The Icelandic Worm

The Icelandic Worm Monster, it is said to be older than the Loch Ness Monster, as there have been documented reports of this creature since 1345. It is said to live in the Icelandic lake of Lagarflj├│t. Now perhaps it is just me but I had never heard a peep about this creature until I came across a snippet on the TV. about someone searching for it. I of course immediately had to jump on the net and look this up. Unfortunately there is not a lot of information about this mysterious creature and of course all the information comes from the eyewitnesses over the years.

I was sincerely fascinated by a creature that is purported to be some 300 feet long and have the body of a worm. I mean who would not be! The lake the creature lives in is said to be a freshwater lake but that the visibility underwater is almost non-existent due to the siltation that is going on down there. It has supposedly been seen on shore countless times by many witnesses, it is believed it can survive on land or in the water.

If anyone has ever heard of this creature and has more information I would love to read it. Of course I am wondering how this creature has lived so long, where it came from, is there only one? What does it eat, have there ever been any reports of missing animals in the area, or is it a vegetarian? Too many questions, if anyone has any more info please let me know.

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