The Importance of Climate, Soil and Water in Fruit Tree Production


The orchard grower should not only rely on the quality of seeds to be planted. There are still several environmental factors to be considered for a successful tree farming.

a.   Climate

Different tree species are suited to different climatic conditions that affect their growth and yield. The climatic conditions to which the trees are exposed are rainfall, sunlight, high and low temperature, humidity and wind. Among the mentioned conditions, the long light rain is the most suitable for tree crops because water slowly penetrates the soil that will keep it moist for a period of time.

High temperature will affect the quality of fruit such as color and taste.

b.   Soil

Soil is a naturally occurring body made up of minerals and organic constituents. It holds the trees and provides water and nutrients for them to grow. The best kind of soil for fruit trees is warm, porous, sandy and loamy.

c.   Water

Water is needed in the formation of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals and other nutrients. It serves as the carrier of food to be distributed to other parts of the tree. Transplanting of trees should not be below the level of water supply.

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Godspower Aye 4 years ago

i den rilly get d ans

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