The Human Security Act of the Philippines

Human Security Act of 2007

What is RA No. 9372?

It is the law known in th Philippines as the Human Security Act of 2007.

When was the year th law pulished?

The law was published in 2007

What is the gist of the law?

This law, "The Human Security Act of 2007" is also known in the Philippines as the Anti-terrorism law. However, notwithstanding that there is now law in the Philippines against terrorism, no one has been charged and guilty as such, because there are some clauses in te law which makes it hard for the government to prosecute th offende because of the heavy penalty that might be taxed by the accused as against the Philippine Government in the amount of 500,000 pesos daily from the time the person was deprived of his rights until it is returned to him.

Since 2007 until today no one has been charged yet in the Philippine Courts albeit some of the acts enumerated considered in the law is or can be considered as an ordinary crimes, was made and defined as terrorism under the new law.

Be that as it may it is better to have a law that deals with the crime, albeit at present it has no teeth to bite the law violator to bring him into justice.

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