications than it seems to on the surface. It's true that every communication has a hidden underlying structure.

Once A Mason, Always A Mason

At the age of 21 I was indoctrinated into Freemasonry. Despite my concerns and all the conspiracy theories surrounding Freemasonry, I was reassured that it was all nonsense and I was put through the usual ritual to become an Entered Apprentice.

Soon after, I did my second degree and became a Fellow Craft mason. However, the more I researched and the more I learned about Freemasonry, it seemed to me that the darker things were becoming. Thankfully, I never got round to making it to the third degree of becoming a Master Mason although, as all Freemasons know, once a mason always a mason - there is no way of opting out. I am therefore still a Fellow Craft Freemason. Ask yourself, if there is nothing untoward about Freemasonry then why do they not give you the option to leave once you've joined?

What I noticed immediately after becoming a Freemason was that there seems to be many aspects to the rituals and ceremonies which most Freemasons never bother to question which seemed quite odd to me. Whenever I questioned another Freemason about such things, they would explain that there was no deeper meaning or ulterior motive to any of these things and that it was all just allegorical; all just a way of developing trust with each other.

However, in more recent times it has become much clearer to me what Freemasonry may really all be about and it may not be quite as innocent as most Freemasons would believe. To explain my conclusions, I will begin with the rituals and end on the masonic symbol but first you should know the requirements for joining.

Becoming A Mason

In order to become a Freemason, you must be invited to join by another Freemason. You cannot just apply, even if you know people or have family who are masons.

Furthermore, another two masons who know you, aside from the person that invited you, must then decide whether or not to approve the request for you to join. All three masons must confirm that they themselves trust you to never reveal the secrets of the craft. If you were to break the rules, not only you but those three other masons also would be held accountable.

Another prerequisite to joining Freemasonry is that the candidate must believe in a supreme being. It doesn't matter who or what that supreme being is, whether it's God, Allah, the universe itself or the flying spaghetti monster but you must believe in a supreme being or you cannot join. This raises two very important points and if you do not find yourself questioning the intent of Freemasonry by now then you're missing out on the first few clues.

The most important thing to consider at this point is that this rule means that atheists are not allowed to become Freemasons but those who worship Satan are welcome. Sometimes it's good to read between the lines!


Ritual Summary

To quickly summarize the three degrees to becoming a Master Mason:

The candidate is first hoodwinked into becoming an Entered Apprentice, they swear under oath to never reveal the secrets, their blindfold is removed, they become enlightened and are then given the secrets of the first degree.

Once trust with those secrets has been established they then become a Fellow Craft mason and are given the secrets of the second degree.

Eventually they go through the third ritual of becoming a Master Mason and are then left in a pitch dark room alone with the Master Mason secrets after being made to drink red wine from a real human skull.

The Rituals

1st Degree: Entered Apprentice

The first ritual involves being blindfolded and led through an initiation by putting blind faith in other Freemasons and the masonic order itself. During this process, there is a point where the initiate has a blade held to their bare chest while they are blindfolded and a point where they swear under oath to undergo certain consequences if they are to reveal the secrets of the craft.

These consequences, however, are not actually carried out, at least not any more, and portray how the mason should feel about themselves if they are to reveal those secrets. The blindfold is then removed, which signifies enlightenment and illumination, and the initiate is then given a password and a secret handshake which are never to be revealed.

Although claimed to be completely allegorical, what has effectively been done here is that the Entered Apprentice has been hoodwinked into the initiation in order to be initiated into Freemasonry and we know that to be hoodwinked into something is to be deceived. The word hoodwinked is even used openly during the actual ritual.

2nd Degree: Fellow Craft

During the initiation to the second degree, again the initiate is blindfolded and is now coming back as an Entered Apprentice to seek further enlightenment. The initiate is made to say that they seek this enlightenment and illumination of their own free will (even though they were initially hoodwinked before becoming an Entered Apprentice). The initiate goes through the ritual before the blindfold is finally removed and is then given the secrets of the second degree.

3rd Degree: Master Mason

Without a doubt, the most questionable of the three main degrees of Freemasonry is the third degree ceremony in which one becomes a Master Mason. During this ceremony, at one point the candidate is made to drink red wine from a real human skull. Yes, you did read that correctly - a real human skull!

Apparently, there is a real human skull in every masonic lodge. If that doesn't sound dark enough as it is, at the end of the ceremony, all of the other Freemasons who are dressed in black hooded robes stand up and slowly walk out of the room one by one, each of them blowing a candle out on the way out, eventually leaving the candidate alone in a darkened room with no windows. There is no longer any light. The illumination and enlightenment is gone.

Does this not sound to you like the candidate has been deceived into being indoctrinated into the order using deceptive tactics on the false promise of enlightenment and is then left in the dark alone at the end of it all?

Regardless of whether it is purely allegorical and metaphorical or not, this is what the rituals imply.

The rituals are indeed very dark and very questionable but what really needs to be considered here is the psychological effect that rituals can have on the participants, which is why such rituals are developed and used in the first place. Rituals are not just developed for fun. They have a reason for being used.

Whilst masons will defend their rituals by claiming that they are purely allegorical and metaphorical and are not to be taken literally, this cannot really be considered to be a suitable defence because the same is the case for any ritual or ceremony regardless of why it is being carried out.

Although wedding ceremonies and suchlike may involve real-life promises, the associated rituals are still allegorical but they are still used and carried out for a reason.

Subconscious Programming

In this respect, there are three main components which make up the craft of Freemasonry that need to be deeply understood:

  • Allegory & Metaphor

  • Ritual & Ceremony

  • Language & Symbolism

Although it may not be apparent to the average reader, or average Freemason, anyone who has a deep enough understanding of hypnosis, NLP and psycholinguistics will immediately be able to see the problem with the combination of topics above, glaring right back at them. If Richard Bandler and John Grinder, the founders of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) were to read this article, you can be pretty sure that they would confirm my conclusions beyond the shadow of a doubt.

The reason being that, as I have explained before in my article Linguistic Mind Control & The Illusion Of Free Will, the three most effective ways of programming the subconscious mind are: metaphor, language and symbolism – this is what these three topics do and this is the reason why rituals are used in the first place.

When used correctly in combination with each other, metaphor, language and symbolism become omnipotent and speak directly to the unconscious minds of the participants (their collective unconscious) without their awareness or consent... except they have already given their consent, it's just that they were deceived into doing so. Their free will was overridden using psychological tactics. They were tricked.

Hypnosis, Linguistics & Symbols

To fully understand how the combination of metaphor, ritual and language is the most effective way of subconsciously programming the human mind, or the collective unconscious of a group of people, requires an understanding of how hypnosis and linguistics work, particularly in conjunction with each other. Many hypnotists already know that using metaphor as a framework to build on increases the efficacy of post-hypnotic suggestion.

The way that symbolism fits into the picture can be understood by the way that the mind reads language. When we are reading through text, we do not look at each letter of each word individually. We look at the visual pattern that the letters combine to make overall - they become recognizable symbols which, when we see them, cause a transderivational search which is basically a search of the memory database, in order to tell us how that word (symbol) is pronounced and what it means.

Make no mistake about it, symbolism is a form of language which speaks directly to the unconscious mind. You may think that this wouldn't apply if you don't know the meanings of the symbols. However, you would be wrong. The subconscious mind understands every language in the world even if you have never learned it. Of course, carrying out subconscious programming on people without their awareness or consent is a form of Black Magic.

It makes no difference whether you are being lied to or not if you are being subconsciously programmed!

King Solomon, before the Djinn by Jacobus de Teramo, 1473
King Solomon, before the Djinn by Jacobus de Teramo, 1473
Solomonic Circle
Solomonic Circle
See the masonic symbolism in this image?  This is an image of a Merkabah - the light body vehicle used for astral projection by those who are enlightened.
See the masonic symbolism in this image? This is an image of a Merkabah - the light body vehicle used for astral projection by those who are enlightened.
3D image of a Merkabah (Light Body Vehicle).
3D image of a Merkabah (Light Body Vehicle).

Occult Freemasonry

Those already familiar with Freemasonry will know that the craft (yes, they do refer to it as a craft) is mainly based on stonemasonry and centers around the story of the stonemason Hiram Abif, who worked on the construction of King Solomon's temple.

Although most Freemasons are completely unaware of it, this also has ramifications which will be immediately obvious to anyone who is familiar with a Solomonic circle. For those that don't know, a Solomonic circle is a form of symbolism which is used for protection against negative energies (demons) when using magic to conjure up spirits and is named after King Solomon.

The Solomonic circle is just the beginning. The truth is that Freemasonry is absolutely rife with occult symbolism throughout. Symbols which, as we have already established, speak directly to the subconscious mind.

The construction and architecture of King Solomon's temple was very heavily based on astrological principles and ancient religious beliefs, as uncovered by fourteen years of research carried out by Robert Lomas and Christopher Knight and documented in their book, The Book Of Hiram: Unlocking The Secrets Of The Hiram Key.

King Solomon was known to be a practitioner of magick and is said to have had full command over a legion of 72 demons who he commanded to help in the construction of King Solomon's temple. Rather significantly, this ties in with Goetia and the The Lesser Key of Solomon which was edited by Aleister Crowley and which describes the evocation of the 72 demons. Of course, Aleister Crowley is widely known for having been a Freemason, a Satanist and a black magician.

A New Religion?

The above information ties in directly with Theosophy. The leading figure of Theosophy is Madame Helena Blavatsky who wrote the books, The Secret Doctrine, ISIS Unveiled and Studies In Occultism and who founded the Theosophical Society in 1875. Freemasonry seems to take much of it's influence from Theosophy and the philosophy of a new religion to replace all others and also incorporates the works of other related high profile figures such as Annie Besant and Alice Bailey.

Many people believe that the New Age religion of Theosophy is being used by Freemasonry in an attempt to usher in a New World Order and indeed Theosophy does seem to be an attempt to unite all other religions under one label. Also note that the word Theosophy is a compound of the words theology and philosophy. Loosely translated, the word Theosophy means God's wisdom.

Now consider that in 1904 the masonic magazine, The New Age, was inaugurated by Freemasonry. In the 1950's, they published information in this magazine indicating that they were indeed planning on introducing a New Age Movement. The magazine was considered to be “the official organ of the Supreme Council 33°, Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry Southern Jurisdiction”. However, in 1990 the title of the magazine was changed to Scottish Rite Journal.

Anyone who is familiar with astral projection and merkabah meditation will instantly recognized the third image above (below the Solomonic circle). The main masonic emblem in this image is easy to spot and so it becomes clear that the main structure behind the main masonic logo is a one dimensional image of half a merkabah. The rest is hidden from public view which represents the secrets of the craft. Now, take the main masonic logo, turn it upside down then lay it over the top of the original logo, add the three dimensions and there right in front of you is the perfect image of a merkabah! That is not coincidence, it was intentionally designed that way.

The meaning of the official symbol of Freemasonry should now be becoming blatantly apparent to you!

The way that Freemasonry treats religion is extremely questionable. As you learned at the beginning of this article, becoming a Freemason requires a belief in a supreme being which means that atheists cannot become masons but Satanists can.

Even more peculiarly, Freemasonry requires that you refer to your supreme being of choice as The Great Architect Of The Universe and your religious book is then used in the rituals when you are made to swear under oath yet Freemasonry claims that it is not a religion even though it focuses around the construction of King Solomon's temple, even though the story of King Solomon is a biblical one.


Because it is not a religion, it's a replacement for religion which works universally through unification. It is a craft. Take a look at the masonic symbol in it's most basic form:

The Masonic Logo

Here we have the compasses and the square, the barebones of the masonic symbol. Just this symbol has several connotations. On the face of things it seems that the symbol represents nothing more than architecture and stonemasonry.

The compass is not just simply a compass and the square is not simply just a square however - they have multiple meanings, just as all symbolism does. Note that in some versions of the masonic symbol, a book is depicted instead of the square, this being the religious book relevant to any individual mason's specific faith and is therefore subjective. Note that the compass is placed above the square/book with the apex at the top which already suggests that masonry is about the architecture and construction of religion. Now also consider that the all-seeing eye is sometimes placed inside the apex of the compass which may represent the masonic elite who are in control of the masons below, the masons below being the people who help build and construct the new religion under the command of those at the top.

On that very same principle, note how a pyramid with the capstone removed from the top is also used, often with the all-seeing eye inside the capstone. This is a very clear depiction that the elite at the top are in control but are separate from the Freemasons; the masons; the stonemasons; the workers, who are below. The elite remain hidden and out of view, separate from their masons who are employed to build a new religion, while controlling the situation from behind the scenes - The Great Architect Of The Universe and his minions! Sound familiar?

Why would Freemasonry use such symbolism so openly and publicly? Because by doing so, it appears less suspicious, it appears innocent and it's hidden in plain view and therefore people are less inclined to question it.

Let's take a closer look at the first image which appears at beginning of this article.

As you can see, there are a few extra features to this image. It has the letter G at the center, light illuminating from the background and a ribbon stating "Faith, Hope & Charity". This image is a lot more revealing.

Obviously, the illumination signifies enlightenment but notice that the light is coming from behind the main logo - it is hidden and is not directly accessible. Note that the light is also coming from a sun which contains the letter G, suggestive of a sun God which, of course, ties directly back to astrology. There is, however, no general consensus on what the G actually means and therefore also implies a few other meanings.

The most obvious assumption would be that the G stands for God but as we know, symbolism is used because it has multiple connotations. The G is believed by some to not just represent God but also to represent Goatia and the Great Architect of the Universe; the new universal God that accepts all current religions under it's belt. Now take a look at the dimensions in the image and notice how the main symbol has been depicted as being in the center with a ribbon in front of it and the more revealing symbolism located behind. The intention of this metaphorical depiction is not difficult to see:

The main barebones symbol of Freemasonry is wrapped up under the innocent seeming guise of Faith, Hope and Charity - it presents itself to the public as being honest and generous. Behind the public wrapping is the main masonic logo itself which signifies architecture and religion then deeper behind this is the enlightenment emanating from the universal God.

All the hidden (occult) aspects of Freemasonry compiled into one seemingly innocent image that can be presented to the public while remaining hidden in plain sight. Amazingly, this may also tie in with the Project Blue Beam conspiracy, as proposed by Serge Monast in 1994.

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