The Glorious Outside

you oughtta try it..

I took my nephew on a half hour walk around our housing division this evening..These days Summer temperatures range anywhere between low 80s & high evening walks are definitely preferred..

This was an undertaking of the simplest measure--my walk companion (my nephew) was 3, thus the speed & temperament of the walk was..well,..slow..and the occasion was only a walk, after all--but yet, it was the most enjoyable experience of the day..

Our subdivision is not only extensive, but extremely lush & green, as well. So we had a total "in nature" experience. Without going more than a half a mile distance from our house we saw &/or heard ivy, pines, fields, birds, hedges, dusk skies, bugs, frogs & more.--And we talked about each of these things too. We even met a dog & dog-owner on the way & stopped for a chat. We sang songs, impersonated animals (complete w/ actions), talked some uncle-nephew talk (?), as well some "just-plain-silliness"..

It turned out much more than just "a walk".

So many days when working out in the convenience & comfort of my gym, I had permanently traded the multiple benefits of exercising in nature, for the temporary convenience of staying in one place (literally, on the treadmill). On this walk I was reminded of the benefits added to exercise via outdoor activity (daylight, fresh air, etc.) & this short experience proved healthy on about 50 levels (at least)..

Want a daily health routine you can count on to not only enjoy, but also benefit from in multiple ways & even relax by? Try a short evening stroll...Benefits include, but not limited to:

--fresh air (cleans your lungs, clears your mind)



--bond with loved ones (family, friends) if you walk with a partner..

--appreciate nature ( & feel God's presence through experiencing His creation)

--adventure (if you explore, or walk some place new)

See what other benefits you can find..;)

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